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  1. I've noticed a handful of work trucks in the lot beside the garage a few times this week on the morning commute in. Will try taking a few pics next week.
  2. From the Charlotte Observer Lime launched more than 20 electric scooters as part of a pilot program in Ballantyne this week, expanding its popular scooter service beyond the central city for the first time. Although Lime, Bird and Spin scooters are common in uptown and South End, this is the first time electric scooters will be available in Ballantyne, according to the companies. The scooters will be available for 90 days, then the pilot could become a full program depending on how often the scooters have been used, Christina Thigpen, vice president of marketing and communications for Northwood Office, a subsidiary of Ballantyne Corporate Park’s owner, said in a statement. The scooters are allowed — on sidewalks only — around Ballantyne Corporate Park, including on Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Ballantyne Corporate Place. The Golf Club at Ballantyne is off limits. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I've seen scooters in the Ballantyne area before including someone on a Bird scooter along Community House. Will be interesting to see how this pilot goes and if folks stay out of the bike lanes along Ballantyne Commons Parkway. It's scary how fast some folks drive on BCP.
  3. Toll lanes on 485 will not provide relief to the congestion getting to 485 due to all the commuters coming in from Union County & Lancaster County. The feeder roads (Johnston Rd / Rea Rd / Providence Rd) are backed up every morning and evening.
  4. What's the story behind the garage next door that hasn't opened yet? There has not been any activity in months and a lane has been blocked off on 11th street for forever.
  5. That's what I thought. The stretch between Nations Ford Rd and 277 is very narrow in some sections with businesses close on each side. Would there be a benefit in limiting access to the road by closing off ramps at Nations Ford Rd, Clanton, Remount, and West Blvd? I know it sounds crazy to do this but can you imagine how bad this road will be in another 5 years as more folks choose to live in SC and work in Charlotte. Perhaps it just needs to become too painful of a choice to make and in the end it will be difficult for employers to hire people for jobs located in uptown if it's not suited for a young college grad willing to live in NoDa or SouthEnd.
  6. Are there any plans to address the yearly increase of volume on I-77 between 485 and uptown? With the additional building in Steele Creek, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill, it seems like this stretch of highway will get to a point of having constant congestion every weekday from 6am - 9pm.
  7. Jamba Juice in the Overstreet Mall has closed.
  8. Very nice. Seeing these really questions why they couldn't bury the powerlines in front of the Railyard. Not one powerline in the pics above.
  9. I agree with the 5 min headways during peak but would prefer 10 min headways off peak until Midnight. The crossing the tracks at Clanton Rd can be such a pain when trains going north and south go through within a few minutes of one another and cause significant traffic delays. Has there ever been the thought of connecting the Blue Line with the Sprinter to the airport? Seems like more folks would use it if it was to a set schedule between CLT and the Woodlawn Station. Folks living in SouthEnd and Uptown could ride south and transfer at Woodlawn. This would also be a great way to showcase our light rail for visitors looking to avoid paying for an Uber or Lyft to go downtown from the airport.
  10. I agree. Chick-Fil-A could really benefit if they had a larger space for more seating and registers.
  11. Rise Biscuits & Donuts in Ballantyne has closed. It was a quirky location for sure in the Publix shopping center off Johnston Rd.
  12. Appears Chicken Salad Chick in the Overstreet Mall has closed.
  13. It's sad the issue has taken so long to be resolved. I fear this will cause people to lose faith in the reliability and look to other options for commuting.
  14. easzman


    What does "pulled a permit" mean? They backed out?
  15. How about starting the game an hour earlier at 6:05pm?
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