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  1. Good luck with your projection.
  2. Additionally, how much has been spent over the past decade on development research that came up with nothing?
  3. I am in Boston regularly as well as all of the surrounding towns i.e., Chelsea, Lynn, Salem, Saugus, Revere, Wakefield, Lexington, Concord, Burlington, and others. I find it exactly the opposite of the way you found it. Practically everyone I meet has a relative in Charlotte that loves it or has personally visited and want to move there. I have no reason to exaggerate. All comments have been positive. As far as sports, I am not a fan, but being Boston, I assume that anything beyond the Patriots or Bruins is likely to not exist in their opinions. When there, I not only associate with business associates, I mix with locals in pubs, gyms, and other venues. I agree that people are friendly and welcoming. But, our city has a big draw for them. I have met "nobody" that knew about Raleigh and not Charlotte. Again, I had a totally different experience. Everyone looked at Charlotte as being a big city and Raleigh as being a popular growing town. As far as beautiful women are concerned, I am sorry to say that Boston doesn't rate anywhere near the top of the beautiful women list. I don't know why that is other than they all look dikey (no offence lesbians.) That is the only negative. They are probably more educated?
  4. Perhaps the city could buy DQ and keep it alive. I used to go there with I was a little boy and now I am far from young. It is part of that part of town and should remain there as opposed to tearing down another icon.
  5. I was responding to the opening or not-opening of the Shake Shack. Read the message previous to mine for which I replied. I would like to see it opened, but I am curious of the legitimacy of the reason they may not open if it is the reason.
  6. I find it funny that HB2 is an issue. The company has restaurants in Russia, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Of course, these countries welcome everyone regardless of religion and sexual orientation. LOL. However, maybe we are not talking about the huge chain out of NY. There is a Shake Shack on Wilkinson Boulevard that really is a shack, but I don't think we are talking about a momma/poppa place. Right?
  7. I just see a large building in a great spot and think it is beautiful. I see the buildings in Charlotte as being individually designed and mostly very attractive and becoming. I do not include the stick buildings in Southend and around the county. They are cheaply built but typical for these days.
  8. Please start your own thread elsewhere as your debate has lasted too long on this thread that is aimed at miscellaneous uptown projects. It stopped for a while, please don't bring it back. I, for one, like to look at the new uptown projects news when I look at this specific thread, not "Newtonian Physics" arguments. Thank you for any consideration you and "Kermit" give to halting this annoyance on this thread.
  9. For all that is holy on this Easter Day, get the f### off this bickering, annoying tax thing and move on to "project news." If the three or four of you want to continue, please start a thread somewhere else. Thank you very much and happy Easter. Lets talk "project."
  10. Keep the thread, trash the topic it has evolved into.
  11. Not a "red herring." HOAs are part of the big picture. HOAs can't really ever dissolve, per se. For example, neighborhood lots in many lake communities have septic systems that require a very expensive pump house (2) to pump waste to city connections as well as the other self contained items like roads, street lights, etc. discussed earlier. Cities don't just take over homeowner HOA expenses from a dissolved HOA. The city has to agree to do so, and if they do, you can bet that their individual property taxes will be raised significantly to pay the costs.Anotherwords, property taxes would end up being what they were when cities handled everything without HOAs. Obviously you live in a condo. They work pretty much the same way. If the property is dense, more people pay the cost and condo fees are normally shared and cheaper than it is for a person in a not-densely populated place. The HOA factor is a "red herring" if you want to present all facets of the issue.
  12. In the suburbs, practically all new and newer neighborhoods are under the authority of the Home Owners Associations which are state government regulated. The purpose of HOAs is to turn over many of the former responsibilities of municipalities to the HOAs to free up time and costs of the municipalities. What was formerly paid for by municipalities for street repairs, sewage, neighborhood lighting and other issues is often now paid for by HOAs through HOA annual fees. Result, less taxes are spent on suburban neighborhoods than in the past by the city. Most of the cost of maintaining and running neighborhoods are through their HOAs. Your suggested "additional services tax on residents of low density areas to cover their higher costs" is the HOA fees. Density may or may not be relative.
  13. Just my opinion, but it is predominantly industrial. With the exception of a couple of stops and UNCC, there is a void of population except for those working in the industrial areas. It would have been so much wiser to go north through Huntersville, Cornelius. Davidson, and Mooresville where the populations exist. Nevertheless, I hope that a miracle makes the areas adjacent to the tracks blossom. Congrats NoDa and UNCC. Please use the rail. They will need your business.
  14. Thanks, I forgot. Belk Place threw me off.
  15. And how about starting one for the Intercontinental as well?