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  1. 20 hours ago, ModSquad said:

    I wonder how much it cost Redstone Group to submit their application that was just rejected? 

    To a development group as large as this it probably does not matter. But to the point that has been made numerous times on this forum, the small scale developer, new developer, or even individual land owner applying for a zoning variance or special land use permit is completely out of reach knowing a project can get shouted down by Neighbors.

    I use to work for Redstone Group. It was my 2nd internship program I took coming out of University. I loved working for them over the summer. Yeah, this can’t be something that is easy for a developer like them. They were a company a size of 30 people, but during the time I worked for them during the tail end of the Great Recession, they were down to 4 people. I’m sure they are doing better now, but I’m very much sympathetic to developers and the things they have to deal with. It’s why I’m not an architect today. I have a huge beef with the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Committee for ruining what would have been a crown achievement for me in my early adult life, and getting a house I designed during college constructed for habitat for humanity. In today’s age, property rights mean nothing. It’s why I’ll always be a libertarian. Governing Committies think they are out doing the common good, but in reality, the people providing for the community are those who design and build what people live in. Just because you work in a  semi-circle doesn’t mean your ideas are enlightened from the gods above. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, GRDadof3 said:



    Grand Rapids airport CEO resigned after poor leadership marks in survey

    So did he resign after getting this survey, or was he asked to resign? If he resigned after having his people give him poor marks on one survey, it seems like he'd take the opportunity to adjust his leadership style. The leadership team could have even hired consultants to help with that. Strange...

    Those numbers are not even that bad. If those were presidential favorability numbers, we probably would have a president who just achieved world peace.

  3. Econ 101: The public will carry the debt. This is a liability placed onto the tax base of Grand Rapids and Kent County. No one within the tax base will be utilizing the services of this hotel. Extensive studies within the Hotel Industry, generated by our nations finest institutions, show that there is a notable and negative economic disturbance with the introduction of Publically Owned Hotels. This is not considered infrastructure.  A single, "CHOSEN" corporation will "make a profit for* themselves", as stated by GRDadof3. There is no market failure that needs to be addressed here. I don't care if a traveler's pillow will be 200ft closer to the convention floor. I don't think this is a problem that requires the public to finance 100 million dollars to solve the pillow problems of the 1%. This is cronyism to high heaven. I'm done ranting.

  4. 20 minutes ago, GRDadof3 said:

    If you own a business downtown crinzema, then you are benefiting from literally $hundreds of millions in public investment. You're welcome. In fact, I can provide you with data that shows a direct correlation between public investments and increased private investments.  Without public investment downtown GR it'd just be you and the pigeons. Purely capitalistic pigeons I'm sure. 

    As someone who is a partner in a business and who works for several other business clients, I'd be a fool to think that we got to where we are simply on our capitalistic visions alone. I mean c'mon. 

    Edit: I'm guessing your business isn't even located downtown... 


    This issue is quickly becoming a non-issue. The left, the right, are all agreeing that tax incentives for businesses and developments are bad. This is going to be a practice of the past. Everyone has an Amazon Headquarter aftertaste in their mouths. I'm glad the public narrative is turning negative towards these sorts of practices.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bl19RoR7lc 


  5. Just now, Prankster said:

    But are you ok with businesses getting tax breaks or other advantages at the expense of other honest business owners?  

    Absolutely not! Corporate Welfare makes zero sense. Why does a level playing field seem so controversial?  Speaking metaphorically, I want "farm to table" developments. The more artificial a development is, meaning the more strings it requires to get off the ground, the more I hate it. You can play the puppet show for a while, but it won't last.


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