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  1. Maybe they are big fans of Whataburgers A frame buildings?
  2. It’s definitely an improvement over a, I believe, vacant space. Design is trendy. But I would rather both buildings be demolished and something that fills the whole site constructed.
  3. I think it looks like a casino with a kids area from that photo. But your not wrong, it definitely has a Dave and Busters motif.
  4. I keep thinking this would be a perfect spot for Punch Bowl Social.
  5. That would make sense, I drove by a week or two ago and noticed there was work being done. And I concur , it would be nice to get Buddy’s over here.
  6. I have never made one of these lists but here it goes. 1.River town will see some renovations, Younkers will be torn down and replaced with housing, a couple of new stores will come in to help refresh things and try to close the widening Woodland gap. 2. Convention Center hotel will announce 2020 start date, plans are substantial. 3. DT Market announces expansion/renovation plans to create more event space, and then cancels them. 4. Housing crunch worsens, some remediation is announced with replacing homes with townhouses and apartments, but faces significant gentrification backlash. Hopefully resulting in good community discussion and compromise. 5.Major rumors of GRFC stadium and league changes, but nothing concrete is announced by the club. 6. MSU research center phase ll plans underwhelm, but it’s better then nothing. 7. Bridge st continues resurgence and expands north of I-196 on Seward and Stocking. 8. Switch finally begins to live up to promises, tech related flights increase, a tech company opens a small office. 9. Project 1 confuses many people. Folks will wonder where to vote, will still call it ArtPrize, and be upset that they have to seek out the art even though it’s more concentrated. 10. A new life music venue opens with 400+ capacity, in addition to the listening room at Studio C.
  7. A simple case of others opening or expanding, and this venue fading into obscurity. Though it may not have had the owner not perished. A cool place to see a show, but it had seen better days.
  8. I believe that’s one of the most profitable in the Midwest. I would think if anything were to be done, McDonalds would be the sole retail tenet. But the Bk down the road sold for $11 million.
  9. I voted for #1. I felt it looked fresh, strong, and representational of the city.
  10. Flowers of the Fields. I’m still in my late 20’s and I remember when that was the only thing around there, and when the Knapp’s Corner Meijer opened. Things change, that area has grown quickly, but it probably should not have taken as it has for it to happen, given growth patterns.
  11. I’m in Nashville right now. Parking is terrible. Small expensive surface lots everywhere with pay kiosks. It seems very inefficient, but with the sheer volume of construction ( its insane btw) these will likely be gobbled up soon, so it is nice to have a pretty clean site. I have found few ramps after two days that are not tenet only. I have no idea where everyone parks for convention center or arena events. In GR it’s pretty darn easy to find parking. Just thought I would post a comparison.
  12. Awesome, I’m a sign nerd too. I wish They had one like this on top of the building facing the highway.
  13. I would not mind the office building next to Plaza Tower coming back to life. It was very different and intriguing compared to what we have now.
  14. Ok, for some reason I was thinking it was 8 or 9.
  15. The only thing that bothers me is the design makes it look like a five story building. But super enlarged!
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