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  1. Beautiful picture, enjoy that view while you can!
  2. You can walk from Rays Splash Planet all the way through Frazier park and into Wesley Heights. You will walk under Trade St, and Fourth Street along your way. Very pleasant indeed.
  3. In the past 4 weeks they have unwrapped the cladding put on the elevator shaft for the Intercontinental and replaced it with different cladding called ExP. I do not know if that is good or bad. Can anyone weigh in on that?
  4. was the timing of this coinciding with the destruction of Brooklyn?
  5. And would potentially promote independent retail.
  6. KJH, you may have forgotten One Charlotte (?) where the Regions building.
  7. Interesting fact. I know the owner, I know the Kastanas' and I know the broker. What are the chances of that?
  8. As I recall those are both stadiums with domes
  9. A baseball stadium on Levine Land would face the wrong direction to have skyline views.
  10. Does anyone know if this will be an Implosion ? Also, will the former Farvan Gallery / Police Precinct building be demolished at the same time?
  11. While I too would love to see a boutique hotel go here, I am encouraged as this is the start of that entire block's transition! I look forward to the street closures due to construction and a flurry of activity making that block responsive to the city.
  12. Act one point I heard the Aquatic Center was going to be moved over near the Grady Cole Center, anyone else remember that?
  13. 1 picture, 1 stinking picture? What is Johnny thinking we are waiting for!~!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hate the sign, loved watching it be assembled on top the building.
  15. I am out of town. Did it rain downtown yesterday (Thursday July 7)?
  16. Amen, Amen, and Amen!
  17. Been there for several weeks now.
  18. Parks signs is still active. A lot of the balance of the block is owned by a guy that owns a lot of the spaces in Brevard Court, don't expect any activity from him.
  19. It appears that a cover has been placed over the elevator shaft for the Intercontinental. Any one have any Insight as to potential activity?
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