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  1. Long exposure while zooming. It's a pretty common technique. Haven't done it in awhile. These were about 5 seconds.
  2. It's impressive to be sure. I missed the landing by about 5 minutes. The overlook was packed. Here's a few more. All of them were taken either through the fence or above it.
  3. A few pics of the rotor unloading from the AN-225 last night.
  4. Happened to notice today that Google Maps Satellite images have been updated around Charlotte. Now showing completed 4th runway. From what I saw based on new construction in my area, they can't be more than a couple of months old.
  5. Bev is expected to announce awarding of the contract to finish 485 tomorrow. CBJ Article
  6. To get more light, it would have to be more natural light, ie, around sunset. If he just increases the exposure time, the lighted areas would be blown out, over-exposed.
  7. I agree. I hate the way Atlanta's skyline is so stretched out.
  8. That should be Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix AZ, shouldn't it?
  9. Here we go again. . . . Charlotte would probably lose some flights, but I think would remain a hub. United does not have a southern hub and, as we all know, CLT is very cost-effective.
  10. Clariant is adding jobs at the Monroe Rd. site, some transfers from other locations. Check out the average salary. CBJ Article
  11. Makes up for those articles that paint Charlotte as being on the ropes. It should be interesting to see the various takes on the Prez visit today. I would think Bev has made every attempt to have him highlight the recent successes Charlotte has had because it makes her look really good. Will they present Charlotte as a thriving city or a downtrodden one with 12% area unemployment?
  12. For you Garmin GPSers out there, the latest City Navigator version 2010.40, has all of completed I-485 and the new roads around the fourth runway at CLT. May be available on others with Navteq maps. I see Bing.com (formerly MSN Maps) has the same revisions, they use Navteq also.
  13. The bizarre thing is that they spelled in wrong in the headline and right in the article!
  14. Absolutely. It is a fairly common tactic.
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