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  1. Hyatt Hotel One Beale Apartments . This final view is where the building turns the corner and the garage and apartments cross the street and go to front street. This building is going to be quite large when finished. The garage and rooftop pool are the concrete structures being constructed of concrete in the middle
  2. Southland Casino 20 Floor Expansion
  3. Amazon will never aquire Fed Ex Amazon recently started shipping with Fed Ex again. They just cut the shipping out during the holidays most likely to see if they had expanded their fleet enough to keep up with demands.
  4. some new renderings.... more to come
  5. Midtown apartments, I love these they are awesome Apartments at Madison and McLean they are moving along one more floor to go.....
  6. Wow have you all seen the new design I like it
  7. The good news is the Clipper has Fed ex as the main tenant so that project is solid, One beale is answering the call for high end, and Union row idk. The Loews hotel is more than needed and studies show another larger hotel can be supported as we have none of those in the pipeline. Almost 1000 apartments is quite ambitious and so is that amount of office space but I do remember that St Jude gets office rights for new development in the pinch district so maybe they can occupy about half the space. Im thinking that the hotel and half of the apartments gets built first. Really would be excited to see this many high-rise buildings in Memphis though that would be absolutely mind shattering. The only good news is Memphis keeps making lists as top place for home flipping, next it city, best affordability, it seems that amazon and indigo ag, and a few new companies has but Memphis on the Map to be invested in by out of towners. This is when the real construction boom starts. Probably about 2 years before any of these buildings break ground in my architectural opinion just a lengthy process of stuff to do. But hopefully the clipper starts soon, and I see bull dozers at the union row site today.
  8. Here are the renderings for the Carrefour at the Gateway to Germantown. First phase is expected to break ground late next year
  9. One beale apartments adding tower cranes now when was the last time downtown had 5 at once
  10. quite opposite, actually these huge developments around the building will make them more viable to developers.
  11. Southland Casino in west memphis has the cranes base in for the 20 story hotel.
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