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  1. otowner

    Amway Center

    I don't think that I have ever seen I4 that empty
  2. otowner

    55 West

    Positive words for another GC? Wow, I am amazed!
  3. Both fly from MCO direct to London Gatwick. I have often had to take this route and then change airports to Heathrow while in London to move on to further destinations, quite annoying. About 5-6 years ago, there was a complimentary shuttle between the two airports (and they would transfer your luggage for you). Now, you have to claim your bags and find your own way between the airports and check in your luggage. Or at least I had to do that last December when I went through.
  4. Looks like Universal Studios.
  5. otowner

    The Plaza

    And here I was starting to have a tiny bit of respect for B&G...
  6. I am not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere, but there is an interesting and lengthy article about the development and symbolism of Orlando in the March 2007 edition of National Geographic Magazine. I just picked it up today and thought it was a good read.
  7. otowner

    The Plaza

    Early? Wasn't the opening originally scheduled for Sept 15, 2006?
  8. Driving around town, it is apparent that our leaders build for the present rather than the future. I took the 417 from Sanford down to 528 yesterday and it couldnt be more apparent. If you guys have ever been to any of the Texas cities, you will see what building for the future means. Granted they have lots of open space, but it still takes some ounce of thinking to develop that space into a solid transportation network.
  9. It seems to be moving quicker than the Florida Hospital Expansion
  10. otowner

    The Plaza

    Is that the Target Center? I know which building that is, dont remember the name. The is one of my favorite buildings in the US, looks magnificent especially driving into the city on I35.
  11. otowner

    The VUE

    So then did you mean by your first post that this has 13 more floors to go or that it still has 8 to go and you just thought 28 + 8 = 32?
  12. otowner

    The VUE

    Another good view of the Vue is driving in towards downtown north on Orange Ave. You can see it at a pretty good distance now.
  13. otowner

    The Plaza

    I think you missed the point of the previous post...
  14. otowner

    The Plaza

    I like how in the 4th to last picture, the Regions Bank and the Citrus Center peak through in between the Solaire and the other two buildings, it creates a great visual effect to indicate density in the area. Also, driving east on I4 right before the 408 exit, the view of downtown is improving. Solaire clearly rises above Citrus Center now. That shot will look great with 55W and the Vue added in. In my opinion that is actually one of the best areas to get a shot of downtown. I am always stuck in traffic there, maybe I'll snap a photo next time.
  15. I agree with you, they both appear identical. I thought we had a modified version posted earlier in this thread somewhere. Also, after reading the article and seeing the proposed connections, it does not appear that those two renderings represent the project accurately. I believe that modified rendering is a better representation. Lots of concrete crossover bridges are ugly, but lucky for us that newer bridges over I4 in Orange County are getting that green/cream color coating to them. I believe the Turnpike/429 interchange in West Orange County is a good model to go by, except th
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