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  1. Crane City

  2. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Look who's already wooing Amazon into town.
  3. New projects in Monroe North

    It's going to be 172 ft. I also think that representation of the height of the building show with red lines is dramatically incorrect. It's more accurate to say the height will be as tall as where that dark green crane's joint, for a lack of a better term, is. To prove my point, they don't make cranes shorter than the buildings they construct.
  4. New projects in Monroe North

    update of 601 on Bond
  5. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    I think this is a completely unrealistic plan. There is no way in Hell that any 1,000,000 sized city can support a Headquarters the size of 50,000. Remember, when we talk about 50,000 employees, we haven't started including family members and all that good crap. And remember a city the size of about a million doesn't have a million jobs. We are not talking about a 5% increase in jobs. This would lead to such an infrastructural change of a magnitude, that this would nearly cripple any city the size of ours. And think about all the supportive jobs that will be created through this. This undertaking is basically a complete city overhaul. Just imagine this, take the entire metro of Kalamazoo, and drop it on Grand Rapids. That's what we are talking about. This little construction boom we've had has almost crippled our infrastructure already. The highway is backed up to 44th street driving into downtown some mornings. Amazon is ginning up excitement of a new Amazon headquarters, for various reasons. You could say they are jealous of the press Apple is getting with their new headquarters. Their use of the bid process is just the kind of way to keep the negative eyes off them and the positive ones on them. Free, wide coverage, positive publicity. Hmm... I wonder why a large corporation that is said to be killing jobs needs a counter story circulating? This sounds more like a ploy from Amazon to propagate that they are not killing traditional jobs. Nothing does that more than moving jobs around on a map. I'm a huge Amazon Fan. I exclusively buy items on Amazon to the point of absurdity. I also think Grand Rapids is a good candidate, if there is one, for this ridiculous plan. But let's call a spade a spade. This is a political move more than anything. The degree to which a city must bend over backwards to accommodate this plan is ridiculous. This kind of deal requires a complete infrastructure overhaul throughout the entire city. New highways, larger roads, an expedited process for developers to develop. None of this Historic Preservation Bullcrap. Just because gram gram use to live in that apartment doesn't make it historic. It makes it old. Amazon is not looking to do business in a city that can't rebuild. Our city leaders are not up to the task to make any such tough decisions. When was the last large infrastructure project? M6? and before that: The S-Curve? I don't think throwing bikes in people's faces in winter is going to change things. And when you understand why trolleys were historically thrown to the curb in favor of more comfortable, flexible, cheaper, faster buses, you won't be making progress on that front either. I personally think that if any city is going to be a leader in accommodating an influx of development and jobs to this degree in this age, they have to be at the forefront of accommodating for autonomous driving technology. Namely infrastructure and regulation that aids and assists this technology. We shouldn't be bidding for Amazon, we should be trying to work with companies working on autonomous driving technology. If Amazon is the Girl, then supportive autonomous driving infrastructure are the flowers. If we are talking about 50,000 people who are probably all geeks drooling over those Tesla cars anyways, we'd have a huge population prepared to utilize said infrastructure. If there is any strategy to acquire this deal, it's this.
  6. When we all love Grand Rapids, I think it's a fairly easy task to see us all as friends, and not enemies. I've been on here, off and on, for around 8-9 years or so. I've always been fascinated with buildings since I was a kid. Driving through downtown to visit grandma was a treat, and it wasn't because I was visiting grandma. Sorry, Grandma. This fascination lead me into my pursuing architecture and then facility management. And it my 2nd year of college, I discovered this forum. This forum has been a huge catalyst of mine to remain interested in the development of Grand Rapids after college. I'm now a real estate photographer, and it's an easy job to contribute to this site. This forum has been nothing but good to me. People's tensions rise and recede with the ebb and flow of the political discourse. But like I said at the beginning, we really are all friends on this forum. We should really start believing that.
  7. New projects in Monroe North