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  1. The Economist has published their index of the world’s most liveable cities. Charlotte makes its debut showing in the neighborhood surrounded by Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Portland, Minneapolis and Houston. Washington, D.C., Honolulu and Atlanta were the only US North American cities at 90+. Winter in Calgary anyone? :
  2. Same and same. I entered the place once to get passport photos only because with a coupon, they had the best price by half.
  3. I remember even when it was built, it was criticized for being pedestrian unfriendly.
  4. Goodbye Eckerd, Rite Aid, Walgreens . . . (can't say I'm sad to see this go)
  5. Charlotte, city of cranes.
  6. From today's Charlotte Ledger, they talk about the fight in south Charlotte to block Goldberg's Legacy Arboretum addition. This video reveals that NCDOT (who is responsible for highway 51, correct?) doesn't care about the traffic engineering of the road (note the huge backups entering Providence High, while the oncoming traffic is relatively light and flowing freely). It's clear CDOT isn't advocating effectively with the state to engineer a solution to the traffic flow issue (not to mention the monstrosity that "highway 51" is).
  7. I'm not convinced John Lewis isn't right for the job, he's just not as engaged as he once was.
  8. I'm responding to your inquiry about problems that could be fixed with different (thought) leadership including a lack of transparency and accountability. Every single problem I listed except for the trip planner could be fixed with better leadership and transparency, costing nothing.
  9. In addition to the aforementioned lack of real-time tracking for the trains for customers and no tap-to-pay system yet . . . here are a few others: Even prior to Covid, the inability to accurately adhere to a schedule on rail where they have the full control of their right-of-way (which led more than once to my train pulling into a station as my bus which runs on 30-minute headways pulls away from the station - no way for the driver to see the approaching train and wait for disembarking passengers) The inability to use all the infrastructure they have internally to report in the station for train arrivals "Train to x arrives in 5 minutes." They simply programmed it to the expected schedule for the train. No transparency through station announcements, their app or social media about delays, reasons for delays or status of resolving delays (shoot straight, "The train is delayed because some self-important asshat blocked the Old Pineville Interchange. We have taken appropriate steps up to and including impounding their vehicle, administering electric shocks and issuing a citation of $5,000 to dissuade this behavior in the future") Ongoing inability to run any of their services without being on delay The customer service line via phone or email has always been indifferent at best and not interested in helping or attempting to resolve problems or provide support Their web site is a useless pile of garbage with no interactive route map and PDFs of the bus schedules (and hasn't been meaningfully revised in years except for a redesign of the styles) and semi-useless route planning on their site and in the app There is no clear, ongoing communication from CATS' leadership on the issues they face, apologies to their customers and taxpayers for the piss poor service they try to pass off year after year and continuous poorly implemented fatal-half-measures to improve the system (a lack of accountability). To solve any and all of these problems just needs some modicum of giving a care (except for the much needed web site improvements). Compare to: Portland: Plan and track your trip on TriMets Seattle: King County Metro - Trip planning Dallas: DART.org - Dallas Area Rapid Transit Atlanta: MARTA (itsmarta.com) Charlotte uses Google Maps for their "Trip Planner" - a void of leadership
  10. Slate covers this today: Electric cars are facing pushback from North Carolina. (slate.com) One state wants to stop people from buying one. But can electric vehicles be stopped?
  11. I remember this but only on the extension, not the OG Blue Line.
  12. We have cost-engineered our system to death (see BLE, "MetroRapid" (what a stupid, half-assed joke of a service), CATS Pass App, Envision My Ride ("less is MORE!"), the quickly abandoned Central Avenue bus lane, crummy headways even on the busiest routes all as examples of the cost engineering mindset which permeates Charlotte's culture toward public spending for transit). It's time to do the right things for the right reasons not for the "low-cost" reasons.
  13. So who's responsible for the ongoing failure of the line north of the 7th Street not being built properly to be within tolerance from 0F-110F? Surely the engineers could design for this.
  14. Listening to a piece from The Economist today, analyzing where the center of financial supremacy in Asia will be ("financial hub"). The contenders are Hong Kong (currently the top in Asia), Shanghai and Singapore (spoiler #1, not a clear winner each has their positives and negatives) This led me to seek out the rankings to find out where our fair city stood. Surely the second largest banking center (in the United States) would land us somewhere in their report: The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 31) Spoiler #2, the North American (and Caribbean) rankings are as follows: New York (1), Los Angeles (5), San Francisco (7), Chicago (13), Boston (14), Washington, DC (15), Toronto (22), Montreal (29), Vancouver (33), Calgary (47), Mexico City (52), Atlanta (63 - New this year), Cayman Islands (76), San Diego (83), British Virgin Islands (92), Bahamas (95), Bermuda (96), Barbados (113) . . . I will note, our own fair city doesn't even merit a mention or a footnote. Minneapolis / St. Paul and Turks and Caicos make their list of "Associate Centres" which are "centres that have yet to achieve the number of assessments required to be listed in the main GFCI index. Seven centres fall into this ‘associate centres’ category, with Minneapolis/St Paul and Turks & Caicos closest to receiving the 150 assessments required to be listed in the index." We're not even on the radar.
