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  1. I agree with you on this matter, Its not Tonys fault that the airport is only 4 miles from Downtown and the runways are directed towards downtown. How in the world would someone suggest Tony to build this tower 400ft. How can we be a world class city with a midget skyline, Mobile AL, has a 700ft tower and we can go over 400ft. I'm moving to Alabama Roll Tide!!!!
  2. I'm sorry for not being clear but yes I was speaking about the west end summit. Does excavation happen often in constuction and whats the point of excavation? Thanks for answering my questions Hankster, I too can't wait to see this project rising./.
  3. Now that the excavation over, whats next? Has this project started and will there be any cranes soon?
  4. Yes, its very difficult but we still have hope, lets keep hope alive!!!!
  5. Well, the statement from the news said the airport was going to start the changes next month. I believe it will start and what a perfect day July 4th. You get to see the start of a new era that day and ofcourse one of the best fireworks shows in the country. I just know that I will be in Downtown Nashville that hopefully historic day..
  6. Well, I don't know about the final design of the tower but News channel 5 reported tonight that the Airport will have to make some changes in the runway lay-out next month because of the Siggy.. link http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=6611725
  7. Is this the 1000ft tower thats on skyscaperpage? I know there a diagram for this tower and its in the vision stage..I believe its called the silver building or plaza..
  8. One question,,,, Will this project break ground on time. If it doesn't break ground in Jan, then when???
  9. I believe Nashville skyline and Midtown area would resemble Atlanta, due to the construction and all of the proposals in the area lately. SoBro and Gulch will have high rises as well as west end and did i for get to mention the signature it will be a sight to see...
  10. I don't know how many people realized this but at 1047 feet. The signature tower would be the tallest building in the south and the tallest of any state capitol......GO Sig... I forgot to mention , the sig would be the number 5 tallest in the US. and the 21 or 22 in the world,, come on Nashville lets get it done!!!!!
  11. YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.,,, I cant believe it, 1047 in nashville, Are u kidding me,,,, pinch me, pinch me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. In chicago were nashville got the trains from a metra ride is 3.45 and it takes your from chicago to indiana and further, I do think the 4$ a ride is kinda stiff but it might work,
  13. I agree with cheerio about the gas price and we have to take baby steps but i feel that all those condo going up down west end and midtown in general. We will see a light rail system because Nashville is growing right before are eyes.
  14. i understand were u are coming from dave. Will they build a second track for the east leg of the music city star.
  15. i thank it would be better if that would have made it two tracks. They should have trains running both ways all day. Whats going to happen to the sick person who gets off of work early.
  16. i am still wondering how will it work with only one track... help me somebody/?
  17. Great Job ironchapman,,,, You did that post perfect bravo./..
  18. Chicago has the Cta L line train . I could go to the cubs,bulls,whitesox,blackhawks and bears and go to both airport and downtown from anywhere in the city for less then two dollars. I say lets build a light rail system around town and see where it takes us.
  19. They use it for metro buses and opryland buses also.
  20. The riverfront stations looks awful. I know they can design a station that i looks better than that. Its looks like a train station in Silver City, NM.
  21. I would like the see the new convention center in the west end area. Downtown has to much traffic as it is. I would also like for nashville to take aim after kansas city's convention center. How about the scrap yard, they could built a convention center on the east bank with a covered bridge arcoss the cumberland with a connection to the new sounds stadium..
  22. I believe the light rail will fail. Nashville doesn't have to community feel of cities like Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami. I believe a improved bus route will be better..
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