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  1. When we all love Grand Rapids, I think it's a fairly easy task to see us all as friends, and not enemies. I've been on here, off and on, for around 8-9 years or so. I've always been fascinated with buildings since I was a kid. Driving through downtown to visit grandma was a treat, and it wasn't because I was visiting grandma. Sorry, Grandma. This fascination lead me into my pursuing architecture and then facility management. And it my 2nd year of college, I discovered this forum. This forum has been a huge catalyst of mine to remain interested in the development of Grand Rapids after college. I'm now a real estate photographer, and it's an easy job to contribute to this site. This forum has been nothing but good to me. People's tensions rise and recede with the ebb and flow of the political discourse. But like I said at the beginning, we really are all friends on this forum. We should really start believing that.
  2. My first response was, "Oh... Oh, No.... that looks terrible". Then I thought to myself, it's probably going to look a lot better than it was before when it had no character. But as long as it's their money/property/and reputation on the line, I have nothing to say but, "Whatever floats your moat".
  3. I think they've stopped putting those concrete panels up and have focused on starting interior framing. I think parts of this building will be fully completed, and ready for renters, while other parts are still under construction. The building is big enough that renters would hardly be affected. Though I have no clue whether a building has to be 100% ready, because of codes or whatever reason, before people can start moving in.
  4. Wow, legos version of Grand Rapids, I'm so proud of GVSU. Their "MAKING". Thats what I'm getting at. Pardon the gun printing stuff. I just wanted that ~15 second quote where I linked to. GVSU doesn't impress me. I was at KCTC 10 years ago when they had their first 3d printer. It was in the room I studied in. It's usefulness hasn't evolved much sense then with people building things like legos. I had to edit the link to to part where I wanted you to hear the proper quote. The guy's a little weird, I know. Watch from 18:26.
  5. Wait... what? Really! Their putting parking in the middle. That is a shame! I find that hard to believe, considering how stupid putting parking there would be. Though if you give it some thought, if there was a pool, there would be a lot of perverts buying inner units. LOL. I wouldn't want that. But putting something like a park for events, and maybe an outdoor theater.... ;-) I think that would be something that would attract tenants, though maybe a certain kind of tenant. No matter where you go, there will always be a cranky grandma complaining about the noise.
  6. Understood, lol, but is there an updated post? The last one with a list of addresses was from 2014. I think it's 2017 now. I need an update, and I'm not one to say I'm completely in the know, with regard to where all these construction projects are.
  7. Does anyone have the knowledge of where all the construction projects that are underway? List of Addresses? I want to work on a project to visually show them all in an interesting and engaging way.
  8. I see nothing but prosperity here. It is so close to millennium park. Close to "real" shopping. It has much quicker access to lake Michigan than anything downtown. Crime will be significantly lower. Prices will be more affordable. This place is so ideal, I'm considering it for myself. I would take a bet, that that corner area (Wilson and 28th street), will modernize extraordinarily quickly. The increased tax revenue from this project, will fix the few things wrong with the area, making it an even more attractive area. This is a win win win. I'm not in favor of any utopia that requires force, regulation, zoning, flaming activists, and of course... a rare flower only on "bad developments".
  9. Nope, just 250+ geolocated photos from 250+ different angles from a drone Below is what it looks like from the 14th Story looking towards 28th street.
  10. No, I did that myself. I own a company that provides advanced imaging services such as this. I did this one for fun. It's a 3D model of the entire site. I like to call it, "Site documentation."
  11. The last post on the previous page shows this building from a screenshot from this timelapse I took. I'll post the picture again for reference.
  12. Just the view coming down Monroe Center. (Taken from a timelapse of me driving around town)
  13. Thanks for enlightening me on the subject. It is true, I do not know how blockchains work. But wouldn't you agree that's just an engineering problem? Before spaceships, before planes, before cars, before the light bulb, before all of this, there were naysayers, mocking people working on engineering solutions that created something that did not exist before. Their catalyst was on the belief of a different future, not one based upon the present reality. Because we send cat pictures on mobile computers faster than what was available during the Apollo program, doesn't speak to the absurdity of Etherium, it' speaks to its validity. Present limits create future solutions. While I can't predict the future, I can predict the inevitable. And if you think the productive capability of our present technology is the limiting factor of these ideas, then you presuppose against the notion that change is inevitable. My notion is that there are ARE paralleling engineers working on alternative computational platform structures. I think your argument stands on skeletons of histories past naysayers. Those who say it's hard to light a room more than what a candle is capable of. You may work on Ideas which presupposes an alternative reality. Those who do, stand most to gain when such change is realized.
  14. From what I understand, bitcoin set an artificial limit of bitcoins. Of course the stakes become more competitive when you approach the limit of supply. That's the currency system they set up. I don't understand how Ethereum has anything to do with that.
  15. This is stuff of conspiracies. Just think about it: pyramid, mass data collection, the all knowing eye. Warehouses, no.... they went with a pyramid... who's at the round table of buildigerberg? Switch? I'm telling you, the pyramid was CHOOSEN, choosen for a reason! We are "switch"-ing to a NWO. Lol, I make my self laugh sometimes... I'm 110% sure every loony conspiracy will involve this building when people hear about it. If google did such a bold thing as to choose a pyramid for a data center, just think of the PR that would result. Switch did not do itself any favors, but I don't think people care, at least for now. I'm just thinking in the future, if our political climate changes more towards authoritarianism, which it could, I'm thinking this decision to put a data center in a pyramid was a long term, bad decision. But IDK. At least for now it will be the coolest looking data center. Oh, and by the way, I just found an interesting video, the other day, that might have an influence over the future of data centers.
  16. Knowing how rendering programs work, they usually don't have a full assortment of windows to render from with their object libraries. But, beggers can't be choosers, and I'm not an authoritarian.
  17. Looking at the internet trends, although it looks like Cities in Michigan have a general downward trend in searches, Grand Rapids is the most stable. It's interesting to see how Kalamazoo had a corresponding jump in internet searches at the same time as the Flint Fiasco.
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