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  1. Truthfully, this was my favorite place to grab coffee every morning when I was in SF. I was amazed that it- Sugar- had so many different feelings throughout the day within its customer base; early morning brought the worker crowd; lunch brought trendies; dinner brought the clubbers. Thanks Zahc!
  2. Zahc, I'd hate to do this if it's out of your way, but would you mind taking some photos of the architecture along Broadway St. near The Presidio? I remember the great estates that lined the streets. Plus, you can evoke emotion better than anyone through a camera lens.
  3. Some more information on the Univ. of Phoenix coming; the site will employ 56; and be a research center for their online courses. Nothing Earth-shattering, but worth noting.
  4. Zahc, I love this photo. It gives me a surreal feeling to the location where you took the picture and the landscape you captured.
  5. Nothing spectacular just wanted to add some photos from my trip up. I also wandered into some historic districts, but they're just house photos from the curb. Enjoy! This is inside the Book-Cadillac and where Mercedes will be for the NAIAS (so said the front desk). Lots of pounding and sliding - cars will actually be brought through the floor!
  6. The Voice of Reason, I loved those buildings you mentioned. The contemporary turrets just give that building a little flare and help it stand out. The latter building has a beautiful "green roof" I wish I could've gotten it in a photo, but I couldn't get a great vantage point. Your wife has impeccable taste! Zahc, Dolores Park was great the few days I had visited. A lot of people were very friendly in the park and it was very peaceful. Also, I stopped in at Hot Cookie and people warned me not to "window shop" in Castro, but H.C. certainly surprised me with what they have on the
  7. When I looked back through all your photos I was thinking we were probably within walking distance of each other on at least a few occassions. Well that's it for me. Everything else I have is either SJ or Berkeley. I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.
  8. Zahc, Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question from earlier, I did feel like I was in a different village - sometimes it just took a block from my original spot for me to think that. I didn't happen to get any pictures of Bayview, I met some interesting people who invited me down to Silicon Valley and took that exciting trip instead (they also mentioned there wasn't much in B/H). I'm beginning to think I should've skipped the plane. Everyone was assuring me jobs are plentiful - especially planning - in the Bay Area, but I had to come back and not chance it. Who knows, it co
  9. Zahc, There was plenty of discovering and rediscovering - some times within the same day. I had a great stay and actually thought of skipping the plane ride back. I'll post up my remaining photos throughout the next few days.
  10. Zahc, I can really appreciate your photos now since my vacation. Thanks for all the suggestions! With that being said here are a few photos I took during my stay. Enjoy!
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