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  1. Yeah...you can buy about a 5,000 sq ft house sitting on an acre in some places with that... My concern is that there might be too many of these being built at once. I know we have the market for some of these too be built, and I know that a lot of units are being pre-sold before the construction even starts...but it seems with every new condo building that gets approved, another expensive project is unveiled somewhere else in town. It would be a shame if a few of these end up having high vacancy. Maybe I'm just being a skeptic...
  2. Oh, but the bland boxes are more intimate and better suit the city.........
  3. The longer this delays, the shakier it sounds...
  4. nashvol85


    6 murders for a town of about 90,000 people is not extraordinary by any means. No, it's never good to see murders or crime rise, but consider that in a place like Murfreesboro, with traditionally low crime, it is easy for the statistics to fluctuate from year-to-year. Murfreesboro is, in fact, safer than a lot of cities in Tennessee that are a tenth of its size. I would not be particularly concerned about crime in the city until the murder rate starts rising into the double digits (although I would like to see what the statistics are for other violent crime). sidenote: Nashville only has a moderate murder rate for a city its size, but has a very high rate of assault and battery as well as rape, so murder rate can sometimes be deceptive as far as how 'safe' a city is.
  5. I live in Knoxville, but my permanent address is still Nashville.
  6. That's the problem. No one in Atlanta thinks with their right mind.
  7. James Robertson crossed the frozen Cumberland River on Christmas Day, 1779 and founded Fort Nashborough. It was already a fur trading post and there were some local residents such as Frenchman Timothy Demonbreun. The trading post was near Sulpher Dell on a salt lick called the French Lick (lol). I learned that in 3rd grade.
  8. So how many total large scale cranes are we talking about in the downtown/West End area?
  9. Thanks for the info, Lexy...I've always been interested in our airport and aviation in general (I've even been up in our control tower ). If this trend continues we could become one of the better mid-sized airports in the nation. I think we have a nice facility compared to some of the other airports I've been to. Also, if ever necessary, the airport owns more land to the east of runway 2R 20L where another runway could be constructed.
  10. lol...just through my random fact searching, I was reading emporis's information on the BoA building in Atlanta...it says that "The Bank of America Plaza is the tallest building in the southern United States, and the tallest in any state capital." So Signature can add another factoid to itself...tallest building in a capital city.
  11. If I could pluck any building I wanted and stick it in Nashville it would be Atlanta's 191 Peachtree Building. http://www.emporis.com/files/transfer/sixw...3/07/206986.jpg http://www.emporis.com/files/transfer/sixw...4/01/239133.jpg At 770 feet it would complement a thousand footer nicely.
  12. I agree more with the Nashville's skyline being similar to Atlanta's in 25 years. A lot of comparisons have been made in the past to Nashville's development mirroring that of Atlanta's in the 1970's-1980's. 25 years is a long time for things to happen...while we may not ever be as big as Atlanta currently is, I am fairly sure we will boast an impressive skyline in a quarter of a century. There is already a proposal for a 1,000+ footer in Nashville as well as rumors of hotels topping out at over 500 feet in the works. Nashville, Charlotte, and Jacksonville (and a few others possibly) will join the likes of Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas and separate themselves from the rest of the southern cities when it comes to boasting impressive skylines in the next 25 years. P.S. - if our skyline looks like present day Charlotte's in 25 years, we would have to completely stop growing.
  13. I'm pretty sure every unit has already been sold...
  14. If they build anything that tall it should have a restaurant in the top (with it's own dedicated elevator) so the general public can be up there. Hell, they can sell tickets to get to the top floor like they do in other mega towers. I would love to see a 70 story/1,000 footer in Nashville, but they need to beef up it's neighbors first. We need some more 600-800 footers first IMO. Some people would love having the tallest tower in the south, others would say "that's so not Nashville" because they don't ever want to think of Nashville as a big metropolitan city.
  15. I would bet the farm that they wouldn't let them build a 70 story tower in Nashville right now. If Signature (as a 55 story) and a couple of other big buildings (30-50 stories) get built, I could see a 70 story tower, but I just don't see a lot of Nashvillians wanting a super tall skyscraper invading the skyline. When they start filling every surface lot in DT Nashville with midrises and high rises, I can see developers trying to build a few super tall buildings, but I would think they would try to build a smaller building on West End before they tried such an enormous and expensive project downtown. Just my thoughts...
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