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  1. 3 of those building are in Downtown, the Stadium is 5 blocks west of Downtown, the COR Building is up the street near midtown Miami and the design district, and the 3 other ones are in South Beach. It doesnt matter where it is, Miami has been able to go there. I could probaly come up with a couple other building in the downtown area that are what were talking about. I think in time orlando will get there, look where we are now, nobody would have expected this boom and buildings we have now as little as probaly 7 to 10 years ago.
  2. When will they release much more clear and detailed renderings of the center? It really doesn tickle my feathers at all, very dull, dated, and not inspring but I am intrested as in the details of the outside facade and even better the inside halls. Architecturally OPAC looses to Miami and on par with Tampa, hopefully the street interaction is tops to the least. I was just in Miami in June and I actually like the biscayne plaza type design and pedestrian wise its pretty descent especially on the corridor in specific, but thats probaly where this airport terminal might trumph the rest with the p
  3. Architecturally I think Miami's PAC is much more intresting, modern, stand out. And around their PAC the City Centre a huge retail center development is coming up next, an opera venue and the area is already buzzing, new condos and new fine dinning. Hopefully our OPAC plaza comes out spotless and perfect . Atlantas symphony look amazing! The PAC not so much.
  4. And in the meantime international traveling is solid and growing which is MIAs stropng point while domestic traveling is being affected more and thats MCOs strong point, so it does make sense.
  5. Damn MCO is getting hurt bad with the oil prices and the airlines scrambling. Can all of these cutbacks and losses affect Orlandos rankings nationaly?
  6. Ive also always thought Austin looked way too much like Orlando, the buildings and surrounding area.
  7. OPAC will probaly be bigger in footage but not in performance halls in all. Ours will have one large one with 2,800 seats, another with 1,800 seats and the smaller one with 300 seats. Miami's has two large ones and one small one, the two large ones seat 2,400 and 2,200 and their small one 300. Miami's center was the largest in the country in 3 decades. OPAC will hopefully have a larger lobby and space around the halls, those are the only real areas I see they can really make it "better". But why compete just try to make ours good, size isn't everything, the design details is what makes a cente
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