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  1. That six Street and College Street site seems pretty close to the Truist building. Were they looking to locate a tech center near their headquarters?
  2. All you need to do is see who is profiting from that, and how much money gets funneled from them to our politicians who make the decisions.
  3. 6th at Tryon is closed for the erection of the 8 floor tower crane!!!
  4. Tower crane erector crane has showed up on site!
  5. Don't dump on Sam! He is a good man.
  6. There is an article in the CBJ highlighting the career of Bob Bertges and his influence in assembling and building the Duke Energy Center and the Cultural Campus. One line stirred up a memory from that time in the 2005 - 2007 time frame: Going to uptown also wasn’t seen as a must for The Mint Museum, said former CEO Phil Kline. But the Mint, which in the 2000s had its museum on Randolph Road and the 60,000-square-foot Mint Museum of Craft + Design at what is now the Foundation For The Carolinas, knew it wanted to grow. One option was to continue expanding at the Randolph Road site. Another was a new facility on North Tryon Street, similar to what the Bechtler family was considering. Think off how different downtown would look if the Mint and associated buildings had developed along N Tryon in the First Ward!!!
  7. Do any of you remember when the Catalyst was originally for sale that parking was not included in the unit selling price? It was offered as a monthly charge to the HOA if anyone choose to include parking. Unit prices were actually below normal for that time.
  8. I am thinking that opening could be for support brackets for the tower crane.
  9. for a minute I thought that was the Ascent next to it!!
  10. Cement has been poured for the Tower Crane!
  11. Maybe the paint has dried for Sherwin Williams! https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cleveland/sherwin-williams-rumored-to-stay-in-cleveland/95-c8c6d62b-fb8b-478a-aa7e-829d607142d4
  12. I believe that should have been in a blue font as 11th and Brevard is where Levine's Garage to nowhere is located.
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