  15. This is making things "fair" for those poor fossil fuel users whose use has been subsidized for years to keep prices artificially low to create an illusion of affordability. Since EV users can charge at businesses (which is a marginal cost to the business to bring in disposable income to spend in their shop/hotel/business) at no direct cost to the end user. At the highest General Business rate, it works out to about 37¢ per hour for charging (at most $9/day, $270/month assuming people are charging 24/7). This is also to punish the big (bad) cities for being for forward thinking. Here's roughly what shows in Plugshare for his district. The cluster at the bottom is New Bern. The two Orange dots are the New Bern Tesla Supercharger and a DC Fast Charger from Chargepoint supporting CCS and CHAdeMO (both cost money) The remaining green dots are four car dealerships (all no cost) three hospitals/cancer centers (stick it to the sick eh? - more than hospitals in Charlotte provide charging at any cost incidentally) (noo cost) a bed and breakfast and a hotel (no cost) one grocery store and a mini-mart (mini-mart honor system payment $.15/kwh)
  16. I'm thinking private equity is increasingly a trojan horse (see Belk, Toys 'R Us, Tribune Media nee Tronc nee Tribune, McClatchy, et al.) demanding payment for the piper or loading businesses with debt and cashing out.
  17. While I know this isn't a political thread, I'm going to put this here. The craven pandering and short-sightedness of some members of the NCGA is breathtaking and frankly sad. I'm sure there are some that think this is a DANDY idea. It leaves me baffled. Bill aims for ‘equity’ in fueling vehicles for free (carolinajournal.com) Some of our elected leaders really make me angry.
  18. Your comment made me think of the following:
  19. From: Lidl grocery stores opening in Steele Creek, University area - Charlotte Business Journal (bizjournals.com) From City of Charlotte (accela.com) (Sadly, no site plan) Project Description: Lidl South Blvd. Construction of a +/-31,000SF grocery store with associated parking and landscaping. Public Road proposed to connect S. blvd and Weston Street with a new signalized intersection along S. Blvd. Widening of South blvd is also proposed for installation of Southbound left turn lane into the site. Project should be reviewed under its old B-2 zoning based on vested rights.
  20. I will recommend you check out some of your trips (pick an EV and pick a destination on the following - especially given the cost of gas): https://abetterrouteplanner.com/ You may find your modern EV is more than adequate for mountain trips, beach trips and beyond. You'll find most stops provide a needed reprieve to stretch one's legs and empty one's bladder or fuel up one's own body. All the new EVs are going to be ideal for 90%+ of the driving you routinely do unless you put on lots of road miles daily traveling for work. I am a Tesla Model 3 LR AWD driver and never plan to return to a gas powered car again. After you go electric, everything feels primitive by comparison. I think the Kia/Hyundai/Genesis offerings are quite compelling of late.
  21. Haven't you heard, Nobody Goes There Anymore, It’s Too Crowded?
  22. Circle K has launched their North American fast charging network (DCFC/Level 3 - probably for everyone but Teslas) in the shadow of Charlotte (highlight mine). Alimentation Couche-Tard opens first North American EV fast charger - Drive Tesla (driveteslacanada.ca)
  23. Does anyone remember when American was the best airline flying America's skies? How the mighty have fallen. From: AQR Report Card – Airline Quality Rating (wichita.edu) Rank Year 2021 ’20 ’19 ’18 ’17 ’16 ’15 ’14 ’13 ’12 ’11 ’10 ’09 ’08 ’07 ’06 ’05 ’04 ’03 ’02 ’01 ’00 ’99 ’98 ’97 ’96 ’95 ’94 ’93 1 WN WN G4 DL AS AS VX VX VX VX FL FL HA HA FL HA B6 B6 B6 US AS DL WN US DL WN WN AA WN 2 HA G4 HA B6 DL DL B6 HA B6 B6 HA HA FL FL B6 B6 FL FL AS AS US AS CO CO CO AA AA WN AA 3 DL DL WN WN B6 VX DL DL HA FL B6 B6 B6 B6 WN FL DH WN WN WN NW WN DL AA US UA UA UA UA 4 G4 AS DL AS HA B6 HA B6 DL DL F9 AS NW NW NW F9 WN UA HP HP WN US NW DL WN DL DL DL DL 5 AS NK AS HA WN HA AS AS AS HA AS WN WN AS F9 NW UA AS US CO DL NW AS WN AA CO HP US US 6 UA B6 B6 UA OO WN WN WN 9E AS DL US CO WN CO WN HP HP NW AA AA AA US HP HP NW NW NW NW 7 F9 AA F9 NK VX OO OO AA US F9 WN DL F9 F9 AS CO NW NW CO DL HP CO AA TW TW US US HP TW 8 B6 UA NK AA UA UA UA F9 WN WN US CO US CO UA UA CO AA FL UA CO UA HP AS NW HP TW TW HP 9 AA HA UA F9 AA AA XE UA AA US OO F9 AA AA AA AS AS CO UA NW UA HP TW NW UA TW CO CO CO 10 NK F9 AA XE XE AA OO FL AA AA OO XE US DL AA AA TZ TZ MQ MQ UA UA AS 11 F9 NK F9 XE F9 MQ CO AA AS UA US TZ TZ DL AA
  24. In light of our discussions around the UDO, a fascinating look at Toronto's "missing middle": https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-missing-middle/
  25. There will be MUFG people in Charlotte who are aligned to U.S. Bank after Legal Day 1. I don't know the precise number but I do know for a fact it's > 2 and < 500.
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