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  1. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I love that guy!!!! Shades of Tienimen Square (sp)
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I agree with go_vertical!
  3. Good New Restaurants

    Does anyone know if Alex Myrick owns any restaurants in Charlotte? He owned Blue, and I just came across a $100 gift card in a drawer!!!!!
  4. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I have a friend who tried to buy this building, and supposedly the owner is asking over $3.5 million. Sounds like a land banker! The old Charlotte National Building (?) has been sold as office condominiums. Someone would have to buy out individual owners.
  5. Myers Park School District goes up Caldwell Street. Courtside is in the MPSD.
  6. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    under Providence, dream big!
  7. Charlotte Off Topic

    Watching the boosters land was absolutely amazing!
  8. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    So, there have been several accidents on 485 with a driver driving the wrong way and killing someone. Using the above logic, never drive on 485 because someone could kill you? Life can be strange, and there are strange people all around.
  9. Learning from Other Places

    Orrmans Grilled Cheese
  10. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    If it were a dome, the skyline shots from the stadium would be gone
  11. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    My wife’s son,10 ish, used todo it She and I would sit out on the patio and drink wine as he did it. He also used to put pennies on the trolley tracks to flatten them. I loved Reid’s.
  12. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Bring back Orange Crush!
  13. Difference is changing trains... Think hoping on Silver Line at Matthews/CPCC (people from Matthews, Mint Hill, and everything down to Monroe) and going straight to the Airport, that's a great selling point... just my thought (I just don't understand why make it 2 lines if even Lewis says, it will look like an extension of the Silver Line... maybe there is some funding trickery behind the madness?) So only people from the Blue Line and BLE will have to make transfers?
  14. Shades of the Exxon Valdez!
  15. Amazon HQ2

    We could have sent Patrick Cannon!