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  1. droonus2000

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    I voted for #1. I felt it looked fresh, strong, and representational of the city.
  2. droonus2000

    East Beltline Developments

    Flowers of the Fields. I’m still in my late 20’s and I remember when that was the only thing around there, and when the Knapp’s Corner Meijer opened. Things change, that area has grown quickly, but it probably should not have taken as it has for it to happen, given growth patterns.
  3. I’m in Nashville right now. Parking is terrible. Small expensive surface lots everywhere with pay kiosks. It seems very inefficient, but with the sheer volume of construction ( its insane btw) these will likely be gobbled up soon, so it is nice to have a pretty clean site. I have found few ramps after two days that are not tenet only. I have no idea where everyone parks for convention center or arena events. In GR it’s pretty darn easy to find parking. Just thought I would post a comparison.
  4. droonus2000

    New projects on the West Side

    Awesome, I’m a sign nerd too. I wish They had one like this on top of the building facing the highway.
  5. I would not mind the office building next to Plaza Tower coming back to life. It was very different and intriguing compared to what we have now.
  6. droonus2000

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Ok, for some reason I was thinking it was 8 or 9.
  7. droonus2000

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    The only thing that bothers me is the design makes it look like a five story building. But super enlarged!
  8. droonus2000

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Those look spectacular! Please build as many as possible ASAP. But I may have an odd fascination with shotgun style homes, so grain of salt.
  9. droonus2000

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    I know...Austin and Fort Worth are building some great modern yet timeless projects. Ours just feel cheap compared to other cites.
  10. droonus2000

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I would hope they build it to add more parking or classrooms/offices. Much easier then buying more land, rewriting the neighborhood plan, or tearing down buildings. And why would the area need more than three large ramps?
  11. droonus2000

    Suburban Projects

    Does anyone know what is being built at the former Cinco De Mayo on Alpine?(3300 Alpine Nw) Former was demolished, looks to be three small spaces.
  12. droonus2000

    New projects on the West Side

    It looks like a banking office. Maybe Macatawa or Chemical Bank that often have larger loan office branches. Certainly a new look for the area.
  13. droonus2000

    Founders Brewing Company Expansions

    I think it would make more sense to build a ramp in the longrun. They have expanded at such a rapid rate, with few signs of slowing down. Build a 3-4 story ramp with ability to build higher if the need arose, and move on rather then continually searching for more surface lot space. Focus on growth rather then adjacent land deals. Unless the plan is to amass land for future building projects, but you still need parking somewhere.
  14. droonus2000

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    That's great! How have I never heard of this "extremely profitable" Michigan based chain? It's a match made in castle heaven.
  15. droonus2000

    New projects on the West Side

    I really like North Peak, their space in TC is great, and would love to get more of their beer in GR. But what's the point if Jolly Pumpkin is right across the street basically selling the same beer? It could be like New Holland, which is a showpiece for the brand as they try to compete on a more national level; this could be a regional showpiece for NP. Haven't been to Blue Tractor, but have heard good things. North Peak and Blue Tractor in TC are a relatively short walk, so why not have two of their brands here? Whatever it is 5 stories sounds great there.