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  1. It appears that the 412 bypass has been put on hold due to funding issues. Though currently in the design phase, the AHDT has halted any further progress. Sounds like it could be quite some time before things get rolling again.
  2. I do agree with trumpet - skybridges can look tacky, either chintzy or too gaudy and pretentious. If done well, it could look ok. There needs to be an improved street level crossing at Dickson. I think there should be a series of improved crossings to include Maple and Lafayette too. Considering the amount of residential area (historic district, mount sequoyah) that is on the other side of College, its makes sense. Plus, how would the skybridge accomodate bikers, people walking dogs, or people who didn't want to mess with climbing stairs/riding elevator just to get across the street? And couldn't the speed be reduced on a portion of College to help with safety anyway?
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