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  1. I think MetroRapid is a fatal-half-measure . . . If it ran on a 15-minutes headway throughout the day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. I would be inclined to agree. Three morning runs and three afternoon runs isn't a service as much as "playing transit."
  2. Debated putting this in "Bad News Report" and it's full of breathtakingly bad takes (Insider is full of half-baked takes - I quit routinely reading it years ago but this got amplified today): Chick-Fil-a Forced to Tear Down and Rebuild Busy Drive-Thru Restaurant (businessinsider.com) Some of the bad takes: I thought Chick-fil-A wanted to do this. Our (useless?) City Council wouldn't make any business do anything that might cost them one more cent than is necessary . . .
  3. I used to commute home from the office on a scooter but quit ages ago when the cost rose to 2x above what the train cost. The pricing scheme for each of them is confusing now.
  4. They had an office on Fairview they closed in 1996. If I remember correctly, it was this building on the right: From History of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program | Kaiser Permanente Thrive Exposed (kaiserthrive.org)
  5. I wish Charlotte were more aggressive across the board acting like the city we're becoming rather than the town we were in 1950 to the city we're becoming in the 2000s. Which of our city departments isn't a fatal half-measure at seeming rather than being? Charlotte's motto should probably be: Videri quam esse (to seem [to be a real city] rather than being [a real city]). I decided at the end of 2022 to grade each of Charlotte's city departments . . . Would love thoughts: City of Charlotte Departments and Divisions Report Card Department Description Grade Justification Aviation Manages the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport C Maintains low-cost for their "customer" American Airlines. Otherwise classic penny-wise, pound-foolishness Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) CATS is the largest transit system between Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC with more than 70 local, express and regional bus routes, a light rail line, services for the disabled, and vanpools serving more than 23,000,000 trips each year. D- Poorly managed, neglected, focused on cost, not value. Charlotte Communication & Marketing A professional, talented team provides a multitude of ways to share effective messaging across a variety of communications channels, from storytelling to public affairs, community engagement to marketing and creative services, and web services to video production B- Sporadic communication, not transparent, not timely Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) Committed to enhancing the driving, bicycling and walking experience through planning, operating and maintaining the City's transportation choices for residents and visitors F Poor vision, poor maintenance of facilities they have already, no coordination with other city departments (i.e. CATS, Charlotte Water, Charlotte Storm Water). With the exception of Uptown and South End, no parking enforcement. Charlotte Fire Department Operates out of 42 fire stations and provides fire protection for approximately 792,862 people living in a 300-square-mile area A They do their jobs competently Charlotte Planning, Design & Development Provides integrated planning services that promote sustainable growth to improve our community's quality of life C Not sure they are as focused on sustainability as much as they are focused on sprawling growth Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) The largest law enforcement agency in Mecklenburg County and the largest police department between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. CMPD's goal is to make Charlotte one of the safest large cities in America. B In spite of some well documented problems and trying to manage them with PR . . . I generally think CMPD does a fairly good job. There are things I wish they would do differently and better. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services Improves the storm drainage system to ensure stormwater runoff drains effectively from streets to streams, reduces flood risks, and protects the quality of surface waters for our community B+ Generally they keep the water flowing where it needs to go. Charlotte Water With more than 954,644 customers, Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department or CMUD) is the largest water service utility in the Carolinas. B+ Failing infrastructure notwithstanding and some poor management decisions ("save water but we'll charge you for it because of decreasing revenue") they deliver a good enough, drinkable product consistently. City Attorney Provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and other City officials and employees on a broad range of issues. The Office represents the City, including its officials and employees, in litigation filed by or against them. C+ Lacking transparency to the public City Clerk Provides services that connect citizens to their government and maintains a recorded history of government actions. These services include Mayor and Council assistance, records management and research, boards and commissions, and customer service to both internal and external customers. B They do a good job collecting and sharing most information Community Relations The human relations agency for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. D I don't see them doing a whole lot anywhere Economic Development Shapes places and provides resources to empower Charlotte’s residents and businesses to thrive. This work is accomplished through the lens of Equitable Economic Development using our uncommon perspective of and service to Charlotte’s increasingly diverse residents, built environment and industry sectors. D It's good if you're a business, not so good if you're a human Finance Department Responsible for maintaining the City's general ledger, billing and collection of utility