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  1. Pictures from inside the Terminal Lobby Expansion (since my prior post in this topic was such a dud): CLT Airport on Twitter: "Today, #CLTairport hosted a media tour of the Terminal Lobby Expansion (TLE). Here’s a look inside TLE construction, which is scheduled for completion in 2025. #DestinationCLT https://t.co/DxXNZ7uqmx" / Twitter
  2. This is a fascinating bit of ephemera (yes, not CLT but a fun Friday watch of what "could have been"): Eames Airport - YouTube
  3. It still beats three traffic lights though, right? I personally wish we'd abandon all traffic lights. Roundabouts everywhere and let the gods sort it out!
  4. Was that because it was the first train to come along for the past hour? (glad you made it)
  5. Insult and injury. We can do better as a city.
  6. It feels like CATS doesn't even try to make it easy to use the system. They're happy with their captive audience that has no other choice and they have decided the marginal cost per rider to attract riders of choice just isn't worth it. The bus service is miserable and unreliable, the rail service is only marginal better.
  7. So serious question and my inquiring mind wants to know . . . Why are funeral processions still a thing? (being asked by someone who has instructed his kids to inquire at the funeral home upon his passing, "What's the free option"? . . . "Oh you don't have a free option, what's one up from there"? Seriously, I'm contemplating the most cost effective, lowest impact in time, money and environmental resources method to dispose of my remains - but that's not what this inquiry is about) More context . . . East Boulevard is already congested quite a bit of the time. Just past mid-day today, it
  8. Oh and now purchased tickets expire. I may be a bit of a ticket packrat. Old vs. New
  9. Glad to see the new app. Still no real-time information and items from the old app's wallet don't transfer over with phone number. Lynx still at 20 minutes headways. Why does CATS hate their customers?
  10. I think Randolph Scott grew up on Dilworth Road, just below Arosa.
  11. I think my mom was probably 20 years younger (born 1944). She grew up in Myers Park on Hastings Drive. About 12 years ago I accidentally encountered the woman that tore down the house she grew up in so they could wedge a house onto the lot which was poorly massed for the street. My dad (born 1943) grew up on East Blvd (the house, still standing, is now part of the Zen Massage empire).
  12. My mom still laughs every time she drives through South Park because this is where they would go "{We used to come out here to] the Morrison turkey farm for Sunday picnics, they think they're such hot stuff!"
  13. Didn't Clay Grubb have plans for the Elizabeth? In 2004: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/3500-elizabeth-projects-7th-st-elizabeth-ave-etc/ In 2006: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/3500-elizabeth-projects-7th-st-elizabeth-ave-etc/?do=findComment&comment=311251 In 2015: Clay Grubb talks about Elizabeth and the trolley | Charlotte Observer In 2026: ??? In 2037: ("We were promised jetpacks")
  14. For those of us where (almost) every word in the above post was English but for which, not any words beyond "would never use the", "because ... would not spend the incredible amount of money needed to upgrade to" and "boondoggle" made a lick of sense and might as well have been Ελληνικά . . . here's a Motorsport Explained: FIA Track Grades (msn.com)
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