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  1. I'll be taking photos of this site frequently.
  2. No, that's the Kingdom Tower, but I think our Castle is better for our Kingdom.
  3. Survey of the construction site.
  4. I want this to be a success, but it's starting to seem like empty promises. From what I recall, this was going to be a 20, then 14, now 12 or maybe even 10 story building. I think the V.e.n.u.e. stands for: Very-empty-nightclub-unreal-expansion.
  5. If there is low supply, then it's either because people don't demand the service or they demand it at lower than market rates. Plain and simple. There are plenty of geeks out there, they just happen to move to companies that pay to play, not ones that complain they can't attract talent.
  6. 100% agreed. It sounds to me her problem is attracting and acquiring the talent, not that the talent isn't there. Case in point: "We are not in an era where people are sending in résumés,"
  7. I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a good idea to create a LinkedIn group inviting all of Urban Planet's Grand Rapids Members to join. I always wanted to know what people on this forum did for a living and I thought LinkedIn would be a great way of connecting.
  8. I just found this one website that is tickling my nerd bone. It is an Internet Mapping application, specific to Grand Rapids, in where you can look up all sorts of information about grand rapids and such. I geek out over stuff like this so... Here is the link
  9. Well, I actually volunteer with the grand rapids community foundation youth grant committee. The person heading up that operation was a woman. I don't know much about the entire foundation as a whole, but as far the the youth grand committee is concerned, the volunteers were equally represent by both genders. I just took a look at their website and out of the 23 positions held there, only 1 is held by a man. I believe there is some gender bias. But I also believe many woman actively pursue this type of career. Believe you me, I don't think that kind of position is for me and a lot of guys would say the same thing. Although you could pick up a lot of chicks when you say, "I work for a community foundation to better the lives of individuals around me." But those sound like words of a woman, and that's why I think there are so many woman in that particular field.
  10. I think this is worthy of a comment here at the watering hole. PBS now has all their video content with full episodes of every show available on their website. link PBS has absolutely amazing content. AAA Quality. I'm giddy with excitement. Maybe that was an overstatement, but I think i have found my new favorite website. Frontline and Nova are 2 of my favorite shows.
  11. How about we all become poor and create character in every neighborhood. Lets ship homeless people around the country to the grand rapids. Instead of rehabing historical buildings to increase their value, how about we put them all in a state of disrepair. That'll sure make us a vibrant city. Detroit should be looked up to as thee go to place for the up and coming. Who doesn't want to move to detroit? I can't think of one person.
  12. As your coming along on michigan street from the east going west, it looks as though the sky-walk is blocking the road due to the sky-walk being further down the hill. I'll see if i can get a shot of it tomorrow.
  13. I like A2 the best, next would be plan A1 then plan F. It has to be congruent to the current design because no matter how interesting the addition could look like, 20 years down the road it would stick out like a sore thumb. I'm feeling a poll should be in the works here.
  14. What we should not be asking ourselves is, "this money could of been better spent on..." When our government is running in red ink at all levels, what we should be asking ourselves is, "Where did this money come from." I guess we must follow Obama's financial policy that he laid out in the state of the union address, freeze wasteful spending in 2011 so that our economy can start growing in the mean time. Or in other words, start budgeting only when you make more money. When your as young as I am, you don't worry so much about the job situation as you do the debt situation. Your putting the next generation into slavery so that you can have some temporary jobs now. Spending money only buys temporary jobs, savings creates lasting jobs.
  15. I can't believe how fast the last few stories went up. It is now a prominent fixture in GR's skyline. The perspective this building has of downtown is quite unique. Has it topped off yet? I'll get a few pictures up tomorrow, just don't want my lens to get frozen before I can get a picture off.
  16. given that the "largest" artprize is occurring in Grand Rapids right now, one can assume it might be described as being giant. I love seeing the success of Artprize, but what I can't wait to see the growth of this event next year. Then hopefully, the phrase "giant artprize" would not be fitting.
  17. Everyone but you. Do you get out alot? read the newspaper? Watch tv? It's the biggest thing going on in Grand Rapids Right right now. Read the artprize thread.
  18. Meijer Grand Cycling Classic in downtown Grand Rapids on 8/08/09
  19. I like the name "The Addition", but it's more than that though, it's bigger. The Big Old Building only refers to the size and age of the building. I think the name that refers, in someway, back to the B.O.B trumps that which refers to the function of the building. Just my opinion though. My new favorite is "The Addition"
  20. Isn't Fulton the dividing line between the City Center and the Heartside? It becomes a technicality when it's that close. Heartside inspired?
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