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  1. The name seems like my baby, I have given birth to it, and I can't help but feel overly protective to it. It may be a bad name, I accept that. I've come up with a couple of other names as well. Here It goes. They have all been submitted. My name suggestions are: 1: The Valve 2: The Core 3: The Pulse I May have hyped my names, but I wanted to show how this building will be where the pulse of the community is in the Heartside District. The Theme is the Heart, and how the building is in the center of all the action.
  2. I have just won the name contest hands down I don't feel free to say the name at the moment, but I know I won. Kicks any of their top names in the butt while adding a contemporary feel + historical reference to the area + meaning to the building. It's now only a matter of time before they select my name.
  3. I'd much rather have bike lanes throughout the city. I think the future of personal transportation, especially personal transportation that is healthy like: walking or riding a bike, has a much brighter future than creating a system that makes people dependent to government transportation services. Although I'm much more on the fence about the BRT system then before.
  4. Please debunk my concerns 1. Economy 2. I'm concerned with our national debt And don't tell me it's going to be spend somewhere else if it's not going to be spent here. That's like saying, i'm going to chop off one of my limbs, which one? how about none? Just because your children's tax money is available to spend somewhere does not make it morally right to spend it. 3. Initial Cost barrier 4. Hard numbers on examples of increased ridership rate in other cities 5. Operating rate vs. Bus's operating rate 6. Why does this increases development and not buses. Are we paying 40,000,000 for a time improvement with which a 10 minute improvement will never be seen by an average rider unless they get on at the beginning of the route, and just so happens to hop off at the very very end of the route. 7. What does Division look like with a dedicated BRT lane? 1 lane for cars each way? 8. How long will this system last before another upgrade is needed?
  5. I was giving a very generous estimate. But if you did your estimation with the real cost of this project, it would cost more than a used Ferrari or a brand new BMW per rider. Thats not fair to me who riders around the city with my rust bucket that I pay for with my money. I don't mind more buses, but when this kind of luxury is lavished on a few at the expense of the whole region, this is anything but progressive.
  6. yes yes, of course. Let me just start off with that I think because we have so many conservatives in the area, that we can get them to buy smaller more efficient vehicles, as long there is there is still an option to buy any vehicle they choose, and that the government is not playing favorites through taxation. I think a true conservative solution can't be controlled because it's up for each individual to decide what's right going forward, not a government.
  7. Love the first photo. At the end of the day, we all love us some crane pictures.
  8. And the mudslinging begins. Muds is mud, no matter the intentions. I must have some kind of right to respond to this? One quick question for you d8alterego, was Ron Paul progressive in YOUR opinion.
  9. I'm handing you the keys to the kingdom"Basically what I'm saying is, is that to get a conservative community to back anything regarding transportation, it must not be seen as a threat to their independence or freedoms." My opinion is that personal transportation is more progressive than public transportation because it's user flexible. All we need is for detroit to stop giving us 2 ton cars.
  10. I'm not clear on the cost of this project, but if it costs 50 mil, which I think is a cheap estimate, with 5,000 riders, which is a extremely generous amount, that would end up costing the government 10k per head. My car is worth 3k.
  11. My point is, is that if the government tries to speed up the process to get people out of their ford super duties into puttering euro cars or public transportation in an artificial way, conservatives will over-glance their conservative roots by buying more large vehicles because they see it as a threat to their freedoms or independence. How else can you explain why "conservatives" are anything but conservative when it comes to transportation, in regards to the vehicles they own? I'm telling you one reason why hard nose conservatives would shoot this proposal down. Especially when this kind of system gets light priority, it sends a message to the point where it almost resinates with me. Basically what I'm saying is, is that to get a conservative community to back anything regarding transportation, it must not be seen as a threat to their independence or freedoms. When a transportation system gets placed on a busy road, eats up a lane, gets light priority, seen as wealth distribution, and cost an exorbitant amount in the depths of the largest recession this county has seen in decades, this proposal will not fly. It's my opinion that this community is prime for more bike lanes though because it is easy to sell that idea to a conservative community in a recession.
