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  1. Chief Eola

    The VUE

    They have partially poured the base, it seems like they do a section everyday.
  2. Chief Eola

    The VUE

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but it looks like they finally have a crane up at the Vue site.
  3. Chief Eola


    Yeah a public hearing would be terrible DWS
  4. Chief Eola


    IMO this project is exactly what we need, but I've decided I'm not getting my hopes up anymore for rail projects.
  5. Chief Eola

    The Plaza

    I work in the Copper Wopper and have been watching the construction on The Plaza from day one. There is no doubt that it will have stadium seating - the space where the theaters will go has been topped off and the ceilings are at least 30 feet high...
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