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  1. While I know those 2 large buildings are empty it is due to the complexity and cost of renovation. Morgan Keegan building will be far from empty as Raymond James only occupied the23rd floor. They are currently in the process of doing upgrades as there is scaffolding and ropes erected to the top of the building. There is so much development in downtown Memphis right now that may not be as vertical as Nashville but its happening, we can not underscore the growth. Also to note the clipper office tower will be breaking ground soon as fedex is signing a lease to occupy most of the proposed tower. The fact that FedEx is moving corporate offices downtown should speak volumes. I figure as those office move in Fed Ex will ultimately build Tennessee's tallest tower because they totally could. Also lets not forget the convention center is under construction the exterior will be done last so lets not be so negative towards Memphis and understand that our growth is different from Nashville but it will catch up pretty soon.
  2. While the sterrick and 100 north main are empty all the buildings around the sterrick are now open with new offices and hotels, downtown is doing well and those 2 buildings will not be empty too long. The sterrick will be the last existing building to be remodeled im sure due to expense of restoring and dealing with the very low ceiling heights. Keep in mind I was not on the main thoroughfares of downtown. Also 100 north main is caught up in a court battle with the new convention center hotel so there should be some resolution soon.
  3. I agree the grass has been looking terrible.
  4. General photos from tonight. Baseball stadium pics, and some of the new renovated buildings to hotels.
  5. Wonder bread Bakery Apartments, these are looking nice.
  6. Madison @ Mclean apartments are about to finish garage level this is a really long building that will fill this entire block.
  7. Fyi I have posted a link to the canopy Hilton under construction downtown at BB King and Union. https://app.oxblue.com/open/montgomerymartin/canpyhilton
  8. Well the parking lot is dug up and foundation work has started. So both the hotel and apartment buildings are officially under construction.
  9. I Think this will happen because Fed Ex will need room to expand into the office and the 10 floor parking garage is definitely needed. I think this office building will actually happen. Developers are still waiting on large hotels since there are about 9hotels under construction currently downtown for about 1200 rooms. Just like in Nashville , I think developers want to see what happens after the convention center and its hotel is complete. Many thought Nashville would have too many rooms but obviously that was wrong.
  10. Madison Avenue Apartments are coming out the ground.
  11. One Beale is getting ready for ground breaking, they have closed the parking lot at the hotel location and removed the billboard. Also the offices have been vacated at the location of the apartments. Finally after 14 years lol.
  12. This counts for memphis since its 2 miles across the river new 20 floor led lit hotel in west memphis https://www.dailymemphian.com/article/2620/Southland-announces-250-million-investment-in-casino-20-story-hotel#
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