payments, accounts payable and receivable, issuing bonds, risk management, financial reports, and managing the City's investment portfolio. A They have "one job" General Services (previously Engineering & Property Management) Handles design and construction of City infrastructure projects, regulates development, cares for the tree canopy and landscaping and manages real estate and facilities portfolios. C+ I think some of the design is lacking and far too "value engineered" Housing & Neighborhood Services Focuses on creating vibrant, diverse neighborhoods through the delivery of five major service areas: community engagement, code enforcement, housing services, environment and sustainability, and CharMeck 311. D Inlivian is just the tip of the iceburg for the problems, also why is Community Engagement not foldedin here to create a sense of place in every neighborhood? Human Resources - City of Charlotte City of Charlotte is proud of its diverse, 7,000-plus member workforce that serves the community through professional, administrative, public safety, technical, clerical, skilled and labor and trades work. Build your career where you live. B Their methods and processes are mired in the 1970s Innovation & Technology (I&T) Provides executive-level leadership for the City’s technology governance policy, delivers technology services to city departments and partnership agencies, and coordinates information technology initiatives across the organization to support, enhance and advance citizen service delivery. C I'm seeing no technical leadership here Internal Audit Provides reasonable assurance that the City has an operating and effective system of internal controls and assists members of management in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of operations A They have "one job" Strategy & Budget Responsible for the development and oversight of the City of Charlotte's annual operating budget and five-year Community Investment Plan C How often do we follow our "five-year plan"? Solid Waste Services Provides a variety of quality, efficient and cost-effective services including the collection of bulky waste, garbage, recycling and yard waste B- Still haven't adopted PAYT to incentivize reduce, reuse, recycle
  6. Amtrak is getting their new rail cars in the news. Amtrak unveils new train cars with plenty for customers to love (msn.com) Per the article:
  7. Moot point, Transit pass program is on-hold: Transit Pass | North Carolina Amtrak Service (ncbytrain.org)
  8. Fixed it for you: Maas Brothers>Burdines>Macys
  9. This appeared in South End at the Camden East West Crossing. Cheeky but probably true.
  10. All through Camden and South End, the sidewalks are feeling very congested, especially at the weekends.
  11. I will add, make it so easy that even casual users don't find it inscrutable or irritating. I've navigated Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Istanbul (all places I wasn't a native speaker) system easily. I speak the language here and live in a place where I can get 10, 19 and 501 easily from my house and still find it stressful 100% of the time because it's unpredictable. Don't even get me started on seeing the #10 bus following the #19 on South Blvd. Staggering those outbound trips would effectively allow greater service on that corridor (until the East/West split of the route) without adding any buses. Just some simple things really.
  12. I think making a reliable, pleasant, efficient service would make more people "choice" users. All routes need at the very most 20-minute headways and all routes are served while the system is operating (the BS that is our MetroRapid joke service is just that a BS joke). All stops have seating, garbage cans, a route map and indicators of when the next bus will be along updated in real-time. The stops are maintained like we're proud of our city and our transit system. No bus stop is just a sign on a disconnected patch of grass. All buses on major thoroughfares should have signal priority with severe penalties ($500+ and escalating) for drivers that skip the queue. The website needs to have useful trip planning capability (as does the app) and a useful route map and route information (our site and app still suck horribly). I will cite the Sprinter service. Go to the site and try to find the schedule for "Sprinter" if you don't know the route number, even if you do, our airport service runs every 20 minutes. I'm not waiting at the dank curbside of CLT for 20 minutes if I happen to miss the bus (it should run every 7 minutes max or 10 off peak). The service could be the first choice for many but looking at the route on Wilkinson, not of the infrastructure has been maintained and none of it works. On Lynx, the stations aren't maintained, the signage is crap. Everything about our system screams cheap, cheap, cheap. Yes, this would cost a boatload of money but it would pay dividends in the long term. We'd also have to give it more than three months to succeed (see the Central Avenue bus lane).
  13. I think mine is clearer: Data: County Population Totals: 2020-2021 (census.gov)
  14. Looks like the westmost pedestrian crossing on Tremont at Camden is getting a pedestrian signal. For any number of reasons, I'm flummoxed by this decision. The intersection is an uncontrolled mess and yet every action taken only makes the problem worse. I'm surprised they didn't position the beg button on the bright green rail-trail crossing but instead on the much tighter post-right turn from Camden to Tremont section. This ensures more pedestrians in conflict with cars attempting the right turn from Camden onto Tremont (and the unenforced) left turn onto Tremont. As a final FU to all those using the crossing, they placed the pedestal for the signal in the access ramp. Yeah, but think of all the money we saved by not investing in human-friendly infrastructure.
  15. Raleigh's social district seemed quite vibrant (not crazy busy on a Thursday but bustling). Charlotte needs to figure this out.
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