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  1. Everything this site discusses is about politics. It always has been. To say that urban development isn't wrapped up in politics is an ignorant statement. Is it not political bodies who approve or disapprove of new developments? Is it not political bodies who approve/disapprove of transit initiatives? Is it not political bodies who approve/disapprove of parks, greenways, roads, airports, and everything else having to do with urban development? Politics plays a part in all of the topics discussed on this message board.
  2. Euphorius

    One Glenwood

    Am I the only one remembering what was originally planned to go on this site? To me, this seems like another letdown.
  3. Euphorius

    Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    I hadn't read that TBJ article. Yeah, it sounds like they will be moving.
  4. Euphorius

    Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    The N&O article made it sound like that is just a possibility. It says that another possibility would be having their HQ split between the two cities.
  5. Euphorius

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    It could be for the apartment tower. I just assumed it was for the new office building when I saw it. I also noticed how ugly the screening for the parking portion of the new BofA building is. Sucks for the people in Park&Market who have that view from their windows.
  6. Euphorius

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    The new crane is for the Allscripts building.
  7. The smaller residential building on the south side of Hargett is shown in this rendering. You can also see the tip top of the second residential building on the other side of Hargett in this rendering. It looks like they are both the same style, which is kind of lame.
  8. And the downsizing begins. Then there is this little nugget. This guy is really going all out. First he has an article written in the Indy, now he has made this video.
  9. I think some of you are thinking the base of the apartment tower is a separate building. The roof of that base is what the courtyard and pool will be on.
  10. I think there are ways to keep the industrial feel without limiting height to 5 or 6 floors. Kane just needs to keep the industrial feel at the street level. Look at Hue and Dawson. There is absolutely nothing industrial about either of those buildings. The Dillon warehouse that Kane wants to redevelop has an awful street level presence on Martin, and the West and Harrington sides aren't that much better. Is that really what people want to preserve?
  11. Euphorius

    Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    The post about Kimbrell's building being sold has mysteriously disappeared from the New Raleigh Facebook page. Not sure what that means, but I'm thinking they either got it wrong or spilled the beans on something that was supposed to be kept secret.
  12. Euphorius

    Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    I just hope they do something with the facade of the Kimbrell's building. That is one of the ugliest buildings on the street.
  13. Euphorius

    Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    New Raleigh is reporting that the Kimbrell's building on Fayetteville St. has been sold and new retail is taking its place. Urban Outfitters is what they claim to be hearing. It seems like a big space for UO. Their stores are typically around 10k sq ft, and this building is 3x that.
  14. Euphorius

    Person Street

    I think BSC was approved as a master plan.
  15. Euphorius

    Person Street

    It looks like something that should be in Wakefield Plantation or Bedford @ Falls River. I saw an ad for these in a real estate new listings email the other day. They are asking $400k+ for these units.