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  1. Indeed it is. I have been twice, once the first week it was open and again last week. The crowd held up very well the second time, as I'm sure word of mouth was very good. Although a bit pricey on the appetizers and steaks (both of which are fantastic though), the pastas and seafood are perfectly priced and superb to taste. (Don't forget they do a wonderful Sunday Brunch) I highly recommend the Spinach dip as an appetizer. The fried bow tie pasta, although horrible connotatively, really are a taste and go perfect with the dip. Also, Copeland's is a Cheesecake Bistro and they do not disappoint. The classic cheesecake ($5.99) comes with a plethora of toppings and additions for $2. Copeland's, IMO, is a must!
  2. Has anyone noticed the 'Now Hiring' sign in front of Copeland's?? There is also a sign in front of Samurai Steakhouse and the Chinese Buffet. Finally, some restaurants will bring life into this center.
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