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  1. Love that they're doing a such a good job of breaking up any potential superblock feel with a noticeable shift in materials and style. That wasn't all that apparent in the old renderings. I'll never stop being salty about the loss of that old block though, no matter how good this project is.
  2. When it comes to the tallest few towers yeah there's no comparison. The 3 tallest here (just moved to Denver a couple months ago) are painfully boring, and my wife works in one of them. Under that though, the new one queensguy06 mentioned and a few tall residential towers are really nice, and there are a lot of stunning low and midrises that you just don't see from a distance with fantastic street presence and materials. Its interesting that the most active parts of downtown are the LoDo, Ballpark, and Union Station areas, which have mostly 3-6 story building heights. Bringing it back to Tryon Place though there's a whole district of glassy new and ongoing 15-25 story construction adjacent to the Union Station area that is very reminiscent of the plan for Tryon Place. I find the area a bit cold/sterile feeling which is my fear for Tryon Place, but there is a ton of retail and when there are enough people out the vibe improves dramatically.
  3. These comments, much like Trump's actual presidency, seem designed to layer in so many untruths, so many controversial statements, that it seems exhausting if not impossible to parse and refute them all. So, I will focus only on what is going on today. Trump just gave a bizarre, nearly incoherent, stream-of-consciousness speech in Puerto Rico, alternately back-patting himself for presiding over such a large storm (and knowing what a category 5 is, "not many people have heard of a category 5"), downplaying the seriousness of the humanitarian situation compared to Katrina (which was a "real" crisis, he says), congratulating Puerto Ricans on the incomplete, premature death toll numbers, continuing to take stabs at PR for their financial situation (nevermind that Trump himself added to that debt by running a golf course into the ground there), and continued to engage in petty, pathetic power plays with the mayor of San Juan. It's not hard to guess why PR gets this kind of disingenuous treatment compared to the still underwhelming but comparatively ok response Texas and Florida received. Just one, near daily example of an abject failure of leadership, compassion, and decency.
  4. I'd be willing to bet that even most vocal Trump supporters would know better than to say, buy a used car from the guy or let him manage the McDonald's that they eat at.
  5. Those laws always seemed really laxly enforced to me, but I think that once you pay admission for a show, it meets the private club criteria. If I remember right, the liquor at Visulite is below the counter while the wall is all beer, so you may have just not seen it.
  6. Only quibble: I'm not aware of any music venues in town where liquor ISN'T available, regardless of the show, except for maybe PNC Amphitheater.
  7. I'd say the dining hasn't been quite figured out yet aside from VBGB staying steady and 8.2.0 gaining some popularity, but the music venues are very stable. Definitely not going downhill. The 4000+ seat amphitheater is great, The Fillmore gets all the biggest club shows, and The Underground is a solid small/med venue. Not to mention our only dedicated comedy club, which has a pretty solid calendar.
  8. So I just moved to Denver a few weeks ago. While there are a lot of things here that Charlotte could take some lessons from, I think we've discussed them plenty, and I've noticed something that Charlotte already does well but flies under the radar. Denver routinely makes lists for top dog-friendly cities in the country, but from my perspective so far, Charlotte is slightly more dog-friendly when it comes to businesses and general attitude, and simply does not promote it. In Charlotte, I could without thinking take my dog to any bar or restaurant's outdoor patio, and there are a number of places where leashed dogs are ok inside (Bulldog Beer & Wine) that are not quite a full-fledged "dog bar", though those exist too. Most breweries seem very interested in getting the health codes that ban dogs from inside their tap rooms relaxed (not sure how flexible those codes may actually be). Aside from the pitbull ban in Denver, there is also just a sense of strictness that permeates public interactions with dogs here, and there really aren't many dog parks, dog bars, or breweries that allow dogs in more than a limited part of their patio. I think if Charlotte built another dog park or two and added some more poop bag dispensers/trashcans it could easily be topping some of these lists.
  9. While I'd love that, I find it to be one of the least likely types of new development to occur uptown, unless its a new theater some years down the road. We need mid-size venues the most, and I don't know of many examples of new construction for club type standing-room venues. I think the next music venue(s) will repurpose some warehouse space in either Camp Northend, Mint/Gold District area, Optimist Park, or Craighead. There HAS to be some pent up demand from the loss of Tremont, Amos', Double Door, and Chop Shop. The only buildings uptown that I could see repurposing into a music venue are the old church/event space on Brevard, and the old Cans space at 5th and Graham which has been a rotating series of failed clubs for years, but even those I find unlikely.
  10. Kind of a trendy naming scheme right now, but yeah this one seems particularly meaningless, and not fitting of a slick new rooftop establishment. I'm assuming its a normal bar/restaurant, not a mixed goods or market concept where that name would make actual sense. Its not going to keep me from checking it out though!
  11. Now you have surpassed false equivalency and moral relativism. You've quadrupled down and are telling us that anti-fascists and people protesting police brutality somehow support genocide and are worse than nazis. I am truly disturbed.
  12. I get that you're trying to have a bigger discussion about violent crime in general, but when the rest of us are talking specifically about radicalization and the emboldened far-right groups representing a rising threat, it comes across as you trying to sweep its significance under the rug by burying it in bigger numbers. I don't think the violent actions of organized groups with a mission to establish racial supremacy have all that much to do with the violent actions of gang members killing for territory, junkies killing for money, spouses killing for jealousy, and the litany of other reasons murders occur (not to mention by talking about "sides" before going into those number differentials you seem to be making some heavy implications). It goes without saying we condemn all murder and should seek to address the all factors that lead to it, but when there is one specific facet, an organized one that has reared its head high in this political climate and made international headlines in the last few days, don't act like we're crazy or morally selective for focusing on it for a moment. Whataboutism is usually a diversion tactic, not an earnest plea to right more wrongs.
  13. Ignoring the attempt at making liberal a shameful word, yes, I am shocked and outraged that a violent white supremacist gathering of this scale occurred in 2017, took a life, assaulted others, appears to have the tacit support of a surprisingly significant chunk of the population, and our president had to be dragged out by the ear after 2 days to look at his shoes and half-heartedly condemn a homegrown terrorist attack. Those "few angry white males" are actually a collection of organized and semi-organized hate groups whose very mission statements clearly state they don't "want a seat at the table", they want the table.
  14. Because I'm just as hateful as the nazis for taking the apparently controversial stance of "the nazis are in the wrong here"? Is that what you took from that? Ok.
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