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  1. I don't think he really cared about any of those other intangibles. He just wanted out of the socialist (liberal) hellhole of Mecklenburg County and found kindred anti-tax souls in Union County because FREEDOM! I'm sure it will come as no surprise he's strongly anti-mask, We're still connected on Facebook, here was a post he made within the last month: That said, the concept of a 4,200 ft.² house boggles my mind and seems excessive to heat, cool, clean and maintain/clean (to each their own). Additionally, that house probably comes with a lot of yard with a lot of water consuming, HOA prescribed grass (another concept almost completely lost on me HOAs and grass). I also advocate moving to a fully PAYT system for waste/rubbish collection but it won't fly here in the near future (sadly), adding food scrap waste collection and continuing to push for more recycling. I do miss Seattle http://www.seattle.gov/utilities/your-services/accounts-and-payments/rates/collection-and-disposal/garbage-rates in this regard.
  2. I read this and asked myself, "where's the lie"? It's true. I still remember one of my cow-orkers beating a path out of Mecklenburg County for Union County in the early 2000s to escape "high taxes" (but really I suspect veiled racism). When his kids reached school age, he openly lamented the overcrowded Union County schools and was *shocked* when they wanted to raise (his) taxes to fund more schools and school expansions. People unclear on the concept I guess?
  3. You aaaaaaalmost feel sorry for J'ville but not really yet also no sense of schadenfreude. I'm just glad it's not being held here any longer - because even with planning, it was going to be a disaster for whichever city hosts this [dog and pony] show : https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/politics/mayor-curry-admits-rnc-will-not-generate-100-million-economic-impact-because-coronavirus/CCHO3I5LK5BZVKDQJQ4V2RTUAI/
  4. TLDR: That the infection rate in South Carolina is 30% higher than that of North Carolina and they would prefer that people from SC take their custom elsewhere. What I initially wrote: The fact that the vacuum of leadership in the state, the line of which demarks the division between them and the fairer Carolina to the north sits exactly 2.5 miles as the crow flies from the front door of this establishment. They are merely establishing that they would prefer patrons from more civil environs where the governor is at least attempting to provide some modicum of leadership in the face of a global pandemic given the infection rate below the state line is 30% higher. They say this with the expectation there is possibly a slightly reduced chance of exposing their employees and customers to patrons from SC which may otherwise be at a higher risk of contracting, carrying and spreading the virus at the heart of the pandemic.
  5. That's not all bad! If I could figure out how to lump that with a 3 or 5% offer, I could make some useful money. Come on Chase Freedom 5% for "government services" in Q4! The service charge always kept me from paying with my credit card.
  6. Don't know if this should fall under State of higher education or bad news but it would appear Provost Norris has asked the UNC system chancellors under the direction of system president Randy Ramsey to draw up budgets with 25% and 50% cuts. It would appear our state's university system is in the process of being gutted. http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2020/07/17/pw-exclusive-unc-system-exploring-worst-case-scenario-budget-cuts-of-up-to-50/
  7. And a bunch of what "the experts" might call "visible co-morbidities." But who needs experts when we have brilliant pundits to provide medical advice?
  8. (read my mind) Seems like it: https://silverlakeramen.com/location.html Atlanta and Kirkland, Wa. (wealthy eastern suburb of Seattle - but not Medina wealthy) are the only two non-California locations currently and most are in the greater LA area, a smattering in the Bay area and a few others in between.
  9. Don't fool yourself. The ground was salted/poisoned (pick your adjective) starting with the Reagan Revolution followed by Lee Atwater and Newt Gingrich. The election of Barak Obama just "legitimized" saying the quiet part out loud; more loudly than the Hands ad did to defeat Harvey Gantt in 1990. I don't for a moment regret the election of Barak Obama in 2008 but the timing could not have been worse for electoral politics. The Republicans spent years saying "government doesn't work" and then they got elected and set out to prove it. They have defunded public schools to send money to charter schools and now to private (including religious) schools. I think a few charter schools may be doing things better and differently but they're also permitted to be selective about who they allow to be admitted at the expense of public education. I still generally think CMS is doing a good job in spite of the ongoing abuse from the state legislature and DPI in spite of being thrown in the water and having cinder blocks thrown in after them. That said, civics education is generally poor at best and not getting any better by design and low information voters remain a danger to our republic.
  10. And yet, the headline on the article now reads: Wall Street rally evaporates, S&P 500 closes lower after briefly turning positive for 2020
  11. Franklin Street reminds me a little of Telegraph in Berkeley, The Ave (University Way) in Seattle and State Street in Madison.
  12. Nearly 12 years on, should we not be abundantly thankful for this?
  13. West to east: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nunavut, (NW Territory and Yukon Territory), Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scocia, PEI. What did I miss? Crap Saskatchewan and Newfoundland
  14. Hell, I'd challenge Americans to identify the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom and place them within 100 miles of their actual location on a map of the British Isles. I'd be surprised if more than 5% could get it right. For anyone from anywhere other than the US to get anything more than California, Florida and New York (and maybe Texas), I'm mildly impressed. The only reason I name those states is because that's where they primarily used to go on holiday when we still allowed people to visit.
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