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  1. Malls

    There is a Lane Bryant in Governor Square Mall.
  2. Malls

    The new Swarovski store is open in the upper level of the Governor Square Mall
  3. Malls

    It looks like we could have a new owner at the Tallahassee Mall. California firm seeks to acquire troubled Feldman Mall Properties for $17.7M MacKenzie Patterson Fuller, a current Feldman investor, offers $1.50 per FMLPE.OB share to thwart opportunistic buying at over-the-counter price. Feldman Mall Properties, the Great Neck-based real-estate investment trust that has lost millions in the past year as a credit crisis has gripped the mortgage and financial markets, now has a suitor -- a California company offering $17.7 million. MacKenzie Patterson Fuller Lp wants to acquire Feldman for $1.50 a share. Shares of Feldman, which were delisted by the New York Stock Exchange in early July, have been trading over the counter for under $1. As recently as April 2007, shares were about $12. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week, Moraga-based MacKenzie Patterson -- which specializes in distressed real estate -- said it wants to acquire 100 percent of the Feldman shares it does not own.
  4. Malls

    Tomorrow is Goodies last day open at the Tallahassee Mall ,every thing left is 80 to 90 % off .
  5. Malls

    Goodies in the Tallhassee Mall has 10 days left before closing , there goes the other wing.
  6. Malls

    You are so correct , Feldman's did say that A M C was not going any where. AMC has it made at this loction , all the parking they need.
  7. Malls

    The Goody's Clothing store in the Tallahassee Mall is one of the 103 stores closing. What a shame , this mall cant get a brake .
  8. Malls

    I still think that that Panera Bread would clean up in this location with or with out dillard's space filled at this time , 90 % of the stores in that area are filled , Next store is the book store and it is always filled with people . If the store is done in side , then way is the out side not touched . does not add up.
  9. Malls

    The wall has been up since last year . i think dec. and they have not worked on the on Panera bread location since Jan of this year , i heard they are waiting for the news on the Dillards space , i think they are making a mistake by waiting . there are so many office's and people that work in this area , that they would do great. Hope they start back up soon.
  10. Malls

    The coldstone is open looks good, i see that tallahasse mall lost another store , the store is called Rave , i think it is a clothing store.
  11. TallySheet

    i was at sam's yesterday and the gas price was 3.54 , why a 10.cent drop in one day.
  12. Malls

    this information was from a store manager of a national store that's in the tallahassee mall , and he said there corp office told him that sales will get better . because they contacted the corp office of the mall, and the mall told them that they were in final talks with bass pro shop , and it was pretty much a done deal. if this is true or not, that's what was told to me on 4/21/08
  13. Malls

    Does anyone know what is going on with the panera bread at the Tallahassee Mall, The sign is still up , are they opening there or not.