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  1. excuse me if this is a repeat question - haven't been in here for a few months (busy mom of 3 kids!). does anyone know what is going to be built behind the promenade? not sure if it's just housing or what back there...but they sure have leveled a lot of land. also, does anyone know what is going on with the field next to kroger? again, another big plot of land they have leveled. ??? we've been living up the hill from the promenade for 3 years and have seen SO much growth - it's awesome! when we moved here the land had just been flattened. we watched them build the entire cente
  2. looks like the new stop lights they added are blinking - but not working yet. these are the stop lights that allow you to turn in and out of the center on chenal parkway...just down the way a bit from rahling road. i can't wait to see how the place looks by friday, when the theater is opening. speaking of the theater, anyone else hearing the radio spots about the grand opening? they are saying this weekend all popcorn and drinks will be $.50...all proceeds going to charity. how great! we are desperately trying to find a sitter so we can see sex and the city at the new theater. saw
  3. well, we drove through the Promenade this morning. we were heading down the hill and saw a few random cars exiting the center. my husband figured 'what the heck' and we drove in to check it out...or at least check out what we could access by car. it's starting to shape up. a few things to note: *i didn't realize there as a parking lot on the back side of the center. the whole lot is paved back there and looks nice. center is very pretty from the rear just as it is from the front view (the side facing chenal parkway). *did anyone else know there was a mimi/motherhood maternity store going
  4. bbwwwahahahahaaaaa!!! so funny! yes, i noticed the "codwater creek" sign, too! funny! gawd, i am holding out hope for apple to be at the promenade. i soooo need them here!!!!
  5. i live in chenal and drive by the promenade several times a day. i'll post any and all updates on the property when i can... *all of the letters are up on the movie theatre now. it says "chenal 9 imax". *some of the trees have gone in (landscaping) oh...did anyone catch the article in the sunday paper about the promenade? it was interesting. it was in a special little magazine. talked about all of the development in this area and talked about the other malls, as well. they did mention that apple hasn't announced its involvement in the promenade yet - but did say, as we've discussed here
  6. lots going on at the center.... *the actual DSW sign is up. they have removed the temporary hanging sign. *the movie theater sign is about 1/2way up. it's red and only a few letters were placed by last friday afternoon. *some of the parking lot lighting is now up. looks like things are going to start moving fast now.
  7. wow, yet another disappointing line-up of new stores/restaurants coming to LR. i was hoping for something better in the SC center. ah well. also, with all of the building going on (new shopping centers) you would think it would have been planned out better. in my opinion, all of the promenade stores (with the exception of apple) should have been in SC. even the IMAX seems out of place in the promenade, but i realize SC is pretty close to that RAVE theater. anyway, am really bummed to see this line-up. was in BRU the other day...man, was that place a ghost town. we just moved here fr
  8. i'm so happy to have located this message board. we've been dying to find out what stores are moving into the promenade. we moved here from california, specifically orange county. we are definitely missing the great So Cal shopping. we are not impressed with the list of stores we're reading about here. we've lived in chenal for about 8 months and have the 'impression' that we are living around some pretty high income families. why is the promenade allowing some of the stores on this list given the high income in this area? also, where are the family friendly stores? what about babystyl
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