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  1. Another option is flying to Providence, R.I, It is around $380 and easy access to south Boston. It is the same distance from central Boston as Manchester.
  2. How do the fares to Manchester compare to Jet Blue's fares to Logan?
  3. Yes it was Orr that leased it indefinitely I wouldn't want to be the one to end the lease if that ever happens. . I also volunteered for a couple of years until the airport construction made getting there too much of a hassle. The Charlotte USO is known as being the second best only behind Philadelphia. There are about 350 volunteers I believe.
  4. Jerry Orr leased the fabulous USO facility for $1.00 a year. He was a great airport manager in many ways.
  5. Amazing that Charlotte spend more that cities with underground rail.
  6. Don't forget the Galway Hooker. It is also walkable from Birkdale with a good chance on "not" getting run over. (:
  7. Yea, it would have to be narrow and probably just a petting zoo. I was mostly think of the central location.
  8. I agree, but I also think that a zoo location somewhere near Morehead/ midtown close to the walking trail would be wonderful and central. It could be a walking destination for visitors uptown and accessible to a large nearby population.
  9. Why do you find that concerning? My family and friends and family in Europe love coming here, going out and shopping, etc. To them, it is a bargain. Remember, Unfortunately for the, their currency isn't doing as well these days with buying power.
  10. Thank you so much. I would love for my friends and relatives in other places to see it.
  11. Is it possible to get this wonderful photo as "wallpaper?" I absolutely love this shot.
  12. I lived in London many years and loved the pubs and their variety of beers. Now when I go, I am disappointed. British beer is generally lower in alcohol and generally much more expensive. Craft beer is hard to find although that is what I drank years ago when I was young living there and drinking "bitters." I am glad to say that we kick ass in the area of beer options these days. I do like Belgian beers and hated craft beer at first, Now I am hooked. My favorite in the U.K is hard cider.
  13. North Carolina is the 9th most populous state. North Carolina and Georgia are neck and neck in population. At the rate that N.C. and Ga. are growing, we will pass Ohio in the very near future just as North Carolina passed Michigan .Although we are only 12 in fast growth, the only larger states that are growing at a faster pace are Texas and Florida. Nevada is number one but they have a population of less than 3 million.
  14. I don't know if they have brewery/ale house stop and go bus tours in uptown Charlotte, but we occasionally do up here on the lake. Lots of fun. I am an older person and after many decades of drinking occasionally, I have switched from my beloved Stella to craft beer, I love the idea of having a vodka or two at home, going out with friends and having a couple glasses (10 ounce) of 12 percent and achieving the perfect buzz. Tarhossier, I just want you to know that I am also often the oldest guy in the brew houses, but I never think of it. Although I am married, I seem to be the one that the women prefer to hit on. Even my much younger friends envy me. I am not available which is a huge disappointment to many. Don't worry. Being older has its advantages especially if you you are a natural chick magnet. Finally, I am so extremely happy that OMB is coming north. I hope the govt. approves the limits for them. I can walk to at least 10 bars and brew houses from my house. Life is good. Thank god for beer. It makes even the ugliest of women tolerable and that is a good thing.
  15. It is so disappointing that the Carolina theater property was sold to the Foundation of the Carolinas for nothing. The renovation date has been set back from 2017 I believe. This property is in a wonderful location and it is disappointing that every so often, a new rendering is submitted of what will happen. I am sure that they have no idea and plan on selling the property as time goes by and we have to wait even longer. I don't believe that money is an issue with the foundation.