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  1. DMann

    History of Charlotte

    Keep in mind the city was not surrounded by multiple shopping malls back then, downtown is where you went to shop.
  2. DMann

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    If the Panthers keep playing like this they can play at Memorial Stadium!
  3. So......lets speculate about the 526 S Church building that Duke will be leaving. Certainly is ugly and brutalistic, but it takes a whole block. It has a dedicated parking lot across the street, so any building or buildings replacing it would not necessarily have to build parking. The location and proximity to Romare Bearden Park as well as all the major downtown employers could seem like a good spot for residential, and if the Silver Line ever did go down under NSRR tracks and out to the airport what a great location. I think the 401 College location is a no brainer for an eventual 1000 room hotel, but this 526 spot is very interesting!!!
  4. If you look at the Gantt AfroAmerican Museum, you will notice that the side facing the proposed Duke building is about 7 garage stories and can easily be blanked out. If there is a promenade from Tryon to College it could be facing St Peters, and have a very nice access towards The Green.
  5. I am more excited for the replacement of the 526 College Street location. I see a continuation of LU going towards the current Ally Building, hopefully residential for sale units.
  6. Lets get someone to demo all 4 of those parking garages/lots and bury it in one big lot all allowing development to go on top
  7. I saw them delivering glass yesterday.
  8. DMann

    Future Skyline Rendering

    I feel that Interstates near a city have a tendency to cut off neighborhoods. I look again to Vancouver as an example of a city free of Interstates dividing and separating neighborhoods.
  9. DMann

    History of Charlotte

    Trees are taller down by the Hall House!
  10. DMann

    Charlotte Off Topic

    There is no crossing over the creek on 25th street. You will need to walk up to the next street, and there is a lot of construction going in for an other apartment complex between Brevard and Davidson. Might be muddy and dark.
  11. DMann

    Honeywell HQ to Charlotte!

    It appears that part of the agreement was to build a mountain range on the other side of the river!
  12. DMann

    Honeywell HQ to Charlotte!

    Anyone think this could be Legacy Onio n 2?