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  1. The demolition of the towers building is going very quickly.
  2. That is the best article about Grand Rapids I've ever heard
  3. Hey, I just got back from my construction materials class at GRCC and I've found out that later this year I have to do a report on a brick or concrete structure in this area. I don't have a clue what building I want to do this report on. If any of you guys have suggestions, I would love to hear them. How did you get access to the top of the Riverhouse building?
  4. I don't understand how this project is making revenue by the way you described it, but i can tell you this for sure, there is no way it can provide a $4,930,000,000.00 profit every year. I estimate that city of "Grand Rapid's GDP" to be only around 10 Billion. (national GDP/POP X GR POP) I know this is a crude formula but it at least gives you a slight idea.
  5. B as in Billion!!! With that kind of money, you could give everyone in Grand Rapids a brand new car! EVERYONE!
  6. Reality TV show set to film in Grand Rapids fire station
  7. Have you ever wondered how much this will cost? I would imagine hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars.
  8. I Finally got a camera of my own. I plan to take many pictures of these construction projects downtown when I go to GRCC this fall.
  9. http://oxblue.com/pro/open/christman/msucollegehm
  10. What with be the final height of the building. Would you say it's comparable to the height of the court house?
  11. The only national exposure we get in Michigan is how horrid our economy is.
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