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    Norfolk Pictures

    Between the row of apartments on the left and the soccer field it looks positively European! Too bad there's no streetcar running up the street. That would complete the illusion.
  2. Excellent question. I wondered about that too. I almost think that maybe those passageways were planned but not actually built. I followed the construction of Scope pretty closely and I don't recall any work under Brambleton Avenue which is what would have been necessary for those passageways to exist. I stayed at the Radisson several years ago and asked if there was anybody left from the old Golden Triangle days who might be familiar with the history of the place. They just looked at me like I was nuts. So unless someone knows somebody at Scope who might know...
  3. This is probably one of the least-loved buildings in Norfolk and while I agree it has seen better days, I would argue for a complete restoration to its 1960 glory rather than demolition. According to Wikipedia (which you can believe... or not), this is a Morris Lapidus building (think Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach). That alone makes it worthy of saving, especially in a city that has done so much to eradicate interesting architecture in favor of a neo-urban Williamsburg aesthetic. Have a look at these pictures from a circa 1970 brochure to get a feel for what it once was. This was
  4. I am told it was loading materiels for Blackwater for transit to Afghanistan.
  5. nywahoo

    Norfolk Pictures

    Happy New Year guys. Just back from my semiannual trip to your fair city and my hometown. Posted a few pictures to my website (see link below). Calling this series "Norfolk Revisited" (subtitled "Fun With PhotoShop") for a number of reasons. While in town I was privileged to get an all access tour of the Union Mission, formerly the Navy Y, where several decades ago I spent many Saturday mornings in a small shop run by a dear old aunt. Also, for anyone who would like to see casinos in Virginia one day, check out the picture of the Granby with a blackjack table on the left side for an ide
  6. What struck me was her comment about its location being five blocks north of Main Street, as if no business person in his/her right mind would ever venture that far uptown. I imagine her getting into her car to make the trip from Main to Freemason.
  7. nywahoo

    Norfolk Pictures

    Skylinefan, If you (like me) are of a certain age and saw the Squires play at Scope, I guess there's an outside chance you also saw the Neptunes play at Foreman Field. Here's a program cover from a 1969 game against Wheeling that also features the skyline angle. Note the tagline: Norfolk's Changing Skyline. Interesting about this picture is the waterfront, pre-Waterside. http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk72/rods-pix/neptunesprogram.jpg
  8. nywahoo

    Norfolk Pictures

    You're right! A lot of photographers must have climbed to the top of the Golden Triangle (now Radisson) to get that shot! Not only was it on postcards and promotional materials, but on the phone book too. But my favorite is the 1974 ABA All-Star program:
  9. nywahoo

    Norfolk Pictures

    Thanks, URBbum. That's probably my favorite block in the city. They're in the next to the last block of Freemason. I believe the addresses are 344-399 West Freemason Street.
  10. nywahoo

    Norfolk Pictures

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I grew up in Norfolk, but left after college. I visit a couple times a year and, whenever I'm in town I always try to take some pictures. Over the past several years, I've taken a few shots that you all might enjoy. Nothing really that you haven't seen many times before; just, perhaps, seen from a slightly different perspective. If you're interested, please follow this link to my Norfolk page (apologies for posting a link rather than the pictures themselves, but there are about 60
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