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  1. I'm in favor of Florida splitting into two states. It's not fair that the major metropolitan areas are underrepresented in politics and give more then they get in taxes.
  2. I've heard officals from Clearwater, St. Pete, and Tampa have toured Charlotte and Denver recently investigating the possibility of a light rail system for the Tampa Bay Metro.
  3. In Florida I'd have to go with Orlando. Orlando is on the right track and has room to grow. The only problem with Orlando is it's economy being based on tourism so there are a lot of unskilled low pay jobs. Miami will probably continue to grow and just get bigger and bigger as the years pass but it's already well established. Tampa, I don't really expect to see a lot of growth here. The epicenter for business is New Tampa rather than downtown. The city already has sprawl galore and a lot of traffic. I just don't see it growing a whole lot in the near future. St. Pete, this city is mo
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