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  1. Hard to make a quick profit, but anyone else wish these developers would be in a war to build the most beautiful buildings instead of the fastest dollar? Isn't that what set off the tremendous architecture in Chicago? The city and county should create an award to give to the best development - and throw in some tax breaks to the winner.
  2. True, but if you ever ate at Toss then you know they deserved to go. All other retail in that building has been consistent. The Grand Bohemian and this development (if done right) have the opportunity to anchor, accelerate, and model future development in the East Broad section of Downtown.
  3. Why exactly do you believe this? A giant upscale hotel will be next door. Camperdown is a block away with 200 hotel rooms and 215 apartments. Hyatt Regency is 1/4 mile away. High-income long-term residential abounds in all other directions. Sidewall is doing very well and is at a location that is not nearly as advantageous. This development, with a parking garage, will pull from local neighborhood and also from downtown.
  4. This x 10. I live in this neighborhood. Pedestrians and bicyclists are constantly walking to/from Downtown to Cancer Park, the two pocket-parks (Sue Simpson and Rose Garden), and Sidewall. IMHO, this development, as currently planned, adds little and will likely devalue what this area could be. One could argue that it worsens the area because it builds a parking lot between the building and the street, and it appears many of the mature trees will get taken down so the building can be set back further and get more commercial exposure from Church Street. Take out those trees and thin
  5. So glad there will be retail all along Main Street. I have no idea how ''The Green" was built without retail along Main Street. Too bad more retail was not included along Vardry Street, but maybe the distance to the Church and High School was a factor.
  6. Local community to make long-term and permanent sacrifices in the name of protecting developers short-term profits. Get ready for more traffic and loss of quality of life thanks to "leaders" who seek to help the few over the many and the future generations. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2021/03/15/controversial-greenville-county-development-rule-could-repealed/4693351001/ Instead of repealing Article 3.1 wholesale because it is "too vague" the objectors must bring specific changes they want and debate that. Not just lot size, but road and environmental requiremen
  7. I think the 12-story height limit is a wise decision at that particular site. Some really smart and experienced urban planners would agree (Sasaki Associates, Inc., Downtown Greenville Master Plan page 41-42). To each his own, but the city made the right call. I think this will turn out very well. Now, if we could just get a 30-story building built at the Gateway site....
  8. In my legal opinion, I would challenge it, and I think I would win - based on this set of facts.
  9. Contracts can be found unenforceable on grounds of public policy not only to protect one of the parties involved, but also because what the contract represents could pose harm to society as a whole.
  10. A 10 year statement might be in the agreement, but I don't think it is enforceable. If the government can take your private property under eminent domain then it can ignore a private developer's contract to terminate future development of a government owned property. If this falls through, which I don't think it will, then I suspect the County would be on the hook for refunding RocaPointe for their actual time costs and actual investment as damages. However, Roca will not have standing to stop future development of the site by another developer. Roca was aware of the city's zoning requi
  11. From the article: County Councilman Ennis Fant said Tuesday. "It's either 3.5 million square feet with green space, trails and organization. Or 6 million square feet of chaos with nothing. Do you have a choice, really?" I'm still confused by the argument. So Ennis threatens our county with "six million feet of chaos" because of six stories and oversight from the DRB on pre-existing requirements? Wouldn't that 3.5 million sq. feet be more valuable with green space, trails, and organization anyway? How can he threaten "chaos" if any development is still required to follow DRB rules?
  12. I hope the city tells them to pound sand. This is a public shakedown.
  13. I'm optimistic for compromise resulting in a win-win-win (developer-county-city). Government is not perfect, but it stands to represent the desires of many (local citizens), rather than wishes of a few (corporation). Realistically, the land is too valuable for Rocca to walk away from. If they do then someone else (better?) will more than happily step in and do it right.
  14. Haynie Sirrine, Alta Vista, and West End
  15. ingvegas

    The West End

    Wow, yes, this could be a great development. It's a mini-version of the what is outside the new Atlanta Brave stadium, Suntrust Park. I thought that the best part and experience of going to Suntrust Park was actually outside the stadium in the community area with outdoor music, shade, and the ability to drink and eat outside. Everyone likes to lounge to music in the shade, eat/drink, and people watch. That apartment developer, and the stadium, should consider building a few restaurant and bar areas that open to this street, and leave room for a live music stage. The street to be easily
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