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  1. crinzema

    Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

    Cost of photo: ALMOST got into a car accident... You're welcome...
  2. crinzema

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I use to work for Redstone Group. It was my 2nd internship program I took coming out of University. I loved working for them over the summer. Yeah, this can’t be something that is easy for a developer like them. They were a company a size of 30 people, but during the time I worked for them during the tail end of the Great Recession, they were down to 4 people. I’m sure they are doing better now, but I’m very much sympathetic to developers and the things they have to deal with. It’s why I’m not an architect today. I have a huge beef with the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Committee for ruining what would have been a crown achievement for me in my early adult life, and getting a house I designed during college constructed for habitat for humanity. In today’s age, property rights mean nothing. It’s why I’ll always be a libertarian. Governing Committies think they are out doing the common good, but in reality, the people providing for the community are those who design and build what people live in. Just because you work in a semi-circle doesn’t mean your ideas are enlightened from the gods above.
  3. crinzema

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus - Phase II

    Your looking at your unofficial source for "Official Looking" proposal videos.
  4. crinzema

    Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

    This is all I can do right now guys... ;-)
  5. Just my usual self, playing around with programs and such.
  6. crinzema

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Things could always be worse
  7. crinzema

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Those numbers are not even that bad. If those were presidential favorability numbers, we probably would have a president who just achieved world peace.
  8. Now I thought they were not going to be building Tower A right now. But from the looks of how the parking structure is being built, it looks like Tower A is being constructed. Am I wrong here? Look at the picture taken from the SE corner to see what I'm talking about.