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  1. They’ve been working on this for about 5 years. Old summit mall location where Shackleford crossing is now as well as Hwy 10 and N Rodney Parham are a couple of sites. Old Sears location j think may have been considered but previous ownership was prohibitive.
  2. Sorry to have been absent from this thread. Information about Costco was the news that I was going to disclose at some point. The planning commission apparently beat me to it as Costco and the property developers thought to keep it quiet until a little bit further down the path. Things in Chenal looking to get interesting! I welcome it. Although I like Sam's very much, every Costco I've ever been to blows Sam's out of the water.
  3. Yeah can’t go there yet. Might be a few weeks. But it’s definitely big news. Sorry for the suspense.
  4. Dave and Buster originally developed the idea for the business in Little Rock. I can't confirm the story 100% but what I've been told is that they wanted to open the first Dave & Buster's in Little Rock but couldn't due to regulatory issues. In fact Jeremy Hutchinson had to assist in getting a bill passed for Dave & Busters to operate in Arkansas. Similarly, the concept for Federal Express was put together by Little Rock natives who went to the Little Rock Airport looking for support to launch their business specifically dedicated runway space and land for distribution channels. The
  5. I agree with that if you're looking at it from an MSA vs. MSA comparison. The behavior of the consumer in the market is at the end of the day the main difference between Central Arkansas and NWA. Sounds about right for Little Rock / North Little Rock. This is basically what I was saying in response to why certain things will never work in Little Rock / North Little Rock is that the things like Top Golf and other brands that are successful in other MSAs the size of ours are not wanted. So it defeats the purpose of bringing things to town when its simply going to fail. Should it wo
  6. Even though none of the NWA cities are as big as Little Rock, they are on an aggregate basis. But many brands decide to make their investments away from Little Rock because of the behavior of the consumer in our market. Just as you state above, you couldn't care less about Top Golf and I'm sure that's a shared sentiment among many of the people that live in town. Red Robin decided to locate in Saline County rather than Little Rock. We push national brands away all the time. Quite frankly that's the reason why we don't have things that other cities have because we don't support them. Buy
  7. The original delay was essentially having to change the plan for the development after having to acquiesce to every tom dick and harry that had an opinion about how to develop. The plan must have seen at least six iterations and by the time everybody picked at the plan, there was none of it left. You're right, there IS a huge parking issue. The first iterations of the development plan had multi-level parking areas without as much multi-family. The increase in apartments came as a way to try to salvage the cost of site acquisition and infrastructure. The City of Little Rock has this wonder
  8. Franchised sushi operation... this ought to be interesting.
  9. Technically you're right but look at it this way. Panera signed on at least 2 years before their space even started construction. Waited patiently for that whole time. Was told by the developer "oh why would I do that? I want to see everybody succeed. We'd never put a competing business in next to you". Did it anyways. Now that Newks and Potbelly have both moved in the Panera franchisee is struggling and wants to sell as quickly as they can? Sales are at nearly 50% where they were when they first opened and they're struggling to turn a profit. Newks and Potbelly are like drunks being
  10. Newks, Potbelly, and Panera all three constitute essentially the same type of business. 50% or more (the majority) of sales come from sandwiches or the same product. Typically landlords grant exclusivity for restaurant tenants protecting them against internal competition to ensure their survival at least from competing brands in the same shopping center. When Strode filled the space, they allowed for all 3 brands to take up residency in the SAME BUILDING much less the same center. That's absolutely irresponsible to do. But the developers took the money instead of protecting the tenants.
  11. Confirmed stories today of upper market retailer Lush locating to the Promenade. This is good news for a center that is on a bit of life support. However, I will disclose that the entire Chenal area is about to get very interesting with a bit of awesome news coming down the horizon over the next few months. Although I'm uncertain of how this will fill the no less than four strips currently under construction along the westbound (home) side of Chenal. There's some developers with some big balls betting huge on Chenal. Only time will tell. Lastly, I will say that if you're in the market to
  12. You're correct. The NW corner was supposed to be a hotel. The additional apartments there were purely a filler after they couldn't get a hotel developer to take root. The price of site acquisition here was RIDICULOUS. From what I understood 160 room property would have had to be constructed in order to make financial sense but the risk was too great at the time so the site sat empty forever. Then the apartment developer made Strode an offer that was accepted as a last minute deal as they exited the project. Park Avenue has had an EXTREMELY hard time getting filled. The tenants on the fi
  13. Perhaps Chili's might have a better time being on the other side of the street but Chick-Fil-A and that whole mess with the gas station next to it is just some real kind of mess. I think perhaps you were talking about your perception of accessibility versus visibility in your previous post. We will have to agree to disagree about whether access had to do with closure as much as support for the concept. In speaking with the owners the la Madeleine brand is going through many internal changes itself that ultimately drove them to close the location. Actions by the franchisor in simply not pro
  14. I think at this point representatives from the four neighborhood associations that protested the plans laid forth by Strode Development during the procurement of Park Avenue are largely gone. If they are still around or live in the area they will likely have forgotten or fail to admit if they do remember that Park Avenue was supposed to have been something very grand. With double the number of apartments and retail areas in a multi-story indoor structure that would have rivaled Park Plaza in size. But ultimately enough compromises were made to kill any hopes of the original vision for the d
  15. I would agree with you that a lot of restaurants have closed in a short amount of time. There's a saturation point with restaurants in Little Rock and I think we reached that point a long time ago. It's great that we have options in town. But we don't really support that many of them if we're honest with ourselves. We can always say stuff like "hey that place is great but I can't remember the last time I went" or "I should go more often" but we really don't. Just in this area, we've seen six restaurants close in the last year. After talking to a few folks, we will see two more. Restaura
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