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  1. It makes sense. Why reopen after being closed for a few months if you know you are going to close permanently a short time later, due to business leasing decisions? I wonder what will become of the space? My guess is tear down and build some new storefronts. In more related news, it looks like the steel is getting close to complete on the Acrisure building. It looks like the decorative corner steel for the rooftop patio is in place. I was happy to see progress again.
  2. Not a bad time to try out a QSR concept if you are primarily a sit down joint. Maybe it will work out and we can get some new restaurants out of this after the likely closures, I’m trying to be hopeful for development and the economy.
  3. Correct, I meant beyond street sweepers. Like a brick scrubber machine of some sort to get exhaust and grime off. Being a different surface than asphalt. Haha. I was curious, thank you for the response.
  4. I feel like this is a dumb question... can/do they clean the bricks on brick roads? I’m just thinking it would keep things looking fresh over the years, since they are extremely durable.
  5. I think the most likely development would be another museum of some type. A Science Center or Aquarium would be my choices. Maybe the Feds could open a space dedicated to the mound building cultures that once inhabited that area. I agree it would s a very underutilized property, however I also agree that the burial site needs to highly respected, as all burial sites should be.
  6. Now that’s how you build an urban gas station. I love the classic design, that looks like it has been there for many years, and the fact that the c store portion is also the ground floor of the adjacent building.
  7. I know that it was a newsman hangout. My grandpa worked for many years for the Press in both the old and new( now old and demolished) buildings, he never drank but he was about the only guy who didn’t make multiple trips a week to the Cottage Bar according to him. Hopefully its legacy continues on for many years.
  8. Works for me. I never knew that Location existed! Thanks Walker! Either it’s new, or its been a while since I looked at the website.
  9. 2019 review River town will see some renovations, Younkers will be torn down and replaced with housing, a couple of new stores will come in to help refresh things and try to close the widening Woodland gap. Not a thing, they only new store I found at Christmas was a leggings store. Convention Center hotel will announce 2020 start date, plans are substantial. No date announced. DT Market announces expansion plans, and then cancels them Nothing new, a few new places, but no expansion talk Housing crunch worsens, some remediation is announced with replacing homes with townhouses and apartments, but faces significant gentrification backlash. Half correct, housing crunch situation is about the same. Major rumors of GRFC stadium and league changes, but nothing concrete is announced by the club. No stadium rumors, but I don’t know if they have a home for next year. No rumors of a new league, they just did it. Very interesting upcoming year. MSU research center phase ll plans underwhelm, but it’s better then nothing. Yes, slightly. Bridge st continues resurgence and expands north of I-196 on Seward and Stocking. Nope Switch finally begins to live up to promises, tech related flights increase, a tech company opens a small office. Nope, big nope Project 1 confuses many people. Folks will wonder where to vote, will still call it ArtPrize, and be upset that they have to seek out the art even though it’s more concentrated. Meh, people just stayed away, and longed for toothpick sculptures. It was quite lame. A new life music venue opens with 400+ capacity. Nope, listening room is close, but 200 capacity. 2020 Studio Park amazes and sets off spin off development. Including more QSR restaurants. Hardee’s opens in Gr metro( personal hope, driving to Marshall for a burger is not fun) Other restaurants I want closer include Baja Fresh, dibellas Subs, Skyline Chili, and Halal Guys. Next phase of airport expansion goes well, but passenger numbers are flat as people don’t want to deal with construction. New direct flights to West Coast, SLC, and Boston announced. Fortune 500 company announces Midwest regional office. Further Woodland growth and expansion. Some buildings on adjacent parcels near 28th and E. Beltline corner are replaced. Amazon starts same day delivery and adds other prime services
  10. I thought I had read articles that both Amazon Go and Starbucks Reserve were in a holding pattern with no new stores planned? I could be wrong though. Both are fabulous shops. Amazon go is kinda expensive, but a great experience. Super convenient and high end for basically a convenience store. Starbucks Reserve is a in a different category. I’m not a coffee guy, but its a worth a stop every now and then. It has much more in common with a local hipster palace than a typical chain coffee shop. i agree an urban Target near Studio Park would be perfect.
  11. My parents were married upstairs at Lannings back in the 80s. I’d be sad to see it torn down for that reason, but I also find it hard to justify keeping around a vacant two story building which is alone on its block. I’d like to see the sign restored and lit up somewhere. I just love old neon signs like that.
  12. BonChon was quite tasty, but it was just out of the way enough that I only got the once. Downtown, Breton village, or even across the street near d&w I think would have worked out better.
  13. Those flags are starting to fade and wear. I hope they replace them within a year before they get too far decayed. I think they are tacky but honoring, and I do believe the Brann is sincere about honoring them.
  14. I don’t know if West Leonard is the best place, but I am totally on board with more neon and unique signage. Neon is kind of a lost art. Letterpress stuff is awesome too. If your sign is memorable, people will remember you and hopefully come back often.
  15. I walked around that one in Nashville last summer. It’s super nice and right on the outskirts of DT. I don’t recall a lot of traffic noise, but i was there for the venue and to spy on a sound check for Needtobreathe, not to enjoy a concert. The sound did travel behind it quite a ways. I could pretty clearly hear from that bridge on the right side of the above picture.
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