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  1. Mercury NoDa, what a bore it's become! Wow, Circle, South End, looks inspiring compared to this. Also, where the heck are they going to park with no parking deck in the mix? Neighbors aren't going to be very happy considering the "parking congestion" in the area now.
  2. Ok New york chicago and san francisco have pizza that costs more than Charlotte but I was talking about Revolution versus the Chicago style pizza that I had in Chicago which was $18 but was atleast 1/3 larger than the similarly priced pizza at Revolution. What I didn't state was again this was Chicago style so in addition to being the 1/3 larger in diameter, it was covered with 5lbs of cheese and a whole pot of homemade pizza sauce on top(just kidding about the exact amounts but it was alot) while my partner's had a whole stick of pepperoni, again kidding about exact amounts. This pizza pla
  3. Revolution's pizza is good but are where are the affordable pizza places? The small pizza the size of a large cookie is $7 without any toppings and if you are anorexic then you can eat large. They still have more beer on tap than the others in NoDa but even it's costs more and no specials like my mellow mushroom. I paid almost $18 for a pizza that I normally get elsewhere, for $5 less and it's 1/3,maybe 1/2, smaller atleast. I bought a huge pie in Chicago,pan, for the exact price and I wasn't still hungry afterwords and I had leftovers. There's a problem when you can get a cheaper pie in
  4. I don't necessarily think retail can not make it in NoDa. I just believe certain stores can't. I don't want to offend the owners of the Niche store but I would've catered to the existing neighborhood, "artsy" families and tailored it them. I'm not talking about "artsy" diapers or anything like that but maybe an affordable boutique, a local affordable small furniture store,etc.... They could still sell some premium items but cater to lower to mid income families. As far as the Jack n Chill, I just don't think the concept was fully accomplished. It didn't seem like much of an ice cream pla
  5. We just noticed that Jack & Chill is closing also, I think 2/14.
  6. I live 5 houses away from 28throw and no framing has started. I would like to say something to the developer of 28th, I didn't mean to get you so excited. Sometimes it seems certain neighborhoods seem to have the majority of say in how developments proceed though they aren't even in the same area. I was just trying to touch on that issue. I'm not blaming NoDa, but I've seen this in other sections of Charlotte as well as everywhere else that I have lived. As far as development is concerned, I think the land owners and developers shouldn't be given such a hard time when they try to develo
  7. There were open for lunch when I last walked by.
  8. So do we the Villa Heights neighborhood have a vote on development that occurs in NoDa? Did I miss a meeting? I didn't even know anything about the 27th row project. As a Villa Heights homeowner, I find it unsettling that NoDa has had a strong voice in this development when I feel we haven't even been informed of a meeting concerning this project. Sorry, I don't want to sound rude. I've tried to word it so it isn't. Also, the ice cream shop is coming along. I noticed chairs inside as well as someone inside working just the other day. I don't know if it will be prime ice cream timi
  9. Hi, I have a question. I'm in the part of NoDa which hasn't experienced the housing appreciation like the heart of NoDa has had. We live three houses away from the 28thRow project. Will that help very much or will it be a little while for homes in the neighborhood to be affected? I've read of the other project near 27th street which is a block away also and of course the light rail station if it is approved. Also, to the person who mentioned the grocer near us, well the prices really suck there(I can't remember the name). As far as the Food Lion, well if you like luke warm milk th
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