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  1. I have to say I was fairly pleased with the changes as well. The reduction of plaza space is a big plus in my book for addressing pedestrian experience. I still have concerns about a few basic elements of the street level experience. The plaza area on the corner of Park and Tryon will be fronting a fairly busy street. I would imagine this could make this plaza space less than inviting at busy times. I'd like for DP to take this into account and perhaps design the space in a way to provide a visual cue to drivers to slow down as they are entering into a more pedestrian friendly area. In additio
  2. I'd be all to happy to compose an email of "Best of" quotes from places like UP and Facebook where people are laying into this thing and send it directly to Cousins if they haven't heard the complaints. In fact, would it be possible to schedule an "event" on facebook (an online sit in if you will) where we schedule a time to get everyone with grievances to post directly to the social media accounts of these companies. In fact, we could probably use Common Market's friend list to get the word out (among other groups). ;-P Hundreds or more complaints in the span of an hour would surely get their
  3. Hey, I have an idea... Instead of calling it the uninspired and trite name of LoSo, why don't we just call it Sedgefield and not even have it be Southend at all. I understand Southend is a linear neighborhood but it has really sprawled down way too far already. Nothing below Remount should be Southend at all. Leave it up to the developers looking to brand their buildings and the neighborhood will stretch into Pineville No reason Sedgefield can't pick up where Southend stops and develop an identity of it's own. PS, I'm back.
  4. And as a side note to my last comment... I forgot to and why that boost tourism. Sordid Lives alone has brought in tour groups from Winston, Raleigh and Charleston. I assume many of the other gay shows I mentioned do the same.
  5. In related news to GLBT visibility and tourism in Charlotte I wanted to give a quick shout to our local theatre scene. Currently Queen City Theatre Company (which for all purposes is a mostly gay theatre company) is currently doing "Sordid Lives" at Spirit Square uptown. It's a revival that Creative Loafing called a "Tranny Triumph" two years ago. It's a fantastically funny show so support GLBT visibility and local arts and see it! Secondly these are some of the gay shows done recently in Charlotte by various companies: Queen City Theatre:(all of these in the last 2 years) Sordid Liv
  6. Wouldn't SK netcafe be considered an indie coffee shop? And it's been there for at least the better part of a decade.
  7. Digital Sky is right. It has nothing to do with carts as the location was to be a Galyan's when it was built. To my knowledge Galyan's are like REI in that they have no carts. So carts wouldn't have even been considered.
  8. I've always thought of A/X as very "Jersey Shore". Kind of trashy folks trying to look exclusive by purchasing something with Armani written on its exterior. I have a feeling it will be very popular with those with low self esteem.
  9. In reference to bullying GLBT kids. I wanted to add that Queen City Theatre Co. is currently running "Dog Sees God" at Spirit Square which deals pretty much squarley with that topic. I don't want to give away any spoilers but I would suggest getting out to see it if you're at all interested in the topic. And go out and support local theatre, they need your support! I also know that I've read a lot of gay folk complaining about the lack of activities in town not bar related. There is almost always a GLBT themed live theatre show going on in town. Get out more! Here's the website:www.qu
  10. Went to Counter. Great Burger, Great Waitress, MISERABLE sweet tea. Traded it in for a coke. All in all I was happy though.
  11. Is Charlotte's lack of a gay bookstore symptomatic of its views on homosexuality or is it simply symptomatic of a 2007 culture that increasingly relies on large national chains. Every Borders and Barnes and Noble in town has a GBLT section. Charlotte only has a handful of independent bookstores as it is, Park Rd. Books, The Bookmark, Real Eyes, Paper Skyscraper, and White Rabbit. These are the only ones selling new books that I can think of in the entire city. One of them is solely a GLBT store and the other has a large portion of its offerings dedicated to gay interests. The Gay communit
  12. I'm sorry if I totally missed the info about this but I looked back and couldn't find anything. What is going on at the Duron building and adjoining parking lot? There is a fence up and the Duron Store appears to be stripped down.
  13. The Counter looks like a cool enough place. I'll definitely have some fun building burgers. I did notice that sweet tea wasn't on the menu and the tea they do have doesn't have free refills next to it on the menu like the soft drinks do. Sweet tea with free refills is a must in the South. Not only that, I saw they have a store coming to Atlanta. Believe it or not I think GA has a not so well enforced state law requiring all restaurants that serve unsweetened tea to also serve sweetened tea. Hopefully they will research the market enough to know we need some sweet tea with our burgers .
  14. It's funny this was brought back up because in today's Observer story about Trader Joes opening it talked about a potential "midtown" store. Out of boredom I went to a Trader Joes Forum where someone who said they were a TJ employee transfering to Charlotte for the Piper Glen store said a "midtown" store would be coming soon. It seems that if TJ is looking in that area then Grubb's spot is certainly an option.
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