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  1. United restarts Richmond-Houston service on Thursday, June 3. UA6293 is scheduled to depart at 1645.
  2. Passenger traffic essentially doubled from February to April. Official stats are released at the monthly meeting of the Capital Region Airport Commission, typically the last Tuesday of the month (except December).
  3. Regarding JetBlue schedules for Richmond-Las Vegas: Go to https://www.jetblue.com/best-fare-finder Enter from Richmond, to Las Vegas. Load fares for January, March, or later. Schedule your nonstop JetBlue flight from RIC to LAS. Save $ for games, shows, dinners, shopping, the Neon Museum, etc., etc., etc. And remember, the block time is about 30 minutes shorter for the ride home.
  4. While we appreciate your curiosity, your question about scheduling and service decisions would be better directed to the airline.
  5. @eandslee while you may not have the obligations of a professional journalist to seek confirmation, why would you just toss this out there? I'll offer the observation that most airline station managers are too tied up at the airport (HR responsibilities often top the list) to have much participation in their local communities. If they can support one or two special events during the course of a year, like a holiday parade, housing rehab, or a charitable golf outing, they're performing above their peers.
  6. Sure thing. We have an interesting aircraft on the ramp right now for an ad hoc cargo assignment.
  7. Recently = Wednesday, June 24, 2020.
  8. Just to be clear, the Airport comment is from an anonymous reader using the handle SOUTHERNGENT, not Richmond's mayor. Aside from the fact this is off topic in the Style Weekly opinion section (and received LOTS of down votes), I welcome more feedback from SOUTHERNGENT. What he posted, unfortunately, is like getting a two-star rating and no comments. How do you address/fix that?
  9. Who wouldn't like to see West Coast service blossom? Over time, the region will grow into it or business clusters will develop to make it less risky for an airline. Southwest? Of course we'd like to see more. The late 70s hub? While I've heard this referenced many times, I've yet to find anything - newspaper articles, minutes, third-party notes, etc. - that really illustrates the opportunity or issues. From hub development efforts elsewhere, it's easy to see that airlines were not hesitant to play communities off against each other to get best possible terms. No shocker there. Perha
  10. @georgeglass, most commercial service airports in Virginia enjoyed 2018. Norfolk was up 8.4%, per ORF reports. @benstyree, United has scheduled a variety of aircraft on this route. Over the last few days, for example, we have seen an E-175, an A319, and even a 738. Both Q1 and Q2 2019 show gains in seats and frequencies vs. the same period a year ago. Keep in mind that Q2 schedules may not be final. On my RIC-DEN trips, I've flown both E-175 and mainline equipment and have been very pleased with either option. @eandslee, as always, thanks for the encouragement. But I've got to ask, w
  11. If you're keeping score at home, RIC topped 1M total passengers in 1977 (De-Regulation on the horizon) and 2M in 1993.
  12. @eandslee, Concourse A work is underway. We're weeks away from seeing anything vertical, but utility work is clearly visible from Gate A7. @wrldcoupe4, exactly correct. Nice to have surpassed the 4M milestone. 3M was accomplished in 2006, but we don't think it will take a dozen years to make RIC 5M.
  13. October sometimes looks like a 4th summer month at RIC, very busy across the board with business travel, value season travel, a long-weekend holiday, a strong meetings & conventions season, favorable weather (except for the occasional tropical flare up). Only Halloween works against air travel.
  14. As far as DEN, RIC is seeing twice-daily frequency to a hub well-connected to West Coast (and beyond) markets. Having the frequency and hitting multiple banks at DEN is definitely a business-friendly approach. Beyond that, you must realize that each community has unique characteristics that drive air service development. On the surface, Richmond and Norfolk have similarities. Dig a bit deeper, they're very different markets.
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