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  1. adman0468

    Little Rock Growth

    I thought Pulaski would have hit 400k at the same time. Probably next year.
  2. adman0468

    West Little Rock

    I guess that eliminates my second suggestion: the old K-Mart across the street if they could also take 10 Fitness.
  3. adman0468

    West Little Rock

    If the shopping center were razed, would it be roomy enough for a Costco or would they need to take over the center next door, as well? The Village is empty enough that I could see them being open to the idea.
  4. adman0468

    The River Market

    Any word on what their existing building's name will change to? I know that Energy is one of the largest tenants, but they don't want their name on it since they think it won't look good to customers that they "have" a building.
  5. adman0468

    North Little Rock Development

    I heard they lost their lease. I assume the owner realized they could get more selling to some chain wanting to open a location. Let the speculation begin...
  6. adman0468

    The Promenade At Chenal

    This shopping center just can't keep up. They just added Athleta and now this relatively big space will open up.
  7. adman0468

    River Rail

    "How do we make money? Volume."
  8. adman0468

    Park Plaza Mall

    Listed in the building permits in yesterday's paper was one for 6000 W. Markham, Building A. That address is Park Plaza. Do we think it's the mall itself or is "Building A" one of the Dillard's buildings? They could certainly use an update. It was for more than a million dollars.
  9. adman0468

    The Promenade At Chenal

    That center just cannot get ahead.
  10. adman0468

    The Promenade At Chenal

    Plumbing permits show that Athleta, the sports clothing store for women that's owned by The Gap, is locating in the Promenade. It doesn't give a store# though. I don't think there are any closed stores available so it may actually reduce the number of "virgin" spots in the center. That would be a good thing.
  11. Yes, it can, but these are much, much faster. They're meant to be your "fill-up" on a long trip, which is why this one was installed. So owners could travel from Dallas to Memphis.
  12. adman0468

    West Little Rock

    I know that they seriously looked at the old Sears location, but said it was too expensive (plus, I don't know how that intersection could handle the traffic). I don't think Walmart is keeping them out of here.
  13. adman0468

    West Little Rock

    The K-Mart on Rodney Parham is on the latest list of Sears/K-Mart closures. I can't believe it's lasted this long. If they were to kick out 10 Fitness, would it be a possible Costco location?
  14. According to zoning applications, Taco Bueno is considering building directly in front of Burlington Coat Factory, although they requested it be deferred to a later meeting. Seems like an odd location to me.
  15. adman0468

    West Little Rock

    Next to Yogurt Mountain on Chenal Parkway. It's part of the old Sharper Image site or right next to it.