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  1. Seems like a giant game of SIM City taking place and we are the beneficiaries
  2. The Ratcliffe used to receive some of the most intense afternoon sun in the summer, that is soon to change with Metro Tower, Ally, Duke Power 'Tower, Museum tower. DRAMATIC CHANGE!
  3. How about the parking lot cornering S Stonewall and E McDoweii..Signage rights on both sides of I277
  4. We are the country of the "Marlboro Man" rugged individualist, and anyone that thinks we will get rid of a personal vehicle is wrong. Things are changing to be sure, but while personal car ownership may start to disappear when self driving is perfected, cars will still be around. Musk has recognized an area to develop that no one else has done and he did it. Tesla sales will continue to grow more rapidly than most, but as other manufacturers get into the game Tesla market share will shrink because the market is growing rapidly and others are finally jumping in. To anyone out there please listen. If you are in the market to buy a car, new or used, please know that the value of an ICE car will dwindle significantly.
  5. I agree with the 7 year stipulation. Pre-sale condos usually say that the developer can make use of the deposit.
  6. I see that and all I can think is "Run Forest, Run!"
  7. I think that if another bank, USBank, or one of the major NY banks decide to increase Charlotte presence, it will be downtown, no where else.
  8. putting a lid on the elevator shaft at The Intercontinental.
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