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  1. I have stayed at a 21cMuseum hotel in Nashville and Durham. This property is exactly the type that they look for, and their hotels are pretty great. Would love to see them pick this up and add to their stable.
  2. unless we are one!!!!!
  3. Holy Rebar Batman, shades of 210 Trade!
  4. it's the getting the money back part that worries me.
  5. I, before dog usage, 2 after!
  6. Where do you think you are KJH, Raleigh?
  7. The guy I talked with told me that the uplift of the building is substantial, plumbing, electrical, etc. and the costs are prohibitive. His words not mine.
  8. I saw a guy measuring the windows at The Hall House so I stopped to ask if they were going to save that as a botique hotel and he said no. The plan is to save the facade on the Tryon Street side and incorporate it into whatever replaced it.
  9. Electrical and Plumbing is being laid prior to pouring the concrete for the basement floor of the Theater.
  10. I used to ride that Incline to work!
  11. Concerning that sidewalk and the Duke SubStation there, I have a friend that sent me this: Duke owns the land at the substation and the are likely to maintain that forever unless a major activity occurs to influence them to move the facilities. The electrical infrastructure is a network system and each station provide a key distributed network for that local region. Now if a major activity comes along , like a new coliseum or huge high rise that the general population supports, alternate sites to move might be investigated, but finding new right of way to alternatively serve those facilities is always difficult (if not impossible) in a developed city. So lets talk about BOA situation. If Tepper does build a new stadium and all that land is freed up for a new development backed by the city, there might be an opportunity to relocate since right of way access might open up.
  12. Home of the 700 club!
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