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  1. crinzema

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Well, I did not take that video. But... I know exactly how its done because I own the equipment to do that exact thing. I am a Real Estate photographer and I own a camera called "Matterport Camera." The best way to describe the thing is that it's a box with 6 small cameras and 3 infrared cameras capturing photographic and distance information from the surrounding walls and furnishings. When you take multiple photos together, it stitches them together creating a 3D environment that you can walk around, like that shown in the video. Here's an example of a luxury home that is being marketed with this technology: My website is and I provide all sorts of real estate and commercial photography services. I'm currently working on implementing a Virtual Tour Method that would open up an entire building, such as the size of the Castle Apartments, to a virtual walk through. Great for construction documentation/insurance/marketing/selling a building/facility management...
  2. crinzema

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Now I'll admit that I might not be completely rational on this one. But Let me tell you, everyone like me or anyone more conservative than me gets really jaded driving down division street. I don't think dividing the lanes up between cars and buses was a smart move. But going forward, I would love to see the entire distance of division street given a facelift. If division street becomes vibrant, that would be big for Grand Rapids.
  3. crinzema

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I'm beginning to think that the most important construction project is not the next skyscraper or anything like that, but road construction improvements. I was headed to the northwest side of town around rush hour, and Lake Michigan drive was just a long parking lot. Complete insanity. I'm thinking about taking my drone up into the skies and documenting this mess, just so that it can be easily seen how bad things are getting around town. I think there should be some sort of public forum that addresses traffic problems around the city. Here's what I would do: Make all Highways 6 lanes, and have 131 become an eight-lane highway Include Lane Dividers on On-ramps to encourage the full process of acceleration on on-ramps Make downtown onramps longer, (Cars traveling 75 mph must slow down to 40mph for merging traffic on some of these short onramps. Example: Burton onramp traveling south on 131) Get Rid of Divison Street Bus Lane (Impoverishes an already impoverished area of town with less traffic and fewer customers to fading storefronts. Division Street should be as alive as 28th street, Alpine, Plainfield, and 44th st, but it isn't because of transportation politics) Make Wilson Ave a 4 lane road (Most obvious "Duh" improvement on this list) Create a Highway From Hudsonville to Coopersville (Development of Western Suburbs) Make Lenard Street a 4 lane road and increase speed limit to 45mph throughout the length of the road (support Lake Michigan traffic to west suburbs) Get rid of all bike lanes on arterial roads (Ex: Lenard) Increase number of bike lanes on actual secondary roads Become the first city to redefine what a dignified public transportation can be with an autonomous busing system. (Tax me all day on this one) Make all street lights LEDs (Because it's cool) Tell everyone who doesn't have a job, not to drive between 7-10 am and 4-6pm. (Because I'm a dictator) Re-test drivers with a stricter driver's license test, similar to the requirements that are placed on German drivers (Great Grandma should not be driving on them dam roads) Increase tax on Gas (I'm very much not inclined to say this one, but I think that this is very important. Maybe those autonomous buses could be funded this way) These are my quick thoughts, nothing more.
  4. crinzema

    UP Advice

    While I'm not an interior/exterior designer, I'm just a Real Estate Photographer ;-) I would do something to compliment the color scheme of the logo of Clarity Realty. This would be a low-cost solution to.
  5. crinzema

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Is this where they are going to widen the highway?
  6. crinzema

    New projects in Monroe North

  7. crinzema

    Grandville Castle Apartments

  8. I think it’s funny when every year, The Rapids counts the ridership as 2 million or so. If they counted ridership of regular cars by the same standard, it would be in the billions for Grand Rapids. In the real world, not the ideal world, people will always prefer independent autonomy. That’s the baseline of success for proposals: Increase flow for regular vehicles. I would pitch longer ramps on 131, especially near downtown. It’s the speed differenctial that slows down and causes backups near downtown.
  9. I think division should go back to 4 lanes. That bus lane only hurts traffic on 131, parallel to division.
  10. crinzema

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Dilly Dilly!
  11. crinzema

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I heard, through the grapevine, that this place is sinking. Not by a little, but by a lot, like 1 ft+.