  12. My family owned 7 vehicles for 5 people and yet we claim to be conservatives. I believe that this region could be a leader in transportation because of the very thing that many see as a downfall to this region. If you remind conservatives of their conservatism, they will conserve their money by buying small vehicles instead of their 4x4's and buying less of them, which will make their liberal hippy counterparts happy. Different agendas, same solution. Conservatives value personal freedom over money though. And that is why this BRT line will fall sort on voting day. I can tell you in my own experience that when i talk about these transit proposals to my dad, being the hard nosed conservative that he is, claims the government wants to take over all our transportation needs and take over our lives and that they want to control what I drive yada yada yada. Much like a purposal of a ban on guns increase sales in guns, the more the government tries to pry us from the modern day vehicle, the more conservatives will get hard nosed and buy SUV's. It might sound crazy and irrational but its true. EDIT: To clarify, if the government increase the tax on fuel to fund government transportation solutions and to get people out of their large vehicles into small tiny cars, expect the conservatives to retaliate by buying large vehicles. But if we run a advertising campaign reminding people about the benefits of conserving, in terms of transportation, they can be your best friend.
  13. I'm surprised no one noticed the video I place in a previous post of the small electric vehicle developed my Segway and GM called the PUMA. This "invention" could make the BRT line and the modern car obsolete.
  14. If this is to spur 400% in development, than why can't we tax those business 4 fold to pay for this? Would that make a difference in development for the better? Than why tax a whole region for the benefit of a small area? Those who stand to see the benefits of this project are the ones who should pay.
  15. I was referring to this specific post, but I did not call it out specifically because these comments are laden all over this site targeted towards conservatives. Just because a fiscal policy attracts christians, does not make it invalid or of unsound reasoning. Flip your words around and you'll see that you sound just like your hard-nosed stubborn counterparts. I'd much rather see 20,000 of these little guys on our streets than a inflexible transportation solution. It also seems like people have forgot the wonders of the bike. I myself might get a road bike this summer. I believe that personal transportation is still the future and will always be. Our transportation problems will be fixed by inventors, not politicians.
  16. Why is conservatism seen so negatively on this forum? It makes me sick to see comments wishing away a viewpoint into minority. This is the place of discussion, is it not?
  17. Is is possible for the spire to be added at a later date or is the crane needed for the construction of the spire? I know The trump building that was just constructed in Chicago used a helicopter to top off the building with a spire.
  18. Check out this useful tool from google that can help you plan trips via public transportation. Grand Rapids area is not included yet. http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/transit/#mdy
  19. Please watch the documentary "Super Size Me" before attempting to eat this. http://www.hulu.com/watch/63283/super-size-me
  20. I want to hear your thoughts on the Cramer vs. Stewart debacle.
  21. The Japaneses privatized their railroads, and look at their success. All we are looking to do is nationalize everything. Yes, their government funds for more railroad construction, but with yearly profits at 2 billion dollars and annual ridership steadily increasing, these companies could afford to do it on their own. But given their small country vs. ours, planes and automobiles are currently the best solution for America. Meanwhile, lets privatize Amtrak.
  22. I was browsing some old photos of Grand Rapids on flickr today when I came across this. It's not so much as what's in the photo, but the vivid descriptions of what Grand Rapids used to be like. One brief quote: "Monroe Avenue was always a hotbed of activity. We transferred buses, ate our meals, shopped, and met up with friends there. After the quiet and peace of farm living, Monroe Avenue seemed like the ultimate in excitement and glamor." http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeyharrison/...in/photostream/
  23. Looks like the window installation is starting to wrap around towards the west side.
  24. Thought I'd take a quick shot of the DVCH while driving by. If you do the same, remember there's a concrete barrier on the right side of the road. Almost lost a mirror.
  25. From the looks of it, it seemed like construction was still going on, even in this weather. This picture was taken at 7:58 this morning. http://oxblue.com/pro/open/christman/msucollegehm
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