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  1. FYI, I got this email from Greenhouse Grille:
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but it was my understanding that this is the same book as before but that they recently received grant funding to publish it. Either way, though, you can get a free copy by attending a presentation on it (by one of the authors, I think) on 7/30 at the Fayetteville Public Library.
  3. Actually, the red building is now painted green, I noticed on my way home. More evidence for Greenhouse Grille?
  4. Mith242, I think you heard about Wilma's before because it simply moved to its new location. Wilma's used to be in the red building La Maison des Tartes was in. I have heard rumors that Greenhouse Grille is moving there as soon as Wilma's is totally out, but I don't know if they're true or not. Hope so, though; I love Greenhouse Grille and it would be great to see them in a more respectable building with more room!
  5. Petra Cafe is now serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 8:30. They will have a special entr
  6. Actually, Duncan is the only university-owned housing that you don't have to buy a meal plan for, though of course you can still buy any plan that you want to (including the "off campus" option that is just a set number of meals per semester). And yes, rent is $550/month if you are on a full-year contract. It's more expensive if you are on an academic-year contract ($575/month sounds about right), so it's not that much more to just get it for the whole year. That way you don't have to move out until you graduate.
  7. The study is the UA CDC one Mith just linked to in the post above. And since that post I've actually seen that our current population is closer to 450k, but I'll have to find a source for that.
  8. Looks like Indian food is finally coming to Fayetteville: http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2009/03/0...n-fayetteville/ Also, I tried a new Mexican place, Mojito's Mexican Grill, which is in that shopping center across from Razorback Cinema and Walmart in the spot where Larry's Pizza used to be. It was decorated in a really classy, modern way inside, and the food was excellent. I am tempted to say it's my favorite Mexican place in Fayetteville, though I do like El Camino Real and La Huerta a lot. Prices were definitely reasonable, and they have a huge menu. Plus the staff provided real
  9. Man, I just realized that if all the trails were connected, I could ride a Segway all the way to Rogers or Bentonville....AWESOME
  10. Do you have any more specifics (routes, total mileage, connections, etc.) on this plan? It sounds like a great idea, though I wouldn't be in good enough shape to do it!
  11. The new nanotech building is definitely going right where KUAF is. That makes the most sense with the mechanical engineering and physics buildings just down the hill on Dickson as well as Bell Engineering and Engineering Hall right across the street. Is it just me, or does that building not really appear to be a suitable new home for the university's most cutting-edge research? It looks rather bland, in my opinion. Even the new Garland parking deck looks nicer and more futuristic. There's no interesting angles, all that nasty orange brick...meh. At least it's supposed to be LEED or Gre
  12. I had another idea already: Though it might not be a popular option for funding, perhaps we could introduce a development tax in the immediate area around the new light rail stations. Business owners would profit greatly from the increased customer flow, so it seems logical to tax a small portion of that for the development of the system in the first place. This idea is a little risky, though, because we would not want to discourage development, since that would defeat the density arguments for the system in the first place. We would simply want businesses to take a stake in the system
  13. Hey everyone, I had a couple more ideas: Maybe we could find a way to compromise with the Western Beltway and 540-widening groups by using some of the funds for both purposes. While we are clearing right of ways for one project, we might as well clear for both. For instance, we could run a light rail route parallel to a western beltway or down the median of a widened I-540. If we plan for this from the beginning of the widening project, perhaps we could extend the light rail system all the way to Fort Smith. I'm not sure about the legality of this due to safety regulations, but perhap
  14. While looking through all the restaurant postings, I noticed that there are a lot of pizza places open or opening up soon. Maybe we should make a compendium of all the pizza places in NWA, organized by city, price, and type (i.e. Chicago, New York, traditional Italian, etc.). Maybe we could also include their contact info and a link to Google Maps to show the location. Anyone else care to take up this endeavour?
  15. I think we actually have a pretty good shot at getting some of that money. Here's just a few of the good things we have going for us: The public interest group Greenway, LLC has already completed basic prefeasibility and feasibility studies (by Beta Rubicon) necessary to get funding, and they would be ready to go to conduct an alternatives assessment (a prerequisite for some federal funding like the Small Starts program). The A&M railroad supports the project and would even run the system to keep costs low. The UA Community Design Center recently completed an extensive study of the sy
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