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  1. Yes, I completely agree with you. But sometimes people love it when their fires are fueled by getting others worked up over things. If everyone would stop calling him out then maybe he'll back off with the negative posts...and maybe he won't, who cares. If I argued with some of the ignorant people I deal with on a daily basis then 99% of the time it would have no affect and I'd probably get my a$$ beat. When someone is raised and taught a certain way it's hard to change them. Sometimes you just have to ignore them and wait 'til they're gone.
  2. I for one am tired of the personal lashes at gs3. I don't always like his posts, and sometimes they make me want to walk into the next room and slap my roommates for no reason, but he is certainly entitled to his opinion and here on the internets he's free to share them! Criticism is a good thing! Without criticism the powers in charge would never be questioned and we would have no say in any matter (heh, like we do anyways...). You don't have to like what he says, but really guys? Are you putting yourself in some "better place" by turning around and calling him out completely out of the blue? Grow up people. If gs3 hates everything that happens in Greenville and he/she wants to post about it then so be it. Do something good for the city to prove him wrong if you care so much. I love this city and for the most part I love the direction it's going. I love a lot of the people here too, but there truly are a lot of close-minded people here! There are lots of people who could care less if there is change and growth and art and green space and bike rentals and trail systems and national stores and good restaurants and ... see where I'm going? Some people just want to eat at Stax everyday and get fat as f*** and they're free to do that. There are people here who want it to stay the same as it's always been and obviously they will not get what they want, but they are here in abundance and they'll argue their beliefs as much as we'll argue ours. If you people can't handle gs3's opinion then perhaps the internet is a bad place for you to be! You ever read through youtube comments? I'd hate to see some of you get worked up about that... just a little side note: i'm not agreeing with gs3 or disagreeing with anyone else. all i'm saying is he's entitled to an opinion whether we agree with it or not. I do love greenville. yes, i think most people here are good, kind, caring people. yes, I do think there are a lot of racist bigots here as well. we have to fight through their delusions to get where we want to be and make Greenville a place for everyone.
  3. I believe River Falls is somewhat between Caesar's Head and Jones Gap State Parks. In that general area at least.
  4. So this would be a 3rd location correct? Or is that just outdated from the Woodruff Rd store opening?
  5. Wild, I knew nothing about this. Looks pretty cool.
  6. Thanks. I like different aspects of all three honestly...if it were my decision I would pick and choose from each one. I definitely think having at least two bridges connecting each side is nice to keep somewhat of a flow around the park, instead of having everyone congest a single bridge. The skate park would also be a nice touch! I'm not a street skater myself (longboarder here!) but skaters definitely need a place to skate in the downtown area. The city (police, that is) is always yelling at skaters, so why not give them a place to go. Also seems like they're unsure whether they want a baseball field, softball field, or no field. Seems like a yes or no to me...not a maybe. Also also, the bouldering/climbing area would be incredible!!! Really, I think that would be an wonderful thing for Greenville to do. There are plenty of climbers in the area who would put it to use. I recently got into bouldering, very mildly as of now, but it's a great workout and a lot of fun. Everything else just seems to be a decision on location of different aspects, like the lawn/play areas, playground, and pavilions. All three options would be great but I hope to see as much of each one incorporated as possible!
  7. This link is no longer available, anywhere else we can see the options?
  8. It looks to me like most of the park would be on land that is already open, except for a couple of buildings (but not homes). But I'm with you, I hate to see people kicked out of their homes...it's one of those dark things that happens and most people look the other direction and say "it needs to be done". Think of the outrage you would here if you told Chanticleer residents you were tearing their houses down to build a park...yeah, that wouldn't fly!
  9. So it's all appropriately priced now? Ha, couldn't help myself! But really, is nobody concerned about the outside seating space of the proposed Overlook space? I mean, they have always had a fair amount of seating all the way to the railing so you can see out into the park...hopefully there are tables outside of the awning area.
  10. Hopefully the outside seating still continues all the way to the railing. It would make no sense to have that tiny seating area and leave the rest open.
  11. Oh haha, yeah that makes sense. I was about to punch some walls if the Richardson garage was to be torn down.
  12. Well I was half kidding...although I couldn't imagine it surviving much longer so not surprised to hear that. Academy would be awesome.
  13. Why would the Richardson Street garage be removed? That would make ZERO sense.
  14. So when will the Kmart close? haha...
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