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  1. I could make a list (as a Floridian while it was a more sane and civil place): Four seasons all relatively mild and all roughly three months long Mountains and beach Relatively sane and civil (comparatively) with mostly friendly people Close to everything on the east coast and big cities in North America (you can be in Washington, New York, Toronto, Chicago or Miami within two hours) Easy global access from CLT to LHR, MUC, NYC, IAD, ORD, LAX Most of the amenities of big city life with more coming all the time (to Charlotte and Raleigh at least) Even t
  2. I like this idea mostly but it doesn't account for American Exceptionalism, "just because it works somewhere else doesn't mean it will work here." (said by the person who thinks if the food laws are good enough for Europe, Canada, Mexico, other Central American countries, they should be adequate for here without fiddly relabeling or ingredient replacement to satiate the FDA - as someone who ate enough soft cheese in Guatemala to wind up in the ED severely ill but it was oh so good!). Additionally, I do think EV drivers should pay something ($) but ICE drivers should pay something ($$$+) b
  3. Definitely not a grocery snob. I will say though the *value* of some Lidl private label items is questionable. As an example, I think Trader Joe's Butter Chicken and Lidl's Butter Chicken come from the same supplier in Canada (eh). The TJ's Butter Chicken has notably more protein per unit of sauce than does Lidl's version but they are otherwise similar to the point of being indistinguishable. TJ's frozen garlic naan is in a class by itself.
  4. I think Lidl has a better selection in general. The footprint of a Lidl store is the US is a bit larger than a Lidl in Germany. I wish they had more of the products they have in the German Lidl (particularly a lemon wafer that my dog found in my bag and finished for me).
  5. where is the federal mileage tax on EV owner's power bill? So basically you conflated gallons consumed per driver to miles traveled, not accounting for the number of vehicles that consume in fuel at a greater rate (lower MPG) than the average - I think you're misinterpreting the number. Regarding paying a "fair share" (ugh what a load of crap) at the federal level, it doesn't happen but taxes are levied at the point consumed for the electricity consumed within a given state. So if I understand your point, you feel at the federal level, EVs aren't paying for their use like gasol
  6. Can you provide a source for the average driver driving almost 24,000 miles each year? The Average Miles Driven per Year in the United States (idrivesafely.com) 13,500 miles (not "almost double [12,000]" only 12% higher, not 25%, not 50% much less almost 100%) What is Average Mileage Per Year? (caranddriver.com) reports the same DOT provided 13,500 Alternative Fuels Data Center: Maps and Data - Average Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled by Major Vehicle Category (energy.gov) reports ~11,500 miles for cars and light trucks 4% lower than 12,000. So I'm wondering what source you're using (be
  7. This is a fun game on the Census.gov site: Population Bracketology (census.gov) my score on the first go was 54/63 (some pairings were tough, some easy) and 58/63 by state (and territory). Have fun. It's harder than it looks.
  8. When looking at paying one's "fair share" (ugh! I hate that phrase) in the state of North Carolina, I present this (from Official NCDMV: Vehicle Title & Registration Fees (ncdot.gov)): It's the equivalent of buying 374 gallons of gas in NC whether EV drivers travel 1 mile or 10,000 miles each year. It's equivalent to a car that averages 32 MPG traveling 12,000 miles a year. So in addition to the excellent points made by @elrodvt, I do believe the EV drivers of NC are paying their "fair share."
  9. AT&T says for their 1 gigabit service there is no 1TB bandwidth cap but there is on their 100 megabit service. Rest assured use enough on any plan on AT&T and the nastygrams will start. At my old house, I had a router that let me monitor traffic down to the megabyte. One month we had almost 2TB of traffic for the month (don't ask me how). I'm confident for AT&T we would have received notice for our traffic for the month. Also, I do know AT&T will sometimes deprioritize streaming traffic on their UVerse copperline service and that's all the can provision currently at my location
  10. According to the contractors I talked to, it is Google Fiber. I know that others have said it's just as good as AT&T but AT&T has constantly been unfulfilled promises, contracts, traffic shaping and bandwidth caps (I don't care if the cap is 1,000 TB much less 1 TB, any cap is a cap and it's what it says about how AT&T feels about their customers, they're also vociferously fighting efforts on net neutrality). Spectrum's quality has dropped in the past year and their customer service has always been crap and I feel like a play roulette for pricing but generally speaking they ha
  11. Stetson is what brought me to DeLand. Bellini's is why I ever returned.
  12. Blue Spring was really nice in the spring and summer to cool off a bit. I did my C-dives there for my PADI certification. We Floridians wore wet suits because the water was soooo cold and our blood was thin. North Carolina is almost the right amount of cool weather (although I wish September weren't such a bear). Not sure how familiar you are with DeLand but I am extremely sad to report that Bellini's is "moving" to an indeterminate location and their long-time location is sitting vacant (probably Covid related but who knows?)
  13. Here's the full article without the paywall: Homebuyers heading to Florida during COVID-19, but nearly as many moving out | Fox Business. Also, you're right, Florida summers from March to November (but really May to September) are fresh hell if you're not very near the ocean (within a few miles). As someone who grew up in the middle of the state (as one friend characterizes it: flat, hot and stupid) I relished the two days of spring we got in February and chuckle now at donning a ski jacket when the temperature dropped below 50 ℉.
  14. The word itself or what it conveys? It so perfectly describes the sorts of dulcet tones our elected representatives respond with. I'd much prefer absolute transparency, "We don't like [whatever] because it threatens our reelection." Again, I would be a rotten politician. I did hear back from Julie. The, "have not had enough opportunity for an informed conversation/debate on some of the key components" has me a little concerned.
  15. Would they only accept a business address or would a residential location suffice?
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