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  1. The executive dining room is up there and has private events from time to time. There will be an Ellen Cherry Experience there on March 26th from 6 - 10:30 hosted by the Assorted Table Wine Shoppe in the Public market. Tickets are available at $200 each. Go here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ellen-cherry-experience-tickets-86932466347?aff=eemailordconf&utm_campaign=order_confirm&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf&utm_source=eventbrite&utm_term=viewevent for ticket information. I have been before, and the Experience itself is great, and the food and wine parings are wonderful.
  2. Some of you might remember that the lower level of that building was the sale center for The Avenue.
  3. Wasn't there some talk about extending College Street to 16th?
  4. Could they be waiting for the CMPD new building on 5th & 6th to open to begin clearing the lot? As I recall, one of the possibilities was to bury parking under 7th split to support all the 7th & 8th Street development along with the Library/Spirit Square development.
  5. I observed a worker with a saw cutting into the concrete abutment coming out of the Luski - Gorelicki gallery. It appears that is in the way of a construction beam placement.
  6. There is an operator in the Tower Crane today!!!!!
  7. When I go to a Tesla Supercharger station and my battery needs 250 battery/miles the charge is about $9.50. In a ICE vehicle averaging 30 miles a gallon and paying $3.00 per gallon that would equate to about $25. All this is variable, electric charges are different depending on the time of day and the demand on the grid. Gas prices fluctuate based on mostly political stuff. I have paid in the past as low as $2.40 per gallon and as high as $4.25 per gallon. Rule of thumb indicates that it costs a little more that 1/3 the cost of gas. A marketing ploy that is being used is free electricity. Most Whole Foods have charging stations that they comp. The Green Parking Deck has 10 charging stations that are paid for by Wells Fargo. On weekends the parking rate is $5.00 per day, so you can get ALMOST free electricity there. These chargers are much slower than the Tesla Superchargers though, about 24 battery/miles per hour. If you have a garage, you can plug in your Tesla to a 110v line and it will charge about 4 battery/miles per hour, so if you got home by 8 pm and left it plugged in until 8 am you would charge about 48 battery/miles, more distance than most people drive in a day. You can get your average kilowatt charge from Duke if you read your bills, and mine averages $0.06 per kilowatt hour so those 48 miles would cost me about $2.88. Also, rates at night are lower than average. Also, no oil, no oil changes, no emissions, no emission tests. In 18 months, the only maintenance has been to rotate the tires, we have about 28,000 miles on the car. Should you want to test drive one please send me a note, my advisor at the Tesla location on Independance will give you VIP treatment. If you decide to buy one, please use this referral, https://ts.la/dianne18715, and we both will be afforded 1,000 free miles at a Tesla Supercharger.
  8. Mgelbach, You will love it! My wife has a Model 3 and it is hands down the best car we have ever had. I put in an order for the Cybertruck the week it was announced!
  9. That same Canadian company also bought the Rogers Builders Building and the green terra-cotta faced building on the corner of Pine and Trade Streets. I have always suspected a condo building to go there.
  10. The lights have been on in the former Rock Bottom for the past several days.
  11. If all that is true, perhaps BOA will add a building on the corner of 7th & Tryon.
  12. There is no Good News about driving!!!!
  13. Concerning those McMansions on Sterling, aren't there code requirements for lots to have a certain percentage of permeable land?
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