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  1. I hope so... Ive havent been in there yet but i heard it sucks. I cant wait to see the michael kors, valentino and bulgari boutiques that are getting ready to open in phipps and lenox.
  2. Tom Ford executives were spotted this past weekend scoping out available space in Lenox and Phipps Plaza and may be interested in opening a new boutique in Buckhead by the first quarter of 2009.
  3. congrats to you guys miachael kors is under construction in atlanta at this very moment
  4. why is it that every time i post a add admin always deletes the message. **ADMIN'S NOTE** I have removed most of this post as well. Perhaps it's because you keep advertising (unapproved) which we do not allow according to our rules. This is the end of this issue so please do not post any more comments regarding this in our forums. If you have an issue you are welcome to PM an admin.
  5. yeah i saw that the other day and also i see the bulgari has taken the space of judeith lueiber and betsey johnson location i think it opens in august i believe And also i am happy that H&M is opening at atlantic station on june 13th Finally
  6. Im really sick of people downing him, He is not a thug. We all have made bad choices in our lives, somethings we never got caught doing. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the lead he broke records and everything. And people actually started coming to the games. The people came to see Michael Vick Play point blank. No one was calling him a thug when the falcons was wining those games . The falcons have not been the same since Vick got into all this. He is a great football player despite his faults and i wish people would stop with all the non sense its rediculous. He is a whole lot better
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