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  1. Memphis4ever

    "Memphis 3.0" long-range development plan released

    I personally got to work on this project
  2. Memphis4ever

    Memphis and Mid-South News

    I love Clark tower gives a Houston like feeling
  3. Memphis4ever


    Glad to see this topic, lots of people do not realize how much is happening in Memphis right now. Our page really does no justice, some cities just don't have many posters.
  4. Memphis4ever

    General Memphis Photos, Past and Present

    100 North main has a New York Investor, its to be renovated and 2 more 30 story towers to be built surrounding it.
  5. Memphis4ever

    Memphis and Mid-South News

    They were referring to a corporate office more like Nashville. Amazon has already broken ground on a fulfillment center here.
  6. Memphis4ever


  7. Memphis4ever


    I would love to be a moderator as I am always posting here.
  8. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    The citizen at Union and Mclean
  9. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    The new apartments at Madison and Mclean have started foundation work about 2 weeks ago pics will be coming soon. Also the 14 story Aloft hotel has started construction this project is actually one of the more interesting hotel renovations as it will add a rooftop pool and bar in a new building.
  10. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    I still feel people don't understand the amount of projects happening in Memphis, below are all the recently approved design review board projects. Yes the convention center renovation is attached, it currently being re bid in November. Building on Carolina next to Loflin Yards Museum Lofts next door to Civil Rights Museum Bakery Apartments Part of old Wonder bread Bakery Redevelopment in the Edge district. These are actually under construction now. The Memphis Cook Convention Center Renovation, as you all know our current convention center is clad in concrete and has a new addition. The goal is to remove the concrete add more meeting space and match the new and old buildings and modernize all interiors a better cost approach than building a new one. Plus the addition of the 26 story Loew's Hotel this should be the project to watch, construction should start in spring.
  11. one beale is no longer a vertical tower, below is the site plan, apartments, hotel at corner, and future office tower, Apartments Below is the hyatt centric hotel
  12. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    They do plan to renovate the sterrick building, its just a much more costly and expensive renovation due to the age and short floor to floor height of only 8 feet. The legal issue disappears soon. But with the way things are going it will be the last large empty old building left. The city of Memphis truly would have filled them all up. Pyramid, crosstown, 100 north main, brewery, hickman building, chisca. All these monsters were empty 6 years ago. Once they old stuff is full we should have a few nice size buildings going up.
  13. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Public Art

    I am a man plaza. Really a beautiful new park.
  14. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    Hilton Garden Inn almost complete Brewery Apartments with river views St Jude new building, I call it the avengers building
  15. Memphis4ever

    Memphis Construction Photos

    Here is the progress of hotel Indigo on BB King Below are the proposed rendering nice to see something happening to this building.