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  1. Wouldn't Charlotte be "banking?" or "racing?? To many, maybe not the progressives, there is a culture, just not a culture that many today wish to have. But, I believe that it is all relative in what an individual wishes their culture to be. There are enough options to go around.
  2. The areas shown had no nice homes nor were they safe at all after dark. Sees as if the article is trying to sugar coat reality. The nicest area around that time was University Park. That was about it.
  3. They could certainly learn a thing or two from the homeless in San Francisco. They have very impressively decorated cardboard boxes there and even have garage sales. Most have their own little areas and some are even there long enough to know the neighbors. I was impressed when my son and I walked by one near Market St. and they knew each other by name as my son often drops off a sandwich or a bagel. Pretty cool as far as that sort of thing is concerned.
  4. I should have proofed my previous statement. I sort of ran two sentences together.
  5. I shouldn't have said that. What I should have explained what I meant by saying that soccer isn't popular with girls in most overseas countries like it is here as it is predominantly a guys sport. In any case, we should have MLS, in my Charlottean opinion.
  6. And as another Charlottean voicing an opinion, there are thousands of Hispanics, Asians, and Europeans that are part of taxpaying Charlotte and would love to have their home sport represented. It is time to open our eyes and consider that all citizens aren't white and black American born.I too am not a soccer fan, but I see a big lack of representation in all walks of Charlotte politics in regards to people from other nations that wish to assimilate. Soccer is not a girls sport in most of the world.
  7. I smell a law suit. Unless the Foundation is run by individuals without a clue, there should be a turnover in personnel. As a former contractor of multi-million dollar contracts, all involved should have been aware that there is normally a 10% expectation cost due to inflation and material costs. It has been at least four years. The extra cost would have been anticipated by a reasonable, prudent, businessman. I find it incredible that the city gave this place away for a dollar and now will probably pay the extra needed. To bad this place can't be taken away from this foundation and sold to somebody that does what they promise and takes responsibility. Seriously, there is no excuse for not having the funding to get going on this already past deadline project. I hope the city has learned some lessons here. Oh yea, how about the massive contributions already made by Bank of America , etc? I think there should be an audit.
  8. The city has no interest MLS or greenways, but if $100 million were needed for basketball arena improvements, no probs.
  9. Veterans of the Charlotte Rescue Mission have historically advanced to numerous fine dining venues.
  10. I wonder if they have begun renovations of the inside of the theater? Looks like the dumpster is empty and I haven't seen any equipment.
  11. Nice photos of the Barringer. There is potential there. The Carolina Theater area has a dumpster more than it did about 10 days ago.
  12. There is such an urgency to tear down the structures that were a huge part of Charlotte's past. The Barringer is one of the sites. It would be so great if it could be "renovated" and brought back to life an an elegant building from the past. After WWII, my uncle was discharged from the 82nd Airborne and became a bellhop there. He was eventually ran out of town via the judge for operating a prostitution business there. I am sure there are 100s of similar heart-warming stories about the Barringer. By the way, my uncle left town, went to work for the government and on to better things. I am glad there is a chance for revival for the building.
  13. A nice boutique or two instead of a restaurant would be nice too. Starting to see boutiques off S.Boulevard in Southend. Hope some of the new retail space in the new buildings includes some shopping.
  14. I sure hope the blue part comes out better than the side part.