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  1. What ever happened to the grant money? Did anyone frisk Cannon?
  2. A few drinks and I can stay focused on that radar scene on the back of the seat in front of me that shows the planes movement progress all the way to London or Rome. Movies end, the radar keeps working the whole trip. I'm about to fly to Rome. I anxiously look forward to mini bottles and scope.
  3. The word is out about Greenville. It has a vibrant downtown and the city in general is a really nice place to visit and live with the mountains so close, etc. Like Asheville but bigger and cooler without the hipsters.
  4. We were #17 in 2015 with 827,097. Glad we are holding ground. Of course we know that metro population is the important one. It will be interesting where we stand in that regard.
  5. And, the Intercontinental on top of the old Carolina Theater supposedly,
  6. I stay at the Hyatt airport Boston. On one side I have the airport and on the side where I stay, I have the skyline and harbor views plus the boat shuttle that goes from the hotel dock to the docks of uptown Boston. Great place. Charlotte Hyatt airport will be the same but without the harbor or shuttle boat.
  7. It would still be livermush with less salt. I am not a lover of salt, however I tend to replace it with tabasco sauce.
  8. Great. The hotel would be an excellent improvement and investment.
  9. The sandwich shown doesn't look very inviting, but since it is a good ole southern breakfast place, I have faith that it will be great. Hope the will get livermush, not a staple outside the Carolinas.
  10. I can't imagine a hotel at CLT with walkable access to the airport. It seems that the closest land would be on Billy Graham or Wilkinson Blvd, neither walkable.
  11. I love the place where it is. I only wish that it would spruce up a bit with some paint, A full width canopy, new windows (possibly stained glass) good furniture or something to make it look just a little appealing to the eye. I picture a genuine Irish Pub in that location, but I love it as it is too. The neon sign would be a helpful addition possibly. Don't sell. It is so unique.
  12. Driveways on Independence?
  13. Something was mentioned on the local news this morning that something will happen at the old Carolina Theater today. Elvis was mentioned. I hope it isn't just another poster.
  14. Yep, this would blend right in. We could steal some palm trees from Lake Norman.