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  1. a new description! teachered than priested
  2. When 509 is announced, I would expect that the 526 South Church as well as the data center on College will be abandoned. I could see a convention center hotel on the data center site, and the South Church site as an extension to the Union Legacy project, totally remaking a foreboding area around the BOA Stadium come to life. I could also envision another SREE type hotel going in by the Duke parking garage.
  3. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    very cool! Looks like Ascend is filling in pretty well
  4. Sports in Charlotte

    I am a die hard baseball fan, and a Knights season ticket holder, but first and foremost, I am a Cleveland Indians fan. Folks, they have just won there 21st game in a row! WOW!
  5. The Good News Report

    I think Levineville would be the perfect spot. Plenty of space for a campus, plus on the LYNX going to UNCC. Microsoft also has their 2nd largest campus here. That said, its anyones guess where they go.
  6. Chirp....chirp....chirp
  7. Learning from Other Places

    Pass on both for Vancouver!
  8. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Or the Shutltle Bay from the Enterprise!
  9. Ballantyne

    You would walk across those streets?
  10. Charlotte Off Topic

    Totally agree! It could be a very livable city. My favorite small town
  11. Hopefully with a High Rise Condo in front of it!
  12. History of Charlotte

    What did you mean when it was cool?
  13. Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Let's switch the Knights and the White Sox.
  14. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Dennis Rash died last night. Dennis was instrumental in developing residential living downtown, especially in the Fourth Ward. I had the privilege of meeting Dennis as ChapelWatch was being built. Over the years that I knew Dennis, I found him to be totally committed to developing downtown Charlotte. Rest in Peace, Dennis.