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  1. I told yall they were building this building, they have been diggin hard down there for a month.
  2. Memphis gets too much rain to not have seats lol
  3. Here are photos of the new St Jude Domino's Village. It's very impressive in glad they used a pinkish brick vs E.I.F.S.
  4. Yes at least on the beale street and main street side. There will be a large decorative stair on the beale street face which is why the sidewalk is so wide.
  5. The park is really taking shape there are so many paths and shaded areas and topography. I'm loving it.
  6. These are from last week the parking deck is coming out the ground.
  7. I posted renderings and a development map in one of the other sections I'll try to find and post here.
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