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  1. Fixed it for you: Maas Brothers>Burdines>Macys
  2. This appeared in South End at the Camden East West Crossing. Cheeky but probably true.
  3. All through Camden and South End, the sidewalks are feeling very congested, especially at the weekends.
  4. I will add, make it so easy that even casual users don't find it inscrutable or irritating. I've navigated Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Istanbul (all places I wasn't a native speaker) system easily. I speak the language here and live in a place where I can get 10, 19 and 501 easily from my house and still find it stressful 100% of the time because it's unpredictable. Don't even get me started on seeing the #10 bus following the #19 on South Blvd. Staggering those outbound trips would effectively allow greater service on that corridor (until the East/West split of the route) without adding any buses. Just some simple things really.
  5. I think making a reliable, pleasant, efficient service would make more people "choice" users. All routes need at the very most 20-minute headways and all routes are served while the system is operating (the BS that is our MetroRapid joke service is just that a BS joke). All stops have seating, garbage cans, a route map and indicators of when the next bus will be along updated in real-time. The stops are maintained like we're proud of our city and our transit system. No bus stop is just a sign on a disconnected patch of grass. All buses on major thoroughfares should have signal priority with severe penalties ($500+ and escalating) for drivers that skip the queue. The website needs to have useful trip planning capability (as does the app) and a useful route map and route information (our site and app still suck horribly). I will cite the Sprinter service. Go to the site and try to find the schedule for "Sprinter" if you don't know the route number, even if you do, our airport service runs every 20 minutes. I'm not waiting at the dank curbside of CLT for 20 minutes if I happen to miss the bus (it should run every 7 minutes max or 10 off peak). The service could be the first choice for many but looking at the route on Wilkinson, not of the infrastructure has been maintained and none of it works. On Lynx, the stations aren't maintained, the signage is crap. Everything about our system screams cheap, cheap, cheap. Yes, this would cost a boatload of money but it would pay dividends in the long term. We'd also have to give it more than three months to succeed (see the Central Avenue bus lane).
  6. I think mine is clearer: Data: County Population Totals: 2020-2021 (census.gov)
  7. Looks like the westmost pedestrian crossing on Tremont at Camden is getting a pedestrian signal. For any number of reasons, I'm flummoxed by this decision. The intersection is an uncontrolled mess and yet every action taken only makes the problem worse. I'm surprised they didn't position the beg button on the bright green rail-trail crossing but instead on the much tighter post-right turn from Camden to Tremont section. This ensures more pedestrians in conflict with cars attempting the right turn from Camden onto Tremont (and the unenforced) left turn onto Tremont. As a final FU to all those using the crossing, they placed the pedestal for the signal in the access ramp. Yeah, but think of all the money we saved by not investing in human-friendly infrastructure.
  8. Raleigh's social district seemed quite vibrant (not crazy busy on a Thursday but bustling). Charlotte needs to figure this out.
  9. Looks like they're about to close the sidewalk along East and move pedestrian traffic to a (shipping container) Habitrail. The same coming to the East Blvd side I wonder?
  10. Or South End Station which captures everything.
  11. I just started following him. Also looks like a fellow Urban Planeteer had the same thoughts I had.
  12. Oh it was taxes and other stuff too. I won't share with you the toxicity in his Facebook timeline (I really should unfriend him, he's a jerk) and I won't share his general misogyny. Suffice it to say he's not shy about sharing his disdain for the current President. I had another acquaintance from high school, and another from Charlotte both "conservative" with special-needs children that were grateful for social security and Medicaid benefits (for life) for their kids but firmly against socialized medicine for everyone else. The mind boggles (and they don't see the disconnect or the hypocrisy).
  13. I remember in the early 2000s a cow-orker of mine (born, raised, schooled K-grade 16) in Charlotte (CMS, UNCC) beat a path out of Mecklenburg County for Union County for "lower taxes" and to escape the ills of "big city" Charlotte for his kids. He then proceeded to lament the lack of infrastructure in Union County including overcrowded and insufficiently staffed schools. The mind blows.
  14. I know anecdote isn't data and I don't want to be ageist here but I do believe the Baby Boomer generation is generally toxic. My parents are technically the very tail end of the Silent Generation ('42 and '43) but they identify as Boomers. Their parents were getting their start in the throes of the Great Depression and post-WWiI built the society (for all its good and ills) we find ourselves in today. Starting in the election of 1980 they all (Silent and Boomers) started to dismantle the society they built over the prior 35 years ('Government is not the solution to the problem: government is the problem'). My parents decry "socialism" (for everyone but them and their cohort we paid in and earned our Social Security and Medicare) and deeply fear that we'll all become lay-abouts on the government dole with no motivation to work as we suckle off of the government teat. They live in Florida and generally think Desantis is doing a good job even if they find his rhetoric toxic ("He may be awful but got the seniors their covid vaccine quickly and partnered with Publix" - my dad was in the grocery business and the hagiographies they paint of Publix and all involved with Publix borders on the cultish.) As their generations (Silent and Boomer) fade, I hope Gen X, the Millennials and Gen Y and Z fill the void with less toxic politics and politicians intent on helping the people they serve not their corporate masters. I am amazed by the vocal (manufactured) outrage currently cowing school boards across the country from my generation and the one that follows.
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