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  1. What a cool thing to be part of restoring the Cabildo. I always think it's a little too bad it's become "just" a museum and not used for any government functions anymore. Before the Louisiana Purchase the Cabildo was both the statehouse for Louisiana (territory) and the city hall for New Orleans. I think at that time, the city consisted of the Quarter, the Treme and Marigny but anyone feel free to correct me on that one
  2. ps. I like Boston's City Hall, too but I agree with the post about it being in a moonscape. Brutalism looks better when there are trees with foliage to soften it up a bit.
  3. The architect of San Francisco's City Hall was a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris so that's why it looks like a copy of the Hotel des Invalides. The great thing about SF City Hall is that it's part of an intact Civic Center, all designed by the same architect including the (old) Public Library, Civic Auditorium, Opera House and Veterans Memorial Building. Also Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married at City Hall but I guess that doesn't compare to the history of some other city halls LOL. The UN Charter was signed in the plaza between the Opera House and the Vets Memorial Bui
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