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  1. This building is empty due to media releases about the owner not upholding promises to update elevators etc. Downtown Memphis is doing well and adaptive reuse is a very memphis thing its ok.
  2. Can wait to see the fountain planned for the foot of Union and the Entrance to the cobblestone park.
  3. Southland Casino is almost topped out I think this is the last floor. its looking great.
  4. Lakeland town center stumbled upon it today is pretty awesome. Checkout out the lake district today
  5. Context though it is along the parkway which has lots of residential homes. I think the scale and feel is about right.
  6. Apartments in Uptown by Snuff development, not really sure the name of these... but they are nice.
  7. Aloft Hotel base is being framed tower looks finished at least on exterior.
  8. I have attached more detailed renderings from upcoming design review board documents.
  9. Finally something that is glass, vertical and fun Memphis really needs more of this type of architecture.
  10. Most of those apartments require you to be a student. Maybe these will be different but the last 5 sets were not and they are not owned by the U of M.
  11. I really would like to see these apartments open to regular citizens instead of just student housing, there is a lack of descent housing in this area for regular citizens. Its either country club, college, or the hood. The university of memphis sits at a very interesting location in the city.
  12. Tom Lee Park, bluff walk update....
  13. Aloft Hotel downtown building out the final bar and rooftop area. Looks nice with LED strips on at night.
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