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  1. Good point. That is why I rushed to make the correction. I have/had no issues with LGBT, just Mayor Robert's stupid installing a huge, needless issue. . Looks like the CIAA has show some hypocrisy coming here after boycotting. That being said, do you or anyone else know if there has been a hotel build in vacinity of Monroe Road and Idlewild or closer in towards Eastway?
  2. I meant to say my "dad and my stepmom." additionally, I didn't mean "RORA" I ment "MORA." If it was written on a Wednesday night, I may have had too many.
  3. I personally really enjoy NYC (not as much as London), but up here on the lake, I never meet anyone from New York that doesn't love it here. That wasn't the case at first, but I suppose that with the carpetbagger invasion of late, everyone feels more at home at home with their many fellow countrymen. The bang for the buck cost wise is phenomenal compared to NYC, Westchester, Conn. etc. I believe that they don't want too many others knowing the best kept secret.
  4. The are all working at Lowes and Home Depot.
  5. Precisely. It is a shame that so many people give up without looking. That is when they become whining pains in the asses. I meet people almost daily that complain and complain knowing that if they had the things they complained about, they wouldn't be interested in them anyway. On the other hand, I meet people from NYC and other much bigger places that love it here and think it is wonderful. The get involved in volunteering and many other pass times. As you say, if you don't find it, you're not looking.
  6. I for one like what Charlotte is becoming. It is twice the size of Raleigh and has a totally different culture. We are banking and finance mostly and Raleigh is universities and the capitol. Raleigh is a nice city for newcomers and has a great future, but I don't think that Charlotte needs to look at Raleigh as a model. Comparing Charlotte to Raleigh is like comparing Charlotte to Atlanta. They have different functions and characters. At one time downtown Charlotte was bustling with shoppers at the many retail stores but malls happened like in most places. We are adjusting with the advantage of being one of the fastest growing large cities in the U.S.
  7. I believe that the "Dollar General" has them.
  8. Lennar said that the start will be during the third quarter of this year and did say that there would be over 500 apartments.
  9. Louis Vuitton would be nice too. But in my case, nice just to look in the window and hope I don't see my wife inside with a credit card in hand.
  10. I also wish that the Latta Arcade was open on weekends and there was a Steinmart uptown somewhere. They are cheap and have a variety of goods. It would also be nice if there was a place to get a watch repaired, see a travel agent, browse an antique shop, shoot a game of pool or throw darts; It is hard to believe that at one time uptown Charlotte had it all and shopping was excellent. Unfortunately, we went the route of other cities that grew out and had to build shopping centers. It will change I believe. The problem is that the old places like the National Shirt Shop, Tanners, and numerous small shops are no longer affordable. It is so costly to keep anywhere open. Even shops, small bistros, and pubs in London are closing because of the expense to run a small business these days. The volume of sales just isn't enough these days to sustain a business in many cases.
  11. Would be great for a giant bonfire. I would never again live in a highrise without at least 5 inches of concrete as a slab. I hope that this city never builds a huge wooden matchbox like the one in the photo.
  12. Not a good idea putting a 7/11 type facility in the center of Charlotte. A QT would be fine around the baseball park, but not near the square. It would be an eyesore.
  13. No and thanks. I suppose the lower end is the end closest to Pineville? Thanks from LaNoCo (Lake Norman, Cornelius)
  14. What or where is "LoSo?"
  15. Brilliant comment. Does it have any intelligent reasoning? The church has been there for over 150 years. It has historical significance. People are often complaining about Charlotte tearing down its historical buildings and this is your comment? I understand land use and that it is only a building, yet it does have historical significance. It would be great to keep it around.