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  1. easzman


    Noticed the old Vine restaurant along Johnston was being demolished. Any word why? This building was cursed as it never seemed like any dining concept could last there.
  2. Terrace Cafe at Piedmont Row in SouthPark has closed.
  3. Wait. They don't increase the frequency for panther game days? That's just silly. Wasting a great opportunity to earn more revenue and foster goodwill.
  4. Anyone see the issue this evening at the crossings for 5th and 6th? The arms were stuck in the down position with no trains in sight around 5:30pm. Significant traffic backup all around.
  5. Why not phase out the UNC Charlotte All Access pass if they really want to ensure everyone who uses the deck purchases a day pass or consider revising how much the all access pass costs. This plan to check drivers exiting the deck between 3 - 6pm will not do any favors with the rider's perception of CATS.
  6. Can someone clearly explain why they are doing this?
  7. It appears they working on the sidewalk along 10th Street. Hopefully the blocked lane will be reopened at some point. There's never been more than 3 or 4 workers out there anytime I drive by.
  8. It's absurd how the frequency goes up to 20 mins during off peak. Really should consider keeping the rush hour frequency until 7pm and 15 mins MAX off peak on weekdays until 10 or 11pm. How can they expect anyone to use the light rail outside of rush hour if the wait times between trains is so long?
  9. 100% agree. Tryon St. is only used by delivery trucks, dirt haulers, and uber drivers who ignore the "no turn" signals. Imagine how nice it would be to have a quiet oasis in Center City if a superblock was created.
  10. Agree. While this extension across 277 will be a nice option for folks walking to work from South End, it doesn't do much for anyone running or biking further into the city as you'll still need divert off just before Stonewall. It would be ideal to add a spur to connect over to South Blvd so someone can cross uptown using Caldwell & Brevard.
  11. The issue isn't with Hawthorne Bridge being closed but rather how the project has been so problematic. I'm all for just permanently closing off 277 on the south side of uptown.
  12. 100% agree on closing Tryon. They could keep the cross streets open initially but aim to close off certain ones down the line.
  13. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2019/08/walking-in-berlin-friedrichstrasse-tauentzienstrasse/595597/ Re : Closing the Square, and two blocks off Tryon and Trade each direction. "This summer, the German capital has announced plans to pedestrianize some vital central streets starting in October. One experiment will ban cars from the main section of Friedrichstrasse, a long, store-filled thoroughfare that, before World War II, was considered the city’s main shopping street." IMO, it would be great to close off Tryon between Stonewall to Fifth St converting the middle two la
  14. Really? Not optimistic the ridership for the streetcar will be very good if fares are charged. Obviously I'm not a fan of this project as the funds could have been allocated to projects to allow for safer biking and use of scooters around uptown by adding dedicated lanes on Trade and Tryon inside the 277 loop.
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