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  1. zt456

    East Beltline Developments

    The site plan does include some retailers that aren't at Woodland or RiverTown: BCBG, Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers, Orvis, Adidas, Lucky Brand, Lucy but despite those there are a lot of retailers already available at the other malls. Hopefully there will be plenty of residential development for this project so the existing malls aren't negatively affected by it.
  2. zt456

    Columbiana Centre

    Along with bebe & Coach, Delia's is also coming to the mall.
  3. zt456

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    Looks like Triangle Town Center is doing what it can to stay competitive and fill vacancies. Coming soon--J. Jill, Georgiou, Journey's, Reeds Jewelers, S&K Menswear, Shanelle's, Dormia, Professional Nails
  4. zt456

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    Yeah I swear I saw something on their website about the Apple store coming soon but now it's not there anymore
  5. zt456

    Northlake Mall

    So are Sanrio, Sephora, & Z Gallerie definately coming to the mall?
  6. zt456

    SouthPark Mall

    I would say that Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom are pretty much on the same level. Then Saks and Neiman share the same level of most upscale department store.
  7. zt456

    SouthPark Mall

    I'm not sure if you're joking or really don't realize that Prada Marfa is a sculpture placed in Valentine, TX (the middle of no where) b/c that's artistic and cool I guess? Click Here
  8. zt456

    Northlake Mall

    NorthLake should actually update its website by putting all the opened tenants on the directory map along w/ anchors AMC and Borders.
  9. zt456

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    Retailers just need to stop trying to monopolize. Instead of having 8 million different types of department stores all being converting into Macy's selling the same stuff, they should let them all run independently, selling there own stuff, creating some VARIETY giving the consumer some choices, and allowing competition (all major principles of good economics). Plus, most malls with 2 or more different Federated-May department stores are going to be negatively effected by this which is helping to kill off malls and instead create more lame big-box retail strip centers.
  10. zt456

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    The idea of a Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, or Nordstrom never crossed my mind but that definately would be a good solution.
  11. zt456

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    Anyone have any news or info on new mall tenants?