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  1. The three studies were a requirement of the three party intergovernmental agreement between the city, county, and the CMRTA. The studies will include a park-and-ride feasibility study, comprehensive operations analysis (to study routes, fare structure, service areas, frequency, etc) as well as a performance audit of the private company that operates the buses. These studies will form the basis for any future attempt to secure long term funding for the bus system. Another requirement of the IGA is that Lexington County and its municipalities will relinquish their membership on the CMRTA board, and service in Lexington County will be eliminated shortly thereafter. The only way to get back in will be for the county or any of its municipalities to pony up and start paying into the system.
  2. There was not a transit authority prior to CMRTA. It was neglect... I mean... operated by SCE&G through 2002.
  3. The CMRTA recently started the process to amend the intergovernmental agreement that created the system in 2002. The new agreement will limit voting membership on the board only to member governments that provide funding to the CMRTA, and the board must eliminate service in non-contributing jurisdictions by next year. Since Lexington County and its municipalities have expressed no interest in funding regional transit, and the system will be funded entirely by Coumbia and Richland County, should the CMRTA be renamed? And if so, what name would you choose? The possibilities are endless... Raleigh and Harrisburg both use "Capital Area Transit" or "The Cat." Does anyone here have any creative ideas?
  4. Growing up, The mayor has no control over that money. It was given directly to the transit authority based on federal formula funds. Unfortunately, the stimulus only allows it to be used on capital purchases and not operating expenses, which is what the CMRTA desperately needs.
  5. If you haven't been to Blythewood in 10 years you will find it quite different now. The town has grown by over 700% between 2000 and 2006. Parts of Blythewood are still fairly rural, but much of it is now mostly a suburb of Columbia.
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