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  1. I just flew into LIT and saw a billboard in the airport announcing new service to Atlanta and Denver on Southwest Airlines.
  2. Has anyone heard an update on the Capital Hotel reopening? A former employee told me that there is chatter that it is permanently closed.
  3. The lady that owned Zaffino's has a serious health issue. I know the person who is taking the space over as a new restaurant concept.
  4. FYI: Zaffino's didn't close because of COVID-19.
  5. Nexus Coffee expanded its space to include the corner of La Harpe and President Clinton. We were just there and it was packed with people.
  6. I attempted to book the nonstop LIT–DTW flight on Delta, but it was not available. From what I gathered through searching, it will not be available until March. I guess Delta has made this a seasonal service route. We desperately need a SLC or MSP flight on Delta. It is so frustrating to fly to ATL to go west.
  7. Signage is going up on the old Dixie Cafe in Lakewood Village for Black Bear Diner. It's a west coast chain. It will be interesting to see how well it does. https://blackbeardiner.com
  8. Yes, one of the contractors is a personal friend. So exciting!
  9. FYI: NLR is set to get a Raising Cane's. Its location is in the same vicinity as Freddy's, Chick-fil-a, and Popeye's on East McCain Blvd.
  10. Today I dined at the soon-to-be-opened Purple Cow in NLR. It was great! The building is beautiful, and the food was delicious. The COO informed me that it would open to the public on Friday. Also, NLR is set to get a Raising Cane's. Its location is in the same vicinity as Freddy's, Chick-fil-a, and Popeye's on East McCain Blvd.
  11. Signs are up for Poke Hula. It is located in the shopping center that houses Pier One Imports and Cornerstone Pharmacy. This is a nice addition to the food scene in NLR.
  12. I was looking at the enplanements ONLY. In July 2018, TUL had only 20% more passengers getting on planes than LIT. My point is if LIT had a couple of strategic nonstops to west/east coast destinations, our market would grow even more—outperforming a larger market like Tulsa.
  13. I was looking at Tulsa passenger counts compared to Little Rock. Although the Tulsa Metro is considerably larger, the passenger enplanement counts are relatively close. In July 2018, LIT had 25,000 fewer enplaned passengers than TUL; however, TUL has 21 nonstop flights and LIT has 14 nonstop flights. More than likely, if LIT could secure a west coast nonstop (LAX or SLC) and an east coast nonstop (LGA/EWR/JFK), our passenger enplanement numbers would grow. I did find it interesting that Tulsa doesn't have an NYC nonstop, and LAX is only available through Allegiant two times a week.
  14. I don't buy the "changing entertainment environment" spiel! The primary reason for the Rep's woes is the terrible selection of shows. As a former subscriber, I have found that the last few years' offerings have been awful. If the Rep centered its focus on reaching the demographic of LIT, they would do shows that appeal to those who live here. This is NOT New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco. (Just my two cents!)
  15. The Sears Auto Center in front of McCain Mall has closed. There is talk that a Longhorn Steakhouse could be looking at the location.
  16. Frontier is officially back today at LIT! https://twitter.com/LITAirport/status/969195088390877184
  17. Tacos4Life is coming to the McCain Mall. They will be located on an out-parcel sold by Dillard's. http://www.thv11.com/news/local/north-little-rock/tacos-4-life-announces-new-location-in-north-little-rock/515236826
  18. It looks like our LIT-DTW on Delta is no longer available. I tried to book it, but it's gone. I wish Delta would add SLC or LAX!
  19. Flew GLO to NOLA the other day. It was great! I was surprised to see that the plane was over halfway full on the way down. On the way back, there were only 10 of us on a 30-seat plane. The flight attendant was very hospitable. We were served an entire can of soda (Wow!) and Zapp's potato chips or Famous Amos cookies. The convenience of affordable, nonstop service to NOLA would make me book the flight again. FYI: Mike Huckabee was on our flight back to LIT! I also talked to a guy on the plane that uses it every week. From the suits and briefcases, it seemed that business people are utilizing th
  20. I was just on a Delta flight to ATL last Monday on an A321. I can assure that not all of the Airbus A320/1s are from the NWA merger. The one I was on last week was brand new. It was a beautiful bird! http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/airports-and-aircraft/Aircraft/airbus-a320-32k.html http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-09-04/airbus-wins-delta-order-for-5-6-billion-of-jets
  21. They will NOT be an Orbea dealer. Chainwheel has picked up the brand. The WLR location will be a Giant concept store. Spokes on Kavanaugh will remain a multi-brand dealer.
  22. We've been to La Madeleine several times and LOVE the food. In fact, our family is a diehard fan—in spite of the service issues. They definitely have issues with food prep time. It has taken too long to receive our food the 3 or 4 times we have been since they opened. Also, a member of the Chi family was at the restaurant on Saturday. He was extremely rude to his employees and customers. He told the lady taking our order: "Hurry up and move the line." Then he scolded my daughter for getting bread in a to-go container because there were no more plates. Honestly, I hope he goes back to
  23. This showcases the AHTD's shortsighted approach to transportation. The River Rail NEEDS to run to the airport. Speaking from experience, I take light rail/metro in cities that offer it from the airport. I'm disappointed. Personally, I dream of the day when I can board a light rail car with my travel bag and go all the way to the airport, leaving my car parked safely in my garage. Oh well...
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