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  1. Much of the work on the ground remains the same this week, though we have started some masonry structure installation. Next week, we will be bringing a large crawler crane to the site for some steel work. ADA wall construction continues. These walls are for the viewing platforms for those with disabilities. Continued work to build beams, foundations and retaining walls. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) installation, which makes it possible to get cell service inside the stadium. A range of deep and shallow underground work continues, including plumbing, storm install and electrical work throughout the site. Pouring continuous wall footings, terrace footings and player bench footings. Daily street sweeping on Benton Ave., Bransford Ave., Rains Ave. and Wedgewood Ave. near the entrances to the site.
  2. Canopy covering both the sidelines with expanded concourses on all three levels would be amazing, more food and beverage options. Look at pictures of the Seahawks stadium, that’s what we should be shooting for. After going to Mercedes Benz in Atlanta last year you realize how bare bones Nissan stadium is.
  3. I wonder the time table is like with this project with our hopes of hosting World Cup matches I’m sure FIFA would want the renovations complete and a renovated stadium would really help our chances. I hope this is a good plan for the city, with the financial issues the city has and the global pandemic, announcing a bad financial plan right now would be a really bad look.
  4. Glad to see they increased the size of the safe standing sections.
  5. Thankfully the Lookouts aren’t going anywhere
  6. Apartments finishing up above Cherokee Blvd in North Chatt
  7. Beautiful stadium. Can’t wait to go to a game. What I want to see is the stadium setup for a concert, on the NSC website they said it was the “most concert ready stadium in MLS,” where is the stage, or where will the stage go? I mean some MLS stadiums have literal stages built in, I’m glad we didn’t go that route.
  8. So like can we get more renderings and videos of stadium now please
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