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  1. It was announced about 2 weeks ago that the hotel and entertainment areas would start construction next year.
  2. New Tillman cove Apartments in Binghampton. Tons of apartments and if anyone knows this area it is amazing to see this development happen.
  3. I feel St Jude will need a topic soon they are doing site work for the 2, 15 floor towers currently.
  4. The good news is the banners are still up and workers are still working at the site. Maybe they will finish the retaining wall before finishing. I do feel that Carlisle will not let this fall through as Hyatt has already invested in the other 2 hotels. What is 5 million on a 150 plus million dollar development.
  5. I highly recommend reading the letter sent by the mayor and reading the article in the business journal, this project is not dead right now it seems to be a battle of egos. A developer that really is afraid to invest its own money and a city that has already given them a 50 million dollar parking garage and other incentives. The city does not want to set a precedent that if developers keep complaining they can get whatever they want. I do know that both the city and carlisle corp have 5 million dollars. Carlisle corp is literally building a huge apartment north of this site. Its just a matter of egos thats the scary part. Lets get this done and be more clear on terms with the next major project. There is already a giant hole at the riverfront and sewer and retaining walls have already been installed thats wasted money already. I have optimism.
  6. This project was the first proposed before all the other mentioned projects and definitely meets a need. I'm sure this one will go through especially when the hotel group is on board and the other large successful hotels are thriving in the vicinity.
  7. The covered pavilion at Tom Lee Park.
  8. 7 Vance Avenue Apartments it's crane time should be going up in a week or so the base is installed.
  9. I just really wish they would start construction on the new hotel, and entertainment part of the fairgrounds project. We really dont need a new stadium over here.
  10. From my observations the final piece of the retaining wall has been framed and the ties have been added to hold the hill back. It looks as if this is the final bit of sitework and the foundation should be going in soon.
  11. As an architect you are absolutely incorrect.. The most sustainable building is an existing one and to be fair those are some of the best built structures of the older buildings. Plus with their large height our skyline would shrink by half.
  12. However there is a trolley right there and riverside drive is a straight 1 minute drive to the convention center. Sheraton even though it is connected to the convention center would look like a relic compared to a brand new hotel. New hotels create competition and other hotels have to update to remain relevant. I remember when nashville got their first new hotels how the older ones had major renovations, like their sheraton, double tree etc. Plus it only makes sense that the sheraton add more rooms but the bigger help would be if they added a large ballroom also.
  13. Im glad everyone is hopeful for any kind of themepark or rides but the leaders in Memphis for whatever reason do not believe this form of industry will work here. Let alone downtown.
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