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  1. Does anyone remember seeing some recent pictures of the demo of Lawyers Building and uncovering remnants of the old State Theater on the first floor? I saw them on one of the Raleigh blogs I believe, and now can't find them to save my life!
  2. Just to clarify, the rumor that historic rehabilitation costs so much more than new construction is just plain unwarranted. While there is the exception, more often, historic rehab provides substantial cost savings. Not even taking into consideration the dollars available for historic rehabs through tools like state and federal tax credits, facade grants, etc., that are not available for new construction, some interesting statistics on rehab versus new construction from the National Trust for Historic Preservation: * Historic rehab costs are roughly the same as new construction. * If n
  3. Ah, yes, Jones - 100% in agreement with you as usual. Don't want to keep harping on the same thing here, but just because a building looks a little crappy and run-down, and perhaps also deprived of basic maintentance, doesn't mean it's automatically a great candidate for teardown. When Empire Properties bought the Black Odd Fellows Building at 115-117 E. Hargett Street, the roof was pretty much gone and pigeons had taken up residence on the 3rd floor - I think they had to remove a ton+ of droppings...now THAT's bad. Rats were all over the back side of the building/storage rooms, the maso
  4. True, the Museum has been a contentious subject in this traditionally conservative area but having just been up there this past weekend, folks are a whole lot more excited about it than they were a couple of years ago, and, dare I say, quite proud - and there's still a couple of months to go before opening. It's a bit jarring to see but wow! Besides art lovers, architectural junkies from 500 miles around will want to visit it actually has a startling vantage point from I-581 which wraps around downtown and it's not across the railroad tracks, but rather connected to downtown. And, yes, dow
  5. I'm all for the Edison, but I think it is so disheartening that no one is clever and creative enough to incorporate the existing historic buildings into the design for a cutting-edge project that blends new with the old. Raleigh is trying to build a "green" reputation, but how is adding to the landfills, perfectly good and sound materials, green whatsoever? There's been a lot of banter on these boards (as well as the "downtown blogs") about how crappy those old buildings are and how not everything is worthy of preservation. While I agree that those buildings are not of "George Washington S
  6. Hi Jones - Could you share where you came across these photos - very interesting!
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