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  1. Even at our most sardined in Charlotte, we have nothing on this (Shanghai metro at rush hour). This was solid people. I'm not saying I ever want to be this packed again but Lynx doesn't even begin to compare.
  2. Train rebooting coming northbound out of 3rd St. /Convention Center. I wonder if these are the ongoing "mechanical difficulties"? I'm trying to figure out why this is so hard for CATS?
  3. It could be any of these other bustling metropolises: Charlotte, Illinois Charlotte, Iowa Charlotte, Maine Charlotte, New York, a town in Chautauqua county Charlotte, Rochester, New York, a neighborhood Charlotte, Tennessee Charlotte, Texas Charlotte, Vermont
  4. Which direction is that? Inbound or outbound? Morning headways still feel like they're notably longer than 7-8 minutes but that observation is anecdotal. I'm wondering if the upcoming track work coming up October 19-20th will get things running on an even more timely basis and possibly more smoothly? (This is per the CATSRideTransit Twitter account which is otherwise useless)
  5. Here's the thread from Next Door. I'm wondering what they could put there too?
  6. It appears that Nova's on South Blvd. at Rensselaer has closed permanently to make way for a new building. I wonder if that whole corner will be redeveloped?
  7. Would this site be usable for an MLS stadium?
  8. Yet they still can't update the maps in their cars. (This was taken last Wednesday)
  9. I wish Rite Aid would come in and redevelop that entire corner, including the Rosemont location. I can dream, right? The Eckerd store was bad when it was built and time has not been kind to it. I will hold my tongue on the evolution from Vinnie's to Rosemont (and by extension the Bottle Cap Group).
  10. Love WalletHub or hate WalletHub, they agree with you: https://wallethub.com/edu/cities-with-the-best-worst-public-transportation/65028/ (I think many of these sorts of surveys are clickbait pabulum but they are what they are). Spoiler: Of 100 cities ranked by the study, Charlotte's not in the top 10, top 50 or even the top 90. (for 'Safety and Reliability' we rank 95th)
  11. A few things which stood out to me while talking to our tour guides while we were in China included: "Tour Guide" is a recognized profession by the state including training, licensing and a level of rigor in who can have that job. Tour Guides make a living if not a great wage. Each of our guides lived on the edge of the city and rode the train to meet us each day. They have to scramble for work, agencies pair them with drivers and they split their tips with the drivers (25% IIRC). Bad guides tend to get weeded out by agencies and will not get work. (seems like Capitalism) Each of my guides spoke Chinese, English and at least one if not two additional languages (first spoke French, the other spoke Danish and German!). Drivers tend to not speak any English (sample size of 3 but 100% Chinese only) Health care in China sounds quite a lot like health care in America at least in regards to paying for care and getting insurance coverage. Each city has a local insurance scheme (with a higher level of coverage granted to those who were born in that locality) which covers some but not all medical care. Serious health concerns may not be adequately covered leaving the patient/family on the hook to cover the difference (i'm confident had I incurred medical bills in China, the amount would have been reasonable by US standards and probably less opaque even in Chinese. (Explanation of Benefits statements prove that insurance companies benefit from obfuscation and don't care about their customers doing only the minimum of what the law requires)
  12. Don't forget, for HOV 3+, even if you don't have the pass with the HOV switch, there is an app you can download, NC Quick Pass HOV. Set it 15 minutes before you drive the HOV lanes to enable your vehicle for 3+ occupancy (based on transponder number) for: 1 hour 4 hours Rest of today Remaining weekdays the week The next 7 days
  13. It's not April 1st. I thought you were kidding! Alas, you weren't. So we still don't have a usable CATS/Lynx scheduling app but damned if we haven't gotten ELERTS Corp. to give us a CATS Branded version of their . . . crApp. What problem or need is this solving exactly? #dobetterCATS indeed!
  14. Greekfest also brings into stark relief how many people are unfamiliar with driving in "the city." Some of the stuff I've seen pulled in the past two days has been breathtaking. No regard for pedestrians, inability to negotiate tight passages on the street, unawareness of where it is safe (or sane) to put people out on the curb, etc. I'm not going to draw and distinctions based on car marking indicating locale or origin. Charlotte drivers may not be the best, but at least we're mostly aggressive. I'm fascinated that the churches are able to negotiate this with the city. I wish we had real parking enforcement and alternating side parking so the streets could get swept with some regularity.
  15. Maybe a contingent of UPers should draft a submission?
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