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  1. Speaking of the Columbus Zoo, and the potential Millennium Park Aquarium here... the Columbus zoo is like 45 minutes from downtown. It, the adjacent water park and golf course across the street are the only attractions around for miles. But Jack Hanna’s zoo is a major attraction regardless of its location. Btw, I would have loved to go to the conservation park, but it’s about another hour from the zoo.
  2. Synthetic turf. But I think real gross would work. University of Phoenix stadium has basically a giant tray that can be moved in or out depending on facility and grass needs. So I think real grass would work just fine, costs might not be worth it though.
  3. That’s exactly what MSOE in Milwaukee did. They built the soccer field on the top of a 1-2 story parking garage. I thought it was the most innovative urban use of space I’d witnessed when I saw it a few years ago. Info from roofing contractor: http://www.tectaamerica.com/project/msoe-soccer-facility/
  4. I’ve been to the one in Detroit. I wouldn’t call it gimmicky, but you know who the owners are. There is Wahlbergs memorabilia on the walls. I agree with RegalTDPs assessment. The food itself is slightly above average, classic sit down pub fare, and I think a better deal than Shake Shack, Smashburger, Five Guys, etc. but I would generally choose one of those places over Wahlburgers.
  5. Knapp Corner Meijer is changing out their self checkouts. From the in line to serpentine style. First is old, second is new.
  6. I absolutely support this. I think every large city in the Great Lakes area should have some kind of aquarium. Teach people about the underwater world around us. Ideally, I would have replaced the current zoo with an aquarium after the people voted to move it by Meijer Gardens.
  7. I’ve been saying for years the JBZ should open a stand alone aquarium. Ideally, we would have moved the zoo by Meijer Gardens and built an aquarium at the current zoo sight.
  8. I don’t like the trend either. I felt like the league was going pretty well and then this JV movement happened. I feel the league as a whole has taken a step back. It really takes away a sense of pride for a community but also forgoes allowing up and coming markets a chance to prove there is good support for a team. Without the Griffins there is no way the NHL would look our way, with them we have a minuscule chance. It also leaves a lot of money on the table for the apex team, if they have a share of ownership, in terms of merchandise and ticket sales. But it does save a considerable amount on travel and allows the apex team a much closer eye on player development. I can see why teams do it, but I heartily disagree with it.
  9. I know there is at least one triangle shaped Shake Shack in existence. I ate there in Seattle. They do tend to enter a market in urban areas, and i think here, Studio Park, or Bridge st make the most sense. I was actually driving by the Residents Inn this week and thought it would be a good fit for Shake Shack.
  10. I love it. I love these kinds of signs in cities and this helps add depth and creative aspects to a parking ramp. Tbh, I don’t care what the content is, this, naked lady, Jesus, Calder outline.
  11. That’s my guess as well. To enter a market with such entrenched players like Meijer and SpartanNash must be terrifying. But I don’t have any industry experience either. I’ve long said that’s probably the reason why there are less than a dozen Walmart stores to serve the all of West Michigan. We will see if other grocery chains enter the market, I’d like a Mariano’s. It has to bring something unique to overcome Meijer and SN.
  12. It kind of sounds like USL is pushing for a USL Championship level team in GR from the article. With a Populus stadium it doesn’t seem crazy.
  13. Duh, I was getting North and South mixed up. That makes perfect sense. Thanks Joe.
  14. Does anyone know where the new facility on Leffingwell is going to be? That stretch is mostly residential until you get close to Knapp. And I wonder what will become of the Kent Community property. I’ll miss that huge star every Christmas, but it was outdated when my dad would visit with some long timers in the 90s, and not much better when my cousin was there last year. I agree it’s time has come.
  15. It was red when I drove by last night.
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