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  1. I think as a whole it will draw more people to the metro if we think about it that way Memphis area has casinos, night life, recreation, museums, and now amusement the only thing we are missing
  2. Also the Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel so the waterpark will be primarily for guests, so the public unless booking a hotel room will most likely not get to experience it.
  3. FINALLY A WATERPARK......MEMPHIS AREA NEEDS THIS TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT After returning from Dallas this weekend this project makes me very happy. $140M, non-gambling resort planned for old Harrah's Tunica site - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  4. I hope not I think they will go with a new proposal before building a building less than 500 rooms. the good news is if this fall through I think the Grand Hyatt at beale street would get larger. But fingers crossed on this one.
  5. Tower Crane going up today for the 2nd hotel, the Hyatt Caption.
  6. You really should go down there and see it this is far from suburban, I have seen nothing this nice in a Memphis suburb. If you understand the context of that area of front street and beale most buildings are about 3 floors and warehouse or storefronts so a super tall building at this site would stand out more. it actually compliments the area well and knowing that a taller 22 floor hotel will go up behind it at the river lets me be ok with the height of this building lol.
  7. Convention Center looking much brighter and open along main
  8. Im liking the look with the white metal and black windows.
  9. I always drive by this site and wonder when a large development will come, now the next large site is where the office max building is located about 2 blocks up the street. I like the scale and design of this one.
  10. As an architect I disagree both buildings have their unique architecture styles and can very well be rehabbed its all about people willing to invest money. If that giant sears crosstown building can be saved Im sure these two can. We need not tear down any large buildings. I guarantee once the lowes hotel gets built it will be more of an incentive to develop this building. We saved the pyramid, we saved crosstown, we can save 100 North main.
  11. I think memphis doesnt have enough tall buildings to tear down our tallest building with no real development in site. The building can be repurposed, I say the city work with townhouse and we have 2 large new hotels by the convention center.
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