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  1. Luna Lounge is going there. It is owned by the same people as Kiss Lounge and The Sunset Club
  2. I really hope this gets going this spring and summer before the economy gets any worse.
  3. I have never been inside this Home Depot, but I'd like to see an Aldi go in its place. I know Aldi is at least turning a profile in his early depression and a location uptown would help out the bottom line. I was in there new store in Harrisburg and it was very nice and clean. Plus it would be great competition for Trader Joe's. What does everybody else think?
  4. I live in Pineville right outside of Ballantyne and I was awoken to the howling of the wind whipping right outside(my bed backups to a window) this morning around 6am. I grabbed my camera and wanted to take pictures but my memory card was in the other room and I didnt feel like walking to go get it. It was like sheets of rain but worse. I didnt know what the heck was going on, I should have turned on the TV but I just went back to back instead.
  5. Does anybody know why San Remo's on Central Ave closed down? Me and my buddy would go there every saturday night(sunday morning) before heading home. We've started going to Landmark(which butts right up to the back of San Remos) which we like better, but we still are wondering what happened to San Remos?
  6. I really wish people(and the mainstream media) would stop comparing Obama New Deal to FDR's new deal. What most people dont realize is that back then, we(the government) had available lines of credit to fund these projects. Today, we're basically maxed out. And even if China(or some other country) is dumb enough to lend us the money(that wont be payed back, just like the rest of our debt) it's going to make the forecoming depression much worse. It's one thing to have a depression but its another to have a depression with Hyperinflation(which will happen due to all this money being created out
  7. Any update on the NC Music Factory? I'm actually more excited about this development then Epicentre. I'm curious to see next summer(and with the state of economy) whether Charlotte can handle all this nightlife(I'm hoping so). Anybody got any news?
  8. I read somewhere, that CATS will be running shuttles from CTC to Memorial Staduim for the Red, White & Boom celebration. My question is to you think that Lynx(running on a Sunday schedule/last train departing uptown at midnight instead of 1am) will be extra busy or will it be a normal amount of traffic on the light rail tomorrow night? Dean
  9. I ventured uptown this afternoon while waiting on an oil change for my car(thats another post all together). I didn't actually go on Epicentre property(wasnt sure i could, considering its still an active construction site during the day) but did notice banners for Cold Stone Creamary,Smoothie King and PJ's (a coffee bar/lounge) type of place. I, along with everybody else, cant wait for the whole thing to open. Like somebody else questioned, "What is the completion dates for the bowling Alley and Movie Theater?" Dean
  10. Is the day you mentioned at Thursday? I would think that Alive @ 5 & Epicentre @ 5, had a big role in why the 9pm train was so packed. Is that about the time, those 2 things end?
  11. That's pretty crazy stuff, especially for daytime activity. The craziest thing I've ever seen on the light rail was some drunk ugly Tranny yelling on the last train of the night. My question is, during the busy morning rush have you ever seen ticket inspectors? I assume it would be the same situation, with speed street where the trains are too packed to check for tickets. I rode numerous 1am trains on Thursday and Friday night and I've never seen a single ticket inspector or policeman. I remember asking a Lynx official about why they dont put Police on the last train. He told me that origin
  12. All the interchanges on 77 starting at Arrowood and going to John Belk Free were lit. However 90% of the lights between the interchanges were still out. Progress is being made though!
  13. Got a chance to check out Suite last friday and the best part was I didnt have to wait in the long ass line. Okay, I lied. That wasnt the best part, because everything was great. Yes the club(especially the dance floor is small) but the spacious outdoor patio certainly makes up for it. The most interesting thing about the club is there aren't ordinary doors on the patio but roll-uo Garage doors. Those you have to see to believe. Carolinanightlife.com has plenty of photos up from the pre grand opening Thursday, as well as Friday night and Saturday Night. This club will change the Charlotte
  14. Same here. Got to the 485 Station around 9pm and cops were directly us to other stations. I decided to just drive down to the Woodlawn station knowing it would be less crowded, well it was less crowded but not by much. 1st train came by, couldn't get on. 10 minutes later, another train that was full. 15 minutes after that I managed to sqeeze on the 3rd train and take it all the way uptown. I'll try riding Woodlawn southbound, if Northbound is full. I'll leave earlier tonight too! Only good thing about last night was the last train, didnt leave till 1:30am. I'm surprised there hasnt been any me
  15. I got my free tickets in the mail over the weekend for the grand opening of SUITE at Epicentre next Friday night(May 23rd). I expect it to give HOM and Forum a run for its money on the weekends. The month of June should be a interesting one, to see how well Forum and HOM will survive aganist SUITE. Forum is now down to 1 Nightly Resident DJ (that being DJ Frenzy, but they do still have DJ Five from Vegas and DJ Roctakon from NYC as monthly residents)), since they got rid of Supa Skip(who is with a doubt, the best DJ in NC and the Southeast. Who will be one of the resident DJ's at Suite). Suite
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