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  1. I hope they don’t tear those buildings down. South End is slowly turning into Uptown.
  2. Dang, the signage was worse than I expected it to be and I was expecting a disaster.
  3. Charlotte residents used to get upset when others called Uptown an office park, 9-5 downtown. We’ve now accepted it. Seems like we’ve lost a lot of our ambition. We’re happy with Uptown being a typical Sunbelt downtown. We could be so much more than that. We need to keep that chip on our shoulder.
  4. I still don’t know why we can’t have more than one retail area. South End and Uptown can support retail.
  5. Only thing I hate about the picture is the strip of grass. Hate them more than power lines. It makes our urban neighborhoods look suburban.
  6. We said the same thing about Polk. Which one is the hill to die on?
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