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  1. Initially there was some talk about a large municipal garage that would be underground and span both sides of 7th Street. If that part is being resurrected it could affect both the Library/Truist part as well as the 7th Street part.
  2. DMann

    UP Forum Meetups

    be there or be square!!!!!
  3. Anyone know what’s going on in the parking lot across from Levine Museum of the new South? There appears to be containers being stacked there. Is Victoria yards moving?
  4. Maybe Duke will move their lighting display from their current corporate headquarters to this blank wall!
  5. I would like to see a recreation of Rick's Cafe American from Casablanca.
  6. Someone spent an inordinate amount of time flying a drone all around the Carolina Theatre site last night around 8 pm. Anyone fessing up to that?
  7. Amen KJH! I can almost see an Embarcadero type development rising on the Walton site.
  8. As I see it, developer makes out, millennials make out, 36st St Station becomes a big station like East West Station. County makes out as churches as I understand it are not taxed but the apartment building will certainly be. More money for the county.
  9. I came across this picture during a walk through the SouthEnd last weekend. Knowing of the things that will be joining this area I recall the time about 10 years ago that it all was a deserted or derelict part of the city. Now it is vibrant and full of life. True transformation. The photo represents to me that while you either like or dislike The Ellis, it potentially will be delivering over 500 people to a block that was formerly occupied by a homeless woman named Tina. This property is rental, and the residents will be transient probably changing at the rate of 25% a year. All thos
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