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  1. It looks like modern day council flats in south London.
  2. Wow! That really doesn't look like one million square feet. But, I'll take it. I hope they keep their projection of lots of retail room.
  3. Looks like it was built by the same guy that build the hideous UNCC building in First Ward.
  4. I really hope that this area does well. My dad and stepdad lived off of Monroe Road near Eastway and the area needs help. This should bring new people out to that part of town. The problem is that people like me that might consider moving closer in to town see this rather nice area and have high hopes. Unfortunately, some incident like this makes one automatically wonder who is being drawn into the area. I certainly hope that this is an isolated incident and the area will thrive. I agree with southslider and others that the name "RoRA" can't help anything.
  5. Well, if we are getting off track and throwing out ridiculous ideas, I'll thrown int Tivioli Gardens in Copenhagen. We could have a salty mermaid statue in front.
  6. It seems that the cities with the older populations are the more conservative. After most young people turn 40, they become realistic and conservative. Hopefully that 40 will become 35 soon. As people get older, priorities shift and things like national security, immigration, etc. are top of the list instead of student loan amnesty, etc.
  7. Downtown was jumping until the early 70s. Sections like 4th Ward and everything else around down town were dangerous sections of town. If you look at photos of uptown Charlotte at Christmas time in the 50s and 60s, it looked like a crowded big city. Uptown died with the death of Belks, Kresses, Ivey's, Sears, National Shirt Shop, Tanners, movie theaters, and other venues. Crime and malls killed everything. If only they could bring something similar back soon. Life started to appear around "92" if I remember correctly. I was living somewhere else at that time and I noticed life slowly returning downtown. But still pretty dead after 5:00 except for the winos, etc.
  8. Surprisingly, nothing. I simple hit "quote" and there were two old messages from another topic and Voila!. I have learned that on this thread you keep your mouth shut if you have an opinion that is not supportive of "special interest" liberal related agenda. I will stick to construction issues. Good luck with Mayor Robert's flawless leadership and those highly intelligent members of the Charlotte City Council that are her cronies. I am actually much happier now with the wonderful news of a enlightened, energetic, intellectual new "real" national leader. Isn't it wonderful? Have a great evening and thank you for being concerned that I didn't express my valuable thoughts in what appeared to be a failed attempt previously.
  9. There's got to be room for a Steinmart somewhere uptown?
  10. Great. I can stop there on my way to Aldi's.
  11. Where will they open the Lidl?