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  1. The logo is much better on the new hats released a couple of weeks ago, remove the octagon and it looks much better.
  2. Any updates on fairground work?
  3. So is that tiny spot next to the bridge that’s not blocked off the land that was being disputed? If so whoever the owner is isn’t very smart.
  4. We can’t support two teams, it will be interesting if this comes to fruition, Red Wolves attendance is in the 100’s despite what they announce at a match plus there is already questioning about building in a protected wetland, it will be interesting as to how it all works out, but I don’t know anyone wanting to go to East Ridge for anything. http://www.chattanoogapulse.com/columns/shades-of-green/a-water-management-threat/ also read this thread about the bad blood between the teams
  5. Large Multi use development to transform St. Elmo https://wdef.com/2019/05/07/an-unique-addition-to-st-elmo/
  6. I’m glad they fought it and got a better design, wish more people had done the same in North Chatt when Publix was announced. That area of South Broad is prime for more development.
  7. Give me a roof over Nissan all day over a baseball team. I played A LOT of baseball in my day and you couldn’t pay me to watch a game, I haven’t watched more than two outs of a baseball game in 15 years. Sooo boring, crowds are lifeless, game is long and slow.
  8. River Rocks development to begin construction in September on the Unum lots off of 4th street https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/breakingnews/story/2019/apr/25/riverfront-project-river-rock-downtown-chattanooga/493398/
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