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  1. This must be way in the future because it shows Levine's garage encased with apartments!
  2. Don't get your heart set on Tampa Bay moving to Charlotte: NEW YORK — The Ex-Rays? Starved for fans despite success on the field, the Tampa Bay Rays have been given the go-ahead by Major League Baseball to look into playing a split season in Montreal. No timetable for the possible plan was announced. An idea under consideration is for the Rays to play early in the season in Tampa Bay and later in Montreal. Commissioner Rob Manfred made the announcement Thursday at the end of the owners’ meetings, saying the executive council had granted the Rays “broad permission to explore what’s available.” Manfred said it’s too soon to detail the particulars — as in, where the team would play postseason games, or in what stadiums. But the revelation is sure to spark interest across Canada, where Les Expos flourished for years with a truly international flair. The Montreal Expos existed from 1969-2004 before they moved to Washington and became the Nationals. In their last two seasons before moving, the Expos played 22 games per year at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Expos then, like the Rays now, operated with a small payroll, often losing stars to big-market clubs. Low attendance plagued both franchises. Tampa Bay is averaging 14,546 fans per home game, ahead of only the Miami Marlins. The Rays have played at Tropicana Field since their inception in 1998 and drew their lowest home crowd of 5,786 against Toronto last month. The Rays had looked into building a new stadium for years but in December abandoned a plan to build across the bay in Tampa's Ybor City area. They are committed to play in the Tampa Bay area through 2027. MLB has played exhibition games in Montreal in recent years involving the Toronto Blue Jays, and have drawn well for those. MLB has loosely talked over the years about expansion into Montreal, but Manfred repeatedly has said expansion will not be considered until the Rays and Oakland Athletics get new ballparks.The Expos were MLB's first international franchise and a popular destination for fans and visiting teams when they began, offering a lively, festive atmosphere at tiny Jarry Park with their jaunty organ music, curious logo and red, white and blue colors. Over the years, the Expos became a force with the likes of future Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tim Raines, but attendance lagged at Olympic Stadium, where the Expos averaged just over 10,000 in 2002, their last season of a full home schedule in Canada.
  3. DMann


    I think they got the number of cars on the street wrong!
  4. That garage begs for a 40 story Condo!
  5. I believe this is the garage in question. It is owned by the building, and I look forward to it disappearing!!!!
  6. There is a similar pair to that in Vancouver.
  7. I am not really good at this stuff, but the attached file gives a feeling of what is happening. Project identifier.pdf
  8. My understanding is that garage was originally build as a temporary structure!
  9. Thanks to the Checkers for my friend Glenn Molnar. Glenn died last February. Big Checkers fan. He is smiling in Heaven.
  10. Just a random thought with no real basis in reality but what if Spectrum decided to move its headquarters to Charlotte, what better place than across from the arena? I am really curious as to who would submit an unsolicited bid for that property when there are many available sites downtown.
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