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  1. They could be hops. I grow them in the back of my office and the two varieties I grow have similar leaves. However, this is close to harvest time and those don't have any hops on them. I am assuming they were planted recently.
  2. My money is on Toronto, Philly or Atlanta. One idea I had that could make Charlotte interesting would be to have a combined North Carolina HQ with business operations in CLT and tech hub in RTP. To sweeten the deal the state could commit to putting in high speed rail linking the two cities and set aside land near each station.
  3. Let's be honest, we bring it on ourselves to a certain extent by electing twerps like Rucho.
  4. It is my understanding that the Common Ground Festival is being delayed and potentially integrated with some new Legion connected event.
  5. Left turn lane is a good idea. I also think they either need to drastically reduce the street parking times or get rid of them. The last change needs to be to eliminate Nova driveway. People turning in and out of there are always skrewing up traffic. They could consolidate parking in the back and turn the side parking into a patio of sorts.
  6. I am in the business park adjacent to the photo above near the Planet Fitness. I can't imagine re-development to that extent as there are existing buildings in place. It is my understanding that the state still plans on making Sardis Rd N into an overpass and extending it beyond Independence as pictured.
  7. Not that this is exactly your vision, but I visited this brew on premise brewery while on a business trip in south FL. http://www.longneckbrewhouse.com/ They have a bunch of 12.5 gallon brew stations where people can come in and brew your own. The people there assist you with the process and control the fermentation and bottling process for you. I could see this taking off for bachelor parties, company outings, etc. They also had a bar and kitchen serving food.
  8. No way should the team move from Legion Stadium. The location is great and the view of the skyline from their is insane. It could easily be upgraded to MLS level if need be.
  9. By the way, went to Common Market on Friday after bashing it. I felt guilty. The crowd was actually pretty good and upbeat. It wasn't as grungy as previously stated. I think what my problem has been since the patio has opened is that there is never anywhere for me to sit and relax. It seems like the regulars are always there and have priority seating. However this Friday they had the heaters out that have stand up tables. This added a lot more capacity.
  10. This is intriguing especially considering the time frame. I live a few blocks away but am concerned about the size of the pool and facilities. Does it seem small? My friends and I have all decreased our patronage of Common Market over the past few years. The crowd has gotten grungier and grungier. Maybe we have just gotten older and more stuck up. I kinda wish another bottle shop would open in the neighborhood.
  11. Does this pie in the sky airline discussion really have anything to do with the development of CLT?? There is a lot of construction going on. When I was there two weeks ago they were putting up the aesthetic pieces on the new parking garage. I am really excited about all of the transitions happening at the airport. Moving all of the rental cars into the garage and getting rid of the rental car shuttles is going to be a major step forward.
  12. Could they integrate a high school onto the CPCC campus?
  13. The property is only partially landscaped. The parts that are heavily landscaped are very nice, could be maintained better, but still nice. There are however large portions that are minimally landscaped that could be developed on without interfering with the wedding / event gardens. I do wonder how the town homes would interfere with the wedding / event business. At the end of the day the owners of the property should be able to do what they want with their property and investment. Knowing who they are, I highly doubt they would steamroll something through that was disliked by most of the people.
  14. Maybe Howard Levine and Jerry Reese teamed together to lease the space and keep in empty for eternity, just to spite us.
  15. Living down the street from the Van Landingham, I can assure you most neighbors I know are in support of this development, especially the pool. The pool membership prices I have heard thrown out are a bit high. I don't mind the townhomes either. The Van Landingham has a whole lot of property that is more or less unused and not even landscaped that nicely. If the town homes are done well I just see it as more higher end development going on in the neighborhood which will helps to lock in the increasing home values and help push more renovations outward into the Villa Heights and Belmont neighborhoods. Now the city just needs to figure out how to make the public schools serving the cities first ring neighborhoods more attractive so families stay in place.
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