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  1. The two companies actually aren't related anymore. PF Chang is still based in Scottsdale AZ, but Pei Wei was spun off a couple of years ago and is now based in Texas. I didn't know this until a year ago.
  2. I've often wondered - if the department store had taken that space, it would have been somewhat removed from the existing shops. Do you think there were initial plans to connect the existing road to the department store with another row of stores (so that it made a T shape that leads to the department store). It's immaterial now, but just curious about what coudabeen
  3. Dillard's. I don't think Macy's was ever tied to it.
  4. I think when they added HomeGoods, McDonald's and a Nike Outlet, they had changed their original vision. Remember, this center was theoretically for upscale companies like Coach, Banana Republic and Lucky. None of which ever made it.
  5. Let's remember how much success Landry's had with that space.
  6. So I moved from LR a couple of years ago and was wondering how this mall's occupancy rate is? I know H&M took a big chunk of space? Is it pretty much full? I like seeing a mid-city shopping center do well instead of everything heading to the suburbs. But I don't like seeing the Promenade do poorly, either.
  7. Yes, they were one of the original tenants. I had seen that Kenneth Edwards was closing, forgot to mention that. After the holiday season, it may lose another one that hasn't announced anything. We'll see.
  8. The center just never seems to have the momentum to get close to full occupancy. Driving through there the other day for the first time in a while, I saw the following spaces empty or soon-to-be: The Tavern Del Frisco's Charming Charlie's The photo place Paul's Shoes Just Dogs Pei Wei That's a lot of empty space to fill, especially when you add in the completely undeveloped areas.
  9. I thought Pulaski would have hit 400k at the same time. Probably next year.
  10. I guess that eliminates my second suggestion: the old K-Mart across the street if they could also take 10 Fitness.
  11. If the shopping center were razed, would it be roomy enough for a Costco or would they need to take over the center next door, as well? The Village is empty enough that I could see them being open to the idea.
  12. Any word on what their existing building's name will change to? I know that Energy is one of the largest tenants, but they don't want their name on it since they think it won't look good to customers that they "have" a building.
  13. I heard they lost their lease. I assume the owner realized they could get more selling to some chain wanting to open a location. Let the speculation begin...
  14. This shopping center just can't keep up. They just added Athleta and now this relatively big space will open up.
  15. "How do we make money? Volume